Yes I’ve been making cards! I know, I know, I’ve had all kinds of wacky art things on my blog lately, but….yes some cards have been filtering in! Today I have seven to show you – two quick little videos and then some shots of scene cards with freebies. Let’s get this cardmaking party started!

One of the two cards in the short videos is this fun treehouse – I sent it to a friend with a “stay at home” message inside! She’s getting antsy and I thought some encouragement would help.

View video on YT.

Learn storybook scenes

The classes that the scenes in the cards are based on are:

Out and about on social media

I know I see lots of you out there on Facebook and Instagram….and realized I hadn’t really talked about some things I’m doing through quarantine!

  • Morning chitchats – just a little greeting, what I’m working on, inspiration…
  • Keep up with my IGTV shenanigans HERE. No account needed!

New release at Purple Onion

This isn’t a Stacey stamp – but OH when Michele sent me a sneak peek I just had to color up the piggies! I used a background idea from the Storybook Scenes class – and just eliminated the land! (The class – and this sky – is also in the colored pencil class!) – stamp is by Julian Charlton and you can pick up the unmounted rubber stamp HERE.

I also colored up the little elephant who looks as exhausted by the quarantine as I feel. Anyone else resonate with the #mood ??? The scene is in the same Storybook Scenes class – stamp is by Julian Charlton and you can pick up the unmounted rubber stamp HERE.

Free printables!

Go download yours HERE – see my versions below!

I hope to get a video done for IGTV with the curtains and ceiling – it’s not hard at all!

Hope you found some of this helpful….be sure to tag me if you use these stamps, I’d love to see how you choose to color them! 🙂