Hellloooooo friends! It’s time for some more Copic classes … it’s been a while since I gave you any new ones so let’s do it! I’m overflowing with ideas….and since many of us are now in involuntary isolation, maybe learning something new will pour a little sunshine into a rough situation. These classes are on sale through NEXT weekend so you have a little time to sign up. (No code needed.)

Here’s my nutty video drawing on toilet paper! Peeks at classes plus a bunch of other random stuff in here too:

View on YouTube.

And now – a giggle!

The irony in life as we know it now is that all the social distancing is just feeding into my workaholic nature; all I’m thinking is how much WORK I can get done while everything that pulls me out of the house! ha! Believe me, I do understand how lucky I am that I get to do this for a living…but I thought poking a little meme fun at myself might make you laugh:

Copic Wildflowers Class

Learn to draw your own wildflower images for cards – no stamps, no lines, just you and your pens! Intermediate level class. Watch the preview below – then click HERE to sign up!

Storybook Scenes Class

EDITED: The class is done and ready! And it’s going too be So. Much. FUN! Click here to sign up!

WHEW! Now I need a nap. LOL!