This post comes with my thanks to Instagram and Facebook folks who suggested a variety of mediums for changing the color of this pink harness….RIT dies, inks, Copic markers, and Sharpies. I opted for the sharpies!

Sharpies offer waterproofness (is that a word?) – while G won’t be swimming in his harness, we may well be out walking in the rain! Copics should be waterproof also, but not having tested them, I decided to opt for the known.

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The story of the pink harness starts with wanting a harness to control G’s crazy pulling. Someone recommended this one, and I ordered it in, I thought, purple – not pink. Whether user error or faulty packing, I didn’t return it since it took a month to arrive – and since I knew I had art skills that could make it work for my boy!

Drawing a simple stained glass pattern in black sharpie was so easy! Your kids could do it themselves – simple simple simple. Triangles, rectangles, badaboom badabing! Then color in the shapes!

And here’s our little model….I now need to trim off the long straps since I know it finally fits well and we won’t need the extra strap length. Well, I’ll leave a little extra in case he puts on some pounds, but by the way he and his sister run and play, that’s not likely!


My card over on the MFT blog and YouTube today…watercolor!

And I recently had a short chat with John Cogley at Daniel Smith…go give it a “thumbs up” on YouTube HERE! (Comments are turned off on the video.)


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