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Double Die Inlay – with airbrush

Happy Friday! And I’m happy for sure. I was struggling all week with producing today’s video – nothing was working, footage was all icky. Just wasn’t making me a happy camper. Then….I went to my LSS yesterday morning.

What a BLAST that was! I had stamped and diecut a bunch of stuff the night before, just so I could focus on pulling out something and airbrushing it for the customers. They wouldn’t have to sit and watch me fussycut masks. lol. That’s the craft equivalent of watching paint dry! One idea I had was the one for this card…I wasn’t at all sure it would work, but decided to try it as about the 8th demo. I was just a little tired of rainbows by then (everyone wanted to see rainbows), so I just decided to go masculine. The one in the store didn’t come out as well as this one but it was a great prototype. So I came right home and started shooting.



The still photos are much more accurate for color than the video was. I still have my lights that do weird things with some colors, and it didn’t like this brown at all, it made it pretty orangey.

In the video I said I did spots so he’d be a paint – but maybe he’s a palomino? I don’t know horses, so be kind 🙂

Sandy Allnock - Double Die Inlay 2

The video includes a few ideas at the end for those who don’t Copic airbrush – so you can do cool stuff too, of course! And think about dies you have that could work to make a scene like this one. Or if you just need the dies, I have links for you….guess where? The doobliedoo on YT!


10 thoughts on “Double Die Inlay – with airbrush

  1. The dimension on this FLAT card is to “die” for! (Get it? Hee hee!) You are really stepping up your coloring technique!

  2. This was awesome! Thanks for the video. I do hope that you’ll do more cards with multiple dies inlaid. Love your air brushing.

  3. Great card and video. I really like the look from the airbrush and I like how you did the spots on the horse. I just got a die to try the inlay technique. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Can’t wait to try this with my copics and airbrush! You are soooo talented! Tks for sharing.

  5. Love the in-lay, it looks so polished. 🙂

  6. Stunning. Thanks for the video.

  7. This card is just gorgeous!!! I can see a whole series of them with different colors of horses! lol BTW, your horse would be a paint; a palomino is the golden body with white mane and tail. He could be an appaloosa, but their spots are usually concentrated on their rears, and they are usually grey not brown. Either way, your horse is a beauty! And now I have 2 new dies to add to my wish-list 😉

  8. Amazing card. You make the copic air brushing look easy.

  9. This is incredibly beautiful! Just want to touch it!

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