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Don’t sweat the small stuff.

I know, I know. It’s me, talking to myself. I sweat the small stuff all the time. Though I guess it depends on the definition of “small.” The little things are often the easiest to check off my list and make myself feel accomplished, but are they really the things I should be doing? The small things can often be the ones I love the best – like a little extra detail in my coloring. But do those make a difference?

The small things that I have figured out how to leave behind: excess emails. People are just going to have to wait for answers on nonurgent things, and I’m discovering that, unless they’re out there seething at me – they aren’t expecting me to answer right away like I often do. I think most people get it that I’m swamped now (well except for the one lady who keeps emailing me the same question. I’m not answering yet on principle now. LOL.)… I seem to have a little grace to get back to people when I have time. At least I’m finally learning the world won’t end if I don’t clean out the inbox!

Today’s card and video introduces you to Helga. My new little alter ego. LOL. She looks a little like me in a bikini. Though I have a little more fluff that poofs out! Check out the video below….hope you enjoy it! I sure loved coloring her 🙂

Sandy Allnock - Helga 2

I put the sentiment inside the card, since I didn’t want to disturb the simple outer panel with it.
Sandy Allnock - Helga inside

Happy weekend!



12 thoughts on “Don’t sweat the small stuff.

  1. Hehehe! This has me giggling! Thanks for sharing such a CUTE chick! 🙂

  2. love the card…and as usual, the coloring is spot on! one piece, definitely!

  3. She’s adorable! It’s not easy sometimes to ‘not sweat the small stuff’ but it can be life and sanity saving so you have to keep trying. Have a great weekend!

  4. Sandy, I’m thinking a card like this is one you don’t mass produce, right? The time and effort is remarkable, and you even know what you’re doing so it goes pretty fast for you! Very nice and adorable card. (How about board shorts and a rash guard? That works for me.)

  5. Don’t sweat the petty things…and don’t pet the sweaty things!

    One piece with a skirt and dark glasses. 🙂

  6. small stuff like dusting, cooking, laundry….I take care of the fun stuff. 🙂
    I am definitely a one piece (are shorts and tank top defined as a one piece?)

  7. Your card is sooooo cute…love Helga! Most definitely one piece for me as well as a layer or two on top. I am super easily distracted…and my girls like to find ways to distract me so they can laugh at me.

  8. Love Helga, definiately a one peice gal. Thanks for all you do, your amazing!!!

  9. I get distracted by the big stuff…crafting! So the small stuff barely gets noticed. 🙂
    And….”One piece” since pregnancy.

  10. I am a one piece bathing suit person and like you emails and then too many blogs. Love your coloring

  11. LOOOOVE Helga!!! Not only am I a one-piecer, I also need a skirt on it and an ankle length cover up. LOL! Maybe that is why I prefer mountain vacays over going to the beach. Thanks for the great informative videos.

  12. Sandy, everyday I read your posts and just shake my head thinking “HOW DOES SHE KEEP UP WITH ALL OF THIS? ” My hat is off to you dear lady! Thank you soo much for all you do!

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