It’s a good day to be a dog! Well, it’s always a good day, eh? They just live life to its fullest all the time – wouldn’t it be a great world if we could do that too?

Well I wanted to share some news, and couldn’t find a good hair day underneath the couch cushions, so I decided to combine it with some fun dog footage from a recent adventure. Enjoy!

Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

My Watercolor Workshop at Daniel Smith is a biggggg leap for me. BIGGG. They’ve been bugging me for years to teach one, but I didn’t feel in control enough to feel like I could guarantee that I could paint anything on a teaching day – I never know what’s going to come out of my brush! But lately I’ve been feeling more confident – especially with something loose like trees. Even if structures or other subjects can stymie me on some days, trees and skies are often the only guaranteed parts of my paintings!

The classroom we’ll be in is one that has a long history for me. I’ve taken workshops from the likes of Alvaro Castagnet, Bjorn Bernstrom, Ron Stocke, Jean Haines, Brenda Swenson, Tom Schaller – and many more. The teacher’s demo space at the front of the room (with a cool overhead mirror) has seen so many amazing painters that I don’t feel I can stand where they’ve stood! But I’m going to step out and do it anyway.

See the listing on the Daniel Smith blog for class details, supply list, cost, etc – and call the store to sign up. You don’t need to register for the demo but sometimes it’s good for them to get calls so they know how many chairs to set up that day. I know crafters may not care to come to a whole weekend class where they have to paint large paintings – but the demo could be fun anyway. (And that part is free!)


And of course while I’m sitting here promoting myself as a painter worth taking a class from – my Bible journaling video is all about finger painting. So there’s that. Ha! Even if you’re not a Bible journaler, this might be entertaining to watch.

Enjoy your Sunday! I’ve got a crazy week ahead preparing for my trip to go see MFT – I might need a nap before I get started!