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Doggie kisses — and sentimental signage!


Hey guess what? This week Ellen Hutson is hosting Marker Week! Be sure to follow along each day to see all the different kinds of markers there are, and what makes each one different – and markers are all 10% off, too!

Doggie kisses — and sentimental signage!

Today I’m using Copic Markers – and I’m coloring puppies since it’s *also* little Giallo’s 8-month birthday today! Part of the coloring is on Patreon for supporters over there for patrons at a certain level – but the primary focus in this YouTube video is how to add interesting “signage” on cards for your sentiments. Everything from a simple square or rectangle, to wood signs and pillows! Lots of fun ways to jazz up a card and make the sentiment feel like it’s part of the scene itself. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

A simple square or rectangle sign can hang simply from the top of a card – it makes it feel like an interesting element, even though it’s super simple to draw with just a pen!

Wooden signs are especially helpful to be able to add to images with animals, or anything outside. Wood is very forgiving – lines can be a little wiggly, and if it’s crooked – that’s ok, because a wooden sign can just be a bit broken down and tippy!

Here’s a bit of a complex idea – pillows! I created a whole scene for this little puppy to nest in…a fluffy bed laden with quilted blanket and pillows! Pro tip: draw with a light marker first and add your pen lines later, it’s easier to change them up a little if you need to.


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project. Compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

16 thoughts on “Doggie kisses — and sentimental signage!

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  2. You are the queen of coloring dog images! These cards are all so cute, I can’t pick a favorite. Thank you for sharing your talent and inspiration!

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. The cone! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  4. Love the doggies and the wAy you added the sentiments. I always learn a lot on your blog.

  5. What cute cards! Sending birthday greetings to Giallo!

  6. Super cute. Loving all your signage to help set the scenes. 🙂

  7. I LOVE these! I really like how you make the sentiment part of the scene. That’s really a unique touch.

  8. I really love these! Can hardly wait for my set to arrive!

  9. What an amazing idea. I love how well the signs seem to fit in to the design of the card. So much more fun than just a banner or sentiment in open space! Thanks for the tip! Also, now I need this stamp set. So much fun!

  10. Wow – thanks for the video, the teaching and sharing your JOY! Always stepping it up!

  11. OMGosh, I love this stamp set. Your cards are fantastic!

  12. Love the sentiments on these cards and your free hand signs and backgrounds always amaze me! Just wonderful talent!

  13. This set has been on my wish list since I saw the release. Now it may need to sneak into my mailbox because once again you tugged at my heartstrings with your great work. My printed art I ordered from Society 6 will be in my hands today it is waiting for me at the post office….yay.

  14. Oh, how cute. Sending a bit of humor in a get well is awesome.

  15. I don’t send a note often, but when you have the cutest doggie cards in the world, it’s hard not to check in. Oh my gosh they’re cute. You sure have the gift!!!!

  16. How do you always know just what cards I need?! These are perfect for someone who’s already received a “get well” card, but continues to need encouragement during the healing stages… Love the sentiment on a pillow, especially. I’ve tried a few wooden signs, and those are fun and easy – but now I see new challenges! I’ll need to go and watch you making that quilt again, too – turned out so very lifelike. Give yourself a Monday Morning Pat on the Back for just that alone!!!

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