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Distress Ink Flowers (Dies by Alexandra Renke)

Distress Ink Flowers (Dies by Alexandra Renke)

The new line of lovely dies from Alexandra Renke have even ME excited. And I’m not usually one to be thrilled by flower stamps and dies! There are just so many, but I know you guys like them and want to know how to color them. And thus I do. But boy when I find flowers that get even me excited, you know it’s pretty special! See the thumbnails of (I think) all the flower dies in the supply list at the end of the post; I got five of them just to see if this distress ink technique would work. And I used them for my Easter cards – I didn’t have them in time to share before Easter, but Mother’s day is on the way! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.,

Crocuses die – beautiful elegant flowers, and I paired it with a Lawn Fawn stitched hillside die – some of you might see it as snow since we’ve had such crazy weather in the beginning of spring this year!

For size comparison, I’m sharing these photos too:

Tulips…I love the ones with the ripply edges!

Poppies – and in the video I show you a simple way I figured out to make a vase with a little Tumbled Glass ink.

Tendril….For the gardeners…

Snowdrops….I’m  hoping they’re yellow, because aren’t they sweet in sunshiny yellow??



Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project. Compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

Alexandra Renke Dies – with pics:

The rest of the supplies:

36 thoughts on “Distress Ink Flowers (Dies by Alexandra Renke)

  1. Beautiful cards, Sandy! I love the softness you achieved. Thanks for introducing us to these dies. I think I like the look of the stencils you made with them even better than the die cuts.

  2. I really appreciate the die vs package comparison… not to mention the beautiful technique ideas! I’d purchased a few when they were first available in the US but so far had made only white on white cards.
    I totally agree with other commenters these are much too expensive… I splurged because their modern stylization is so unique and pretty. Thanks to you I’ll get more use of the dies & bang for my buck.

  3. I have acetate packaging in my (clean) trach can. I’m going to retrieve it now. TFS!
    Your cards are gorgeous.

  4. Oh, how pretty! Not sure I know which is my favorite… maybe the one with that tumbled glass vase. 🙂

  5. Beautiful!
    Thanks for new technique with dies!
    Love the detailing you got with the die!

  6. Absolutely stunning! Where did you get the believe die and what was the Jesus saying you stamped inside the card.

  7. Beautiful cards! Awesome technique for coloring.

  8. Hi Sandy,
    These cards are stunning! So beautiful. I think the price for the dies is not very affordable,but you did a fabulous job showing the inspiration. I hope I can just use What I have and do something very similar.

  9. The cards you made are absolutely gorgeous. I love creating with flower images and loved the look of these dies. I was shocked at how expensive they are! I won’t be buying these dies, no matter how lovely they are, and that’s a shame.

  10. Inspiring! I love Renke and I love your watercolor take on them! ❤️

  11. Sandy, they is so very gorgeous. Love the coloring!

  12. Oh wow those are just stunning!

  13. impressive! really loved these.

  14. I’ve made some of my own stencils from laminated sheets, which also work well (and clean up easily).
    These floral cards are beautiful. Unfortunately, the price point of the stamps is beyond my budget

  15. Fabulous idea and they look gorgeous too, tfs the video also!

  16. Beautiful cards Sandy! I am already looking at some of my dies in a whole new way. . Thank you for sharing!!!

  17. Gorgeous cards Sandy, great idea with those beautiful dies. Thanks for you idea’s and video. Have a nice weekend.

  18. Beautiful and a great technique. I have cut acetate before using my dies, but not tried the pouncing to apply the ink…obviously works well – will give it a try. Thank you for sharing!!!!
    Blessings and Paper Hugs,

  19. Where is the Believe die from? I love Alexandra Renke and have followed her for a bit now. Love what you did with her work! Beautiful card. I always love your flower work! Your colors are amazing.

    1. It looks like it was discontinued, but there are lots of Believe dies in Christmas sets. (This was a standalone.)

  20. These cards are beautiful. I love the technique. A great way to get more use out of dies.

  21. Wonderful idea Sandy! The gentle inking you achieved by pouncing the ink blending tool rather than sponging the inks full strength resulted in a lovely effect. I’ve used stencils a bit in my card making but haven’t made my own, so I appreciate the inspiration. I love those AR dies but the price point is pretty high so I’ll be looking at the floral dies I own to try this. Also, thanks for the great idea of how to sponge the vase!

  22. So beautiful! Another thing I used to do, but I’d forgotten along the way! And today I have so many more dies than I did back then! Thanks for sharing these beautiful cards. I so enjoy your art.

  23. Can you tell us what brand, thickness of acetate works for you?

    1. I just used pieces of packaging…..

  24. You have set our world afire today, we are all going to buy acetate sheets and cut stencils from out dies! Thank you for this wonderful inspiration- best idea in months!!!!

  25. Beautiful and peaceful and colorful cards, Sandy – thank you for sharing the idea to create stencils from dies! Have a wonderful weekend…:)

  26. Grogeous card! I was just checking the supply list to see what kind of acetate you used. I purchased some but have a hard time getting my dies to cut through.

    1. I just used old packaging ….and use a shim to cut.

  27. Are you kidding me??? These cards are gorgeous! You just opened up an entirely new world to me…I never thought to make stencils from my dies (duh!) Love, live, LOVE, the Alexandra Renke dies!

  28. WOW! Gorgeous, I love how you created the stencils from acetate!

  29. These are all so stunning Sandy, what gorgeous dies. However, as you said the size of the dies and the packaging images are deceptive…

    1. If I were to guess – they may have each been created at a different time. Since only one has the small envelope, they may have discovered they’d want larger ones later, and then made the switch, and eventually will standardize them in some way. 🙂

  30. Beautiful cards! Love this idea. Would Oxide inks blend better? I have to give this a try! Thanks! Havea wonderful weekend!

    1. They may, but the oxide also makes more of a mess on the acetate bc it stays wet longer. I liked how the regular distress ink worked better.

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