Whether you love to color with alcohol markers, watercolor paints, or draw with pens – this post may just have some ideas for decorating Easter eggs that you’re going to love! And with everyone staying at home right now in 2020 – take your time and try out all kinds of fun and crazy ideas!

The assumption here is that readers have the basics; but if you’re stumbling onto this post and want more education about any of the mediums, feel free to poke around and learn more! I offer a FREE class on my teaching site that covers all sorts of mediums: My Virtual Studio class

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I recommend when using art supplies you’re not certain about (toxicity level) that you assume they ARE toxic. Food coloring is made to be ok for food, so if you switch to that for any technique you’re of course just fine.

Some of these are my takeoffs on techniques I’ve seen on the web over the years – I deliberately didn’t go look them all up so I wouldn’t replicate what has been done. I relied on my bad memory PLUS throwing in a twist on the idea from my little idea notebook!


I don’t know if other alcohol markers would work for these three techniques – but why not try it if you have something besides Copics? These are particularly important NOT to use on eggs planned for eating. Copic colored eggs don’t end up sticky, but other markers or alcohol inks may; test out your supplies on one egg before diving in fully. If you want more info on Copic airbrush, click HERE.

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You can use any kinds of watercolors that you have – but be sure to soak the egg for a bit in the vinegar + water solution. Experiment to see how much of a soaking YOUR watercolors requires; I use Daniel Smith Watercolors and 30 seconds or so seemed fine. (Brush: Silver Black Velvet Round 8.) The Nuvo powders (Golden Sparkler, and Atlantis Burst ) are pretty spectacular too, aren’t they? And then the rubber cement technique could also work with other mediums.

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I used a white pitt pen for some of these brown egg designs – and I think I’m gonna be hooked! My trusty white gel pen didn’t want to write but the pitt was great. Then I used a sharpie – several widths and colors would work great. Then I got out a few of my fancy shmancy fountain pens – a TWSBI ECO (the purple one) with a medium nib, and a Visconti Mirage with a fine nib.

I’m a doodler! And getting out my pens was a ton of fun. I used brown eggs, but you can doodle on white eggs. Try some colored sharpies, or any markers you have! Note that water-based markers would need to be used on eggs that will stay dry; even wet fingers will smoosh the ink.

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Let me know if you try out any of these, and if you discover any good tips for other readers to take note of! I’d love to see pics so tag @sandyallnock on instagram!