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De-hoarding flowers + Cheery Lynn die

Hello again! I’ll be continuing to post cards for the rebel challenges….and I sure hope you’re playing along too! I’m making cards between all my errands and chores…. I’m pretty sure I’ll get more crafting done since my chores are now outside ones – and it’s mostly a cloudy cool day. Not very motivating to be in the garden, I’m a fair weather gardener 🙂

The card for the second challenge is supposed to use something we’ve been hoarding. And I thought right away of these flowers – I had a whole pack of them and haven’t done a thing with them in at least a year or more! But….I made a bunch of these since I was doing one. That pack is GONE! The lacy die is by Cheery Lynn Designs – it’s challenging to get it to punch out right, and then there’s the fact that it’s huge – I’ll have to figure out some designs that’ll work. Oooh ya know, I need to go to their website and look around for sample ideas, maybe. Anyway…without further ado, the card!

I created a butterfly from two of the leaves; the body/antennae is a tiny slip of paper folded in half and slightly curled:

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8 thoughts on “De-hoarding flowers + Cheery Lynn die

  1. It’s always fun for me to see what others have been hoarding! I tried borrowing a lacy die once. There was too much poking to get the little pieces out. You must have an extra dose of patience! Love your card.

  2. Sandy you are just so very creative! I love the doily, but your idea to turn leaves into a butterfly is fantastic!

  3. Well, now I don’t feel too bad, knowing with all the fabulous cards you create, you STILL leave some elements behind long enough to consider them “hoarded!” I have lots of company today, and I’m so glad we’re all using our stash for a great cause! These felt flowers and butterflies look amazing with the stitching and great colors!

  4. I’ve not been able to do the challenges yet & am hoping to get enough of the necessary things done today so I can play tomorrow. I’m on my dinner break & am enjoying seeing what others have made so far.

    Pretty card – I like how you used the leaves to make butterflies – so creative and out of the box! The colors and die are also very pretty. Happy gardening!

  5. What an awesome card. I LOVE how you used the leaves for a butterfly too! Inspired. I <3 you!

  6. What an awesome card! I too, love the way you used the leaves to make a butterfly. You are so inspiring. (hugs)

  7. Ingenious! I would have never known the butterfly was pieced it turned out so cute! Yikes, the lace punch would intimidate me…looking for inspiration is always a good idea if you ask me. 🙂

    Way to use up those hoarded flowers!

  8. How clever it was to turn the petals into the butterfly! I think that die is lovely and I agree that detailed ones like it are challenging to remove from the die without shredding them.

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