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Cricut gone wild…

I did say the other day I had a “Sandy style” cricut card to share….today’s the day! lol! My friend Sheila made the cricut critters for me – she picked out papers from her stash to use. On this lil dragonfly, she picked a graphic yellow with a purple layer for it….and I ended up fighting with it! I wanted the dragonfly to be in his element…the jungle. And my only really cool jungle paper? Graphic 45. Not quite a match! The whole card took a bit to come together…each step of the way the card seemed to dictate that it wanted to do something different than I had planned. So….let the storytelling begin.

I ended up first taking my Memento ink pad and directly applying it to the purple paper. It didn’t completely cover it – just left a little color peeking out.That gave me the thought to distress the whole look of the card. I applied some Ranger Vingage Photo ink with the Distress tool to both the dragonfly and the background yellow paper. In trying to glue the dragonfly back together – I realised I had goofed. It wouldn’t stick to the inked paper! That led to sewing it on, and that’s where I started falling in love with the precess on this card.  I let the stitching on the dragonfly be really looseygoosey to let the feel be kind of vintage casual. (Okay, it’s coz I can’t sew worth a darn, but gimme a break here! lol) I also stitched around the yellow base too, after ticketpunching the corners.

I used the Labels 8 Nestabilities for the patterned shape – but I sure wish someone would invent nesties with a teenier distance between them and the next size; and evenness between them! I can’t stand using them in layered fashion since most of the odd shapes get wider in one direction than another as they go up in size 🙁 Maybe I need a rant video about that! Anyway – I handcut the black layer.

I used a slot punch from SU to make the wide opening for the ribbon….and loosely glued the back side of the ribbon first (after trimming the edge into the banner shape of course). I folded the other half over and pinched it, added a teeny bit of adhesive to hold it for just a moment, then stitched across the ribbon. I know you can’t see it much, but the ribbon wouldn’t have held as nicely while poking those brads through it, trust me! The brads were the finishing touch.

So…that’s kind of a crazy story for just one card. Do you have any cards that just took on a life of their own – and turned out completely different than planned? Tell me about it!

18 thoughts on “Cricut gone wild…

  1. Most of my cards come out different than I usually planned! I just start with an idea in my head and go from there, no template.

  2. This is very cute! Sounds like a lot of work went into this card! Like the stitching…I should do that more. Neat affect. I like the stark contrast between the yellow and black. Great job!

  3. I love the way you did this ribbon. Also thank you for the Cricut ideas. I have a Cricut and barely get it out because I don’t like the cards I make with it. Your ideas were awesome.

  4. Wow…this is some seriously amazing stitching! Love the brads–a perfect finishing touch!

  5. This came together well, I’d say! Great stitching too.
    Clever flat bow idea. TFS

  6. Sandy, when you tell us you struggled through a particular card it is reassuring to some of us(although sometimes hard to believe-I mean, we have watched you pull off some great cards in the Stump Sandy segments) because your cards seem so effortless! It is nice to know we’re not the only ones who have had a card or two with a mind of its own! Your card turned out beautiful!

  7. I still need to get on board with sewing on cards. It’s so fun! I’ve had some cards derail totally. It’s always nice when I can actually save them!

  8. For what it’s worth, I think the stitching looks great! Fun card, great papers and colors!

  9. I love your stitching on the ticket base on this card! You did a great job. I can’t sew a straight line for the life of me and barely ever try! I completely appreciate your comment about loving the process! That’s why I love stamping and printmaking. There’s something about the whole process of ink on paper that I absolutely LOVE! And yes, a card can certainly have a life of its own!

  10. Do I ever have cards with a mind of their own?? You really need to ask that question? LOL. ALL THE TIME! In fact very rarely is the finished card exactly what I saw in my mind when I started! I think, I hope, that they are usually better. I’d say that this one knew what it wanted to be, fun!

  11. I love the card. I recently joined OWH and I’ve spent a lot of time online lookin’ n learnin’. I’ve about learned enough to think I have gotten in over my head as far as talent goes. Every direction I look I find such beauty and such imagination! I can only hope to “copy” or “lift” ideas and go from there. I made the first 4 OWH sketches today and I REALLY like 1 of them…….the others are ok. Anyway, just wanted to say hi, tell you I love your card, and get into the loop!

  12. Some cards seem so easy to pull together and others seem to have a life of their own and until you follow what they want everyone is miserable. Sometimes taking a break from each other works.

  13. I love your card. I’ve wished the same thing about the Nestabilities! I like your stitching and the ticket punch corners.

  14. That is a darling card – love the stitching, and the dragonfly in the ‘jungle’. Also love how the card dictated what it wanted!!!

  15. Sandy Great job on the stitching. I also wish the netabilities had a smaller margin. Some of them are hard to hand cut. Beautiful job as always. Thanks for all you do
    Charlsie Smith

  16. Oops. That should be coincidence! (Where’s a copy editor when you need one?) That’s what I get for trying to comment on my tiny iPhone keyboard!

  17. Love the dragonfly! I’ll have to see if I have it in my circuit collection. The stitching was one of those oops moments that led to a perfect solution. And what a coicidence you should bring that up today; I made a sample card yesterday for next week’s midweek challenge. I’ve known for a couple weeks exactly what I was going to do, but the card totally had its own ideas and it was more difficult to figure out a new design because I had the original one stuck in my head. You can decide Wednsday if it worked. 🙂

    The same thing happens when I write; characters will suddenly balk and refuse to do what I’ve carefully plotted. You’d think this creative stuff would get easier after time, but
    unexpected challenges are probably what keeps it interesting. That’s my story and I’m
    sticking to it, LOL

  18. Thank you for all the Cricut tips, and your card today makes it looks so nice. 🙂

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