Tiny Townie Sage loves SCIENCE. But I tell ya, she REALLY loves creating. With that delicious beaker full of goodness!

Creativity is Contagious!

I decided to post a pencil video today since my Copic peeps are busy with the bonus class today (see info below). This stamp is about science, but the sentiment that comes with it is an Einstein quote about creativity….so I’m imagining she’s cooking up some new paint colors! Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

An extra dare

In the video I suggested coloring parties…here’s another idea. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried it – but I dare you to do something this weekend. Go outside, go to a coffee shop or a mall. Go out there in the world and create something. Take a stamped image, a coloring book, a sketch pad….and put color on paper. Watch how many people stop to look – and how many people YOU can inspire by passing on the ‘coloring disease.’ Come back and report on the reaction you got!

Copic Jumpstart Bonus Lesson Today

For those who had signed up before end of day yesterday – you’ll be receiving your email for the bonus class at 7am Pacific time today. If my website is slow today/this weekend that could be why, so please be patient.  STUDENTS, if you don’t see it right away in your inbox please 1) check your spam or junk folders, and in gmail check the Promotions folder; 2) check the email address with which you signed up for the class; 3) make sure it’s after 7am Pacific time. *giggle*

The class is not “LIVE” in the sense that you have to be on your computer when the email gets sent – you can watch anytime! 


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