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Creativity is Contagious


Tiny Townie Sage loves SCIENCE. But I tell ya, she REALLY loves creating. With that delicious beaker full of goodness!

Creativity is Contagious!

I decided to post a pencil video today since my Copic peeps are busy with the bonus class today (see info below). This stamp is about science, but the sentiment that comes with it is an Einstein quote about creativity….so I’m imagining she’s cooking up some new paint colors! Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

An extra dare

In the video I suggested coloring parties…here’s another idea. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried it – but I dare you to do something this weekend. Go outside, go to a coffee shop or a mall. Go out there in the world and create something. Take a stamped image, a coloring book, a sketch pad….and put color on paper. Watch how many people stop to look – and how many people YOU can inspire by passing on the ‘coloring disease.’ Come back and report on the reaction you got!

Copic Jumpstart Bonus Lesson Today

For those who had signed up before end of day yesterday – you’ll be receiving your email for the bonus class at 7am Pacific time today. If my website is slow today/this weekend that could be why, so please be patient.  STUDENTS, if you don’t see it right away in your inbox please 1) check your spam or junk folders, and in gmail check the Promotions folder; 2) check the email address with which you signed up for the class; 3) make sure it’s after 7am Pacific time. *giggle*

The class is not “LIVE” in the sense that you have to be on your computer when the email gets sent – you can watch anytime! 


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

15 thoughts on “Creativity is Contagious

  1. Such good advice. I recently had my friends over for our monthly gathering. Rather than stress about dinner I served pizza and we spent part of our time playing with Brushos. They had so much fun just sprinkling and squirting water and making beautiful backgrounds, trying different color combinations. They all left with several very pretty pieces, and we had lots of fun talking about all of the creative things one could do with them. They are all card makers, but hadn’t tried this medium. It was fun just playing!!

  2. Great idea about a coloring party. Love your card too. TFS

  3. Its true – everything I need I to know I learned in kindergarten – coloring, cutting, etc. Love all your videos and your inspiration!

  4. Hi, Sandy!

    Love, love, love this video for several reasons! First of all, as you may remember, I am a novice colorer. My medium is colored pencils and I always enjoy watching you color with them. I’m pretty pleased with initial results, but am striving to get better. My main reason to color is to use cute kid-friendly images on cards. So, considering the expense of Copics — epsecially now that I’m retired, I’ll most likely be sticking with the colored pencils.

    Secondly, I am a retired high school math teacher. I totally get the importance of encouraging our girls and young women the importance of enrolling in STEM classes.

    Lastly, I am fortunate to be in two stamping groups — one here in Ohio and one in South Carolina. Our Ohio group has SU roots but is now taking things in our own hands since our demonstrator has moved to Colorado. Think our group is going to be coloring with coloring books in an upcoming get-together to explore blending various markers. 🙂

    Finally, you are so right about creativity being contagious. I’ve found that to be the case in teaching math as well as in making cards. So many people associate creativity with the arts, but one can be creative in so many walks of life.

    Thanks for a wonderful video!

  5. Sweet! Sweet image, perfect coloring!

  6. OMGosh, I purchased this stamp sometime ago (daughter is a Chemistry major) and I’m wondering what to do with the stamp. Your card as well as video gave me inspiration I needed- thank you!!

  7. I bought my 22 year-old niece a coloring book and a watercoloring book with a bunch of Daniel Smith water colors and a bunch of watercolor supplies for her birthday. She already has a set of Prsmacolor Pencils. I think I will take her to lunch and we can both bring our matching coloring books and pencils to color, then after a while go back to my house and have a watercolor after.

  8. Love your card and the quote! I have been wanting the sharpener that you recommend, and once in a great while you get lucky. I was looking over my Amazon wish list and it said lightening deal under it. I clicked, got the lightening deal and a $5 off coupon. Almost $10 total off Amazon’s price! My color pencil work should improve greatly!

  9. Awesome message

  10. Gorgeous!!! Love that you challenge us to share the joy of coloring. Also StampingBellas designs all make me smile. Like this one in particular and Einstien was right about creativity. TFS

  11. Sandy, Just had to leave a comment on this one as it hit me on two levels. Just love this little gal. She reminds me of my niece who is graduating with her PHd in bio chemistry this year.

    Also, we have a Bible Study card making group at my church called Peace, Love and Cardstock. On May 14 we are taking our creativity to a nearby senior living center to make some cards with the ladies there. It has become so contagious that 4 of the daughters of the ladies in our group our wanting to go along with us. We have plans to continue going back and reaching more ladies in the assisted living facility.

  12. Your party idea is genius! Label it just a fun dessert party get together and they won’t have any idea the fun that awaits them. My favorite quote of all time (from my favorite person, Albert Einstein) Imagination is more important than knowledge which is learning what is already known. So I think art is the number one class that should be taught in all schools and in almost every grade – with only completed or not completed on the report card. As if you could actually fail in art – LOL.

  13. So much inspiration here, as always! I just love the message in your video, Sandy. I am already thinking about who I would invite! Heartfelt thanks for all that you share with us! ♡

  14. I love my coloring books & pencils. Coloring is just about my favorite pastime these days. I think it’s more about escaping the adult world than anything else. More than coloring though, I absolutely LOVE to watch you color. Thank you for sharing your time & tremendous talent.

  15. I love the Stamping Bella stamps. The chickens with their safety glasses make me smile.

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