Crafty organization - plus giveaway!

I’m vloggin’ today! Oh my. We haven’t just had a chat in forever. But with the upcoming trip, organizing, and a giveaway…why not! Many thanks to all of you who pushed me over the top in the last few days…I was holding my breath all day waiting to launch this post!

Crafty organization

I recently have been on a clean-and-purge binge. Might have been the new year, might have been the looming celebration of the 10,000 YouTube subscribers that inspired me. (I kinda miss the pre-menopause cleaning binges that were once a monthly routine…I used to “have” to clean as part of my womanly cycles, but now – things turn into chaos until I get into one of these cleaning frenzies! Raise your hand if you get me??)

My stamps are all now happily in stamp pockets – labeled, sorted by manufacturer! So excited. I have new furniture (chairs and cabinet from The Old Cannery) and shelving (from Costco)…I still have more on the crafty organization to-do list, but it looks so nice and professional in my office already, I’m just happy. YAY!

It was so much fun to pack goodieboxes! Each one has stamps, ribbon, embellishments, dies – tons of goodies! Some are gently used, some are brand new. Some of the dies were part of sets at one point but got separated from their friends….but I think any of them can be used alone, so they’re still treats to use on cards!

This was taken the day I dove into crafty organization in a serious way, sorting ribbon…oh my! I had 5 ribbon carousels full, plus another box. It was time to get rid of some, it seemed to have reproduced like bunnies! So each box has a bunch of spools of ribbon inside.Crafty organization - ribbon carousels

YouTube 10,000 subscriber giveaway

I can hardly believe it  – 10,000! What a huge number for lil ol me! I’m celebrating with a giveaway!

  1. Subscribe! And in case you didn’t know, on YT there’s a little button right next to the Subscribe button that you can click, and that brings up an option to have the videos emailed to you as they come out. If I end up sending an SOS from an Italian prison, it’ll be important to get that right away so you can bail me out. LOL!
  2. Comment on YouTube! On the giveaway video and/or any other video on my channel! I’ll go through my dashboard listing of all comments that are posted from right now until I get back from Europe, and pick 10 winners. And of course will doublecheck that winners are all subbies as well, so be sure not to skip #1!

Below are the prize boxes! There are 8 medium flat rates and 2 large…the big ones contain ribbon carousels! (I had glued the spokes in and didn’t feel like busting them apart to ship, so I just put them in big boxes!)

10k prize boxes




Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project. Compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

The forgotten info!

I totally spaced adding these backpack pics to the post earlier – my apologies! I’m taking more than I had thought I would be taking…So I’m taking my Kuretake set, my Peerless, my Koi, and Inktense . Yes, all four, I couldn’t decide! I have several pads of papers – eventually I’ll share more about them and comparisons. The long thin item on top in the pic on the left is one of these for brushes. The little “booklets” in the center of the pic on the left are watercolor postcards and sketchbooks…I have some masking fluid, a kneaded eraser and pickup, and a cool little set of nesting water cups I just picked up (can’t find a link but if I talk anyone into carrying them, I’ll let you know!)  The front pocket has more paper and journals. I know I’m going to be taking way more than I’ll ever use, but isn’t that the way we do things? lol! My camera and extra cards are tucked in as well – I’m glad this is a comfy backpack, it’s chock full!


So help me feel better about still not being done organizing – what’s your next crafty organization project to tackle?