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Craftaboard techniques

Every once in a while, I do something I call “And now…for something completely different!”* Maybe eventually I won’t feel like apologizing for doing something crazy…lol! I’ve had some of this Craftaboard in my play drawer for a while and used it for one project that I can’t show you…but now I have it out in the sunshine! It’s like chipboard, but not – it’s a little thick, but not too thick; it works well with even the thin dies, it embosses like a dream, takes Copic well, and you can gesso it if you want to color with a wet medium! And my mind is reeling with things to try with it, so you might see more sometime…*grin*

*obscure Monty Python reference

So here’s the video for this week…if you can’t see it below, click HERE to watch on YouTube.


Another view….don’t you just love all the yummy texture and color?? I have a gajillion things I want to do now with this background die, too! Stay tuned tomorrow for a card made with one of my early/prototype background pieces. It didn’t come out quite as I wanted, but it still made a pretty nice card!

Sandy Allnock Craftaboard2

If you want to try out some of the Craftaboard to make some WAY cool embellishments, check it out in the link below – it’s not expensive, but it’ll fit PERFECTLY in your play drawer! (PS I always check out two other things at Ellen Hutson – the NEW category, which is chock full of fun stuff, and the ART SUPPLIES category – which has plenty more fun stuff to tuck into your play drawer too. I like looking in there just to see if there’s something I never thought to get before – and might ‘need.’ I give you permission to treat yourself to something fun!


6 thoughts on “Craftaboard techniques

  1. Great video and card.. I always like to learn about new products ( at least new to me) and different ways to use them. TFS

  2. Another beautiful creation! Love it when you step out of your box, as it encourages me to step out of mine! (BTW, on YouTube, in the beginning, I could see your mouth move, and I heard music, but I could not hear your sweet voice.)

    1. Oh, wait, I put in my other ear piece and then I could hear you! I guess I need to listen with both ears!

  3. Wow Sandy – this was really great! So many tips and tricks in one video (and another sample of OCC coloring – just a little :0)
    Your energy level must be off the charts to keep so many projects in the air at once. Thank goodness for your fans…

  4. Gotta come back later and check out the video. You have me intrigued. I’ll watch it as I write out many thank you cards.

  5. Wow Sandy! I love,love this technique heavy video! The embossed and inked craft-a-board makes a wonderful background. You may have stepped out of your box, but you did it beautifully!

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