Giveaway updates:

  • Winners were emailed for the 75k giveaway…check your inbox!
  • I’ve heard from almost all the #wcmdwithsandy winners now. Thanks!

Survey results

A little vlog is posted for you today….with the results from the survey that so many participated in. THANK YOU for your feedback! Links from the video are below….

FYI – I didn’t post this to start a debate….I’ll delete any comments that start yelling, mmkay? Thanks!

Arkon giveaway is on YT only.

I’ll have another Arkon giveaway here on the blog next month, so stay subscribed to hear about it, and on Instagram in December! If you want to purchase the stand, you can get 20% off your Arkon order by using coupon sandyallnock – the items in the giveaway are:

Have an awesome weekend! I get to go play with my stamp group all day today….and then spend the week getting ready for the book photoshoot! I hope to be able to make more announcements about the book in the early part of 2018.