A little bit of art today with meerkats! I’ve had a Meerkat stamp set (by Art Impressions) for months now, sitting on my desk…and it’s finally its day to shine!

As I was looking at the coloring of their faces, I decided to try a sketch of one, up close, so I could study the eyes and know what to do with the card. The stamp set is drawn with whites in their eyes, which they don’t have – so this was valuable info when I colored the card.

My sketch is made in a Copic sketchbook I bought before they discontinued them. It’s slicker paper than my usual Neenah.

I had to look up meerkats not only to get their coloring, but even a little about what kind of scene to put them with. I found this pic on Wikipedia that I started with:

I really liked the light hitting just the top of them, and that nice reddish soil with a streak of light hitting it. With the Casting Shadows class ready to launch on Friday, I’ve been doing tons of striking shadows of late! I adjusted mine a bit from the photo…

I’ll add a birthday sentiment if I use this for a birthday card, or just a happy thinking of you or thanks sentiment – or maybe nothing, because giving someone a balloon “just because” is the best reason, right? Lots of mine are thanks or hello type cards, as I send out tons to my patrons. 🙂

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