*Copic Jumpstart class update is at the end of this post! 🙂

I have tons of people to thank for this post – all of my Facebook followers who shared pics with me, my friend Sheila for letting me borrow the insert I share in the video, Copic for providing the new case so I could show it to you – and TJ&Things for providing an ink insert and bin to review. (The Copic case and Various Ink insert and bin are the only items provided to me. This video is not sponsored, nor was it requested by anyone – except my followers!)

Copic Storage

I’m no storage expert – but I am a little of a hub for Copic colorists, so I asked on Facebook for YOUR ideas to store your markers. You came through in spades, thank you all! In the video below, I show you the cases and inserts I have here in the studio, then walk you through some categories of storage, and end with the most unique ideas I saw. I didn’t have the ability to use EVERY photo – but I sure appreciated them all! Scroll down for lots more info, and enjoy the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Links mentioned in the video….No affiliate links are used in this post.

Still photos of your storage solutions

Below are all the photos so you can get more of a peek. If you want more information on where the person got their storage shelves, cups, bins, or inserts, please feel free to find them on THIS THREAD on Facebook. Please do not friend them without asking first – it will be most helpful to all of us if you ask your question publicly in a comment under their photo….then we can all read the responses. Pin away…..

storage1 storage2 storage3 storage4

Copic Jumpstart Class Update

Class finally starts this Friday May 27! There’s a few things I want to remind students about:

  1. Friday at 7am Pacific time, I’ll send out the first lesson link via email. Note that if you click and it’s slow, or not very responsive, it might just be everyone rushing in at once – try coming back later, but please don’t refresh over and over and over – the host site might think you’re a hacker and block you. Just be patient.
  2. NOTHING is “live” at 7am in the “live broadcast” sense. You can watch it anytime you want – the word “live” means I’ll spend as much time as I humanly can getting questions answered. That’ll last throughout the “live” class – til a few days after the final lesson is delivered.
  3. Lessons will be delivered every OTHER day by email. Ten in all. So much learning!
  4. If you’re viewing on a smart device, you MAY need to click the TEXT link for the videos. Some of you have had issues with videos appearing as black boxes or getting some kind of privacy message; the text link should bypass whatever’s going on.
  5. IF traffic slows or crashes my site, then the next lessons will be sent at 7am YOUR local time. That’ll spread the load a bit so not everyone is joining in at once.
  6. If you do not yet have all/most of the class markers yet: DO NOT PANIC. Please don’t stress. You’ll be able to use the markers you do have to work on the lessons – you’ll perhaps even clarify for yourself what colors you may and may not want. You can also come back and re-visit any of the lessons later, so please just enjoy what you can and let’s color with what’s available, okeydokey? 🙂

Signups after the pre-registration period

For anyone signing up after midnight this THURSDAY (the night before class), the full price ($34.99) will be in effect.

ALSO – folks signing up past midnight on May 26 will receive their pre-class email along with links to any of the lessons that have gone public by the time they sign up. That means they can watch several lessons in a row and still be part of the Q&A in comments.

Once the “live” portion of class is finished, all lessons in the self-paced class will be emailed to students every other day, and the hour of the day will be the same time of day they signed up. That means…if you’ve signed up at 8pm your time, you’ll get all your lessons at 8pm your local time every other day. Hopefully that’s a good time of day for you to be on your computer. 🙂