For some time you’ve likely been noticing there are not many Copic markers available, either in brick-and-mortar stores or online. Don’t blame your retailer…the demand has just grown so fast that it’s exceeding production! Please know that I wasn’t asked to create today’s video – nor am I compensated by Copic for this. I reached out to them for information to pass along to you about why there are so few markers for us to get our hot little hands on!

Copic Marker Shortage…why!??!

I knew that our retailers have been having trouble getting markers for us. And with my Copic Jumpstart class coming up, the shortage has become more urgent! And doing some research – I found that it’s not a shortage, they’re making more markers than ever. It’s just not enough.

I contacted my friend Marianne at Copic to ask what the reasons are. She wrote me a hilarious explanation back, which I adapted to turn into this explanation. She mentioned squirrels – which then led me to this absolutely silly drawing of a rodent in love! He really wants you to be in love with Copics, not his tail. 🙂 Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Annnnnd the finished silly squirrel in love…LOL.

Sandy Allnock - Copic Marker Shortage Squirrel

I hope the explanation helped give you a little peace of mind. More markers ARE coming. It just takes time.

You can help!

  1. When visiting your favorite online retailers, if you sign up for notifications on out-of-stock markers, please know that many of them base orders on how many people are on the wait list. If you sign up for a color, go back there to buy it when it’s in stock. If you don’t do this, there are two consequences for all of us:
    1. The retailer has invested a lot of cash on those colors – and can’t bring in other cool products for us.
    2. Those markers are now out of the “pool.” So if another store is dying to get their hands on a Y17 and they’re all in a different store – the other store can’t get them. Gah.
  2. When visiting your brick and mortar retailers, if you request a special order of a pen, buy it there. Same reasons as #1!
  3. Gather with your community colorists! Get a Copic coloring group together monthly…you can share colors with each other, reink each other’s pens…plus it’s lots of FUN! Get together at a local scrap or stamp store if you can, and support them by shopping there.
  4. Share this video or blog post with your friends. Let them know too!