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Copic Coloring with Stampendous

My tutorial on the May Arts blog is about how to make buttons using embossing powder, Stampendous Color Fragments, and some ribbon. I had had a heck of  a time figuring out what to do with the Fragments – though I did see some folks commenting that they had some and love them, so I’m hoping to find more ways to use them from some of you!  Here’s the two-part video for you. Enjoy!


And I hope to get some superfast sleep tonight and be back in gear tomorrow; last night I woke up at 4:30 (overwhelmed by a wave of my own personal summer!) and never did fall asleep again, so I’m totally wiped! Gnight…or I guess by the time you see this it’ll be gmorning!

10 thoughts on “Copic Coloring with Stampendous

  1. wow, love that santa image, and your coloring is so great. tfs.

  2. Stunning cards…thanks so much for you wonderful share! I was awesome to see you as a Guest Designer in today’s class! 🙂

  3. So glad you took the time to make a coloring tutorial! Really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for sharing your work, we shared this on Pinterest!

  4. What a wonderful thing to have your colleagues make during your break-out session. Fabulous!

  5. Sandy I am just amazed with all you do! You are such an inspiration to me as a crafter and as an amazing human being. Love watching you color!! So mezmerizing, lol! I hope someday I get to play with the Copic markers. They seem amazing! Thanks for all you do Sandy, God bless! Janet

  6. Hi Sandy!! 🙂

    I absolutely *LOVE* the posters!!! Super creative artwork… but more than that… what each of those squares represent!!! So glad your breakout session went well and the 70 participants had a great time!! (sorry about the video not playing)

    Awesome tutorial!! Perfect copic coloring and an awesome technique to finish it off!! I gotta try that!! 🙂

    God bless & big hugs…


  7. Tried to click on the link from your May Arts video to this one, but it came and went so fast that I couldn’t! Looks like you did a brilliant job with your non-creatives at work. Hope you got some sleep…

  8. Sandy,I tried to get on the OWH website today and I couldn’t get on. They said there was a problem with the site. Is it just me or is there a problem with the site:((

    1. Seems to work fine now – let me know if it keeps goofing up?

  9. Not sure what happened to the comment I was writing – but here’s another try. That art project you were worried about (having to lead non-creatives in making a piece of art work) turned out BEAUTIFULLY! The concept made it so easy anybody could participate and skill level just doesn’t matter. Way to go Sandy!

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