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Copic Coloring Tutorial: Desert Storm (kraft-ish) paper


It’s Hump Day! Hope you’re having an easy one since it’s a short week, right? Well, Scout’s Honor – Friday isn’t too far away. And I’m hoping this sweet little scout – a brand new release from Stamping Bella (go over and enter to win awesome goodies!) – is going to make your day with a Copic Coloring Tutorial on Neenah’s Desert Storm!

Copic Coloring Tutorial: Desert Storm Cardstock

The name of this paper is Desert Storm – I’ve heard it referred to as kraft, but it’s much lighter color-wise. The card base in the photo above is the actual color of kraft, just to give you a reference point. But – it’s still cardstock made by Neenah, and it’s great for coloring with Copics once you figure out how much you need to adapt your color selections (made easier with the HexChart)! Watch the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube!

The Hex Chart was hugely helpful with this card; every time my “gut” would have chosen a darker color, a quick peek at the chart helped me try to go lighter before I regretted it! You can pick up your own Hex Chart HERE.
Sandy Allnock Stamping Bella Scout2

And I want to say a huge thanks to Em from Stamping Bella for sharing a few stamps with me. Goodness gracious I could keep busy all day long for a year coloring the fun stamps on her site! Do me a favor, would you? I asked a question on my Facebook biz page a few days ago, and would love your input as well – click HERE to go check that out.

If you’ve been watching the Stamping Bella blog, you know there are awesome images coming out in this release…and I’ve got another look at one coming out this weekend! Yeah baby! So be sure to stop on by!


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Hope you enjoyed my little Copic Coloring Tutorial….plenty more to be had around here, so feel free to stroll through my blog or YouTube channel and find more to inspire you!

21 thoughts on “Copic Coloring Tutorial: Desert Storm (kraft-ish) paper

  1. Thank you for the video and cute card!! Thank you also for showing us how you are using the hex chart.

  2. […] my recent post about coloring on Desert Storm paper, I neglected to let you know you can get it in packs […]

  3. Very cute! I love watching your videos because you generously share your creative process. I always learn something new.
    I noticed you didn’t color the little guy’s other backpack strap. Although, it kinda looks like wrinkles in his shirt lol!
    I bought your Hex Chart! Today I’m filling it in – I can’t wait to use it!

  4. Your coloring is just awesome!! I love this little guy :o)

  5. Absolutely too cute! Love the little guy.

  6. This is a great video. I could literally watch you colour ALL DAY! Even my 3 year old Grandson sat on my lap and watched the whole thing. He was amazed watching you colour and at the end he said ” Nanny, her is good!” LOL And as always, “he was RIGHT!” Great job!

  7. Sandy, you continue to amaze me. I just sit and watch with my mouth hanging open, constantly wondering, “Where does she come up with that idea?” I am curious…should there be a red backpack strap on the right side of the image (the mouse’s left side?)

  8. This little guy is so cute. I love the way you color with any of the medias. But you forgot to color the backpack strap on his left side. Thank you for being such a great artist and sharing your knowledge.

  9. Darling scene. Thanks for the “Desert Storm” coloring hints. I always enjoy your videos and I alway learn something. Has anyone else noticed? … You caught the uncolored red backpack area on the right side of the card, but you still missed the red strap that goes under his arm! ;-D

    1. I Know, I know…everyone os telling me 🙂 I was partially following a sample that missed it too 🙂

  10. Awesome as usual. Love how you were able to choose and then rethink the colors if they weren’t just right. Great job of explaining how the Hex chart works. Super little sign. TFS

  11. Your coloring is always stunning. Thank you Sandy ♥

  12. Hi Sandy. I so love watching your videos. They just offer so much. I love your coloring and just like with this card, you provide such wonderful inspiration. I truly appreciate you my dear :). As for the question, the line of cards I’d love to see you color is the Woodsies. I think it would be so helpful to get inspiration from you. And the coloring I prefer is the copics. I love copics. Thank you and God Bless 😉

  13. Senioritas! Hysterical

  14. WOW! I’m just blown away by your awesomeness 🙂

  15. love how you colored the cute little guy

  16. How refreshing to see a real live example of coloring on something other than “white”. Just loved all the details you put into this one…

  17. Very cute card! I’m so glad I purchased your hexchart. Very helpful… only bad thing is I have a lot of white space on it that I need to fill! 🙂

  18. I love Stamping Bella stamps! Can’t wait to see more. Thanks for creating such a cute card!

  19. I LOVE watching your videos, Sandy! I only have about a dozen or so Copic markers but hope to be able to grow my collection 🙂

  20. Awesome card. You’re cards always feel alive. I answered your question a while back.

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