Hello everyone – and happy Sunday! I have a few update-y things today….just for my blog readers.You all are so special, did you know that? Folks who only subscribe on YouTube miss out on stuff when it doesn’t end up in a video!

but first….thanks!

A huge thank you for all the comments, excitement, and sharing of my book release this past week! Many who received it already sent in sweet comments about what they thought of it, and I’ve been so blessed!! Wow. It’s like God’s been answering my prayers or something, ya know? Lots of pictures too – some even with happy faces, like sweet Lori below, who special ordered through her local independent bookstore and then showed the books to the buyer to ask them to carry them!  (Note; the actual release date for the workbook is Nov 8 but some are going out early. I have no idea why but yay!)

wait…more thanks!

The relaunch of art-classes.com went really well, and students are doing an amazing job with the homework! The requests for help have slowed so I think we’ve stabilized things…and it’s exciting to see so many students tackling their lessons. If you haven’t joined or visited the Student Facebook Group, you really ought to. And post some homework there too – each month there are prizes given out to randomly selected uploaders, to encourage sharing your work!

heads up: November thankfulness challenge

In the spirit of November and leading us toward Thanksgiving, I am offering up a challenge to anyone wishing to take it – posting gratitude daily. It can be photos, drawings, cards, scrapbook pages, typography or calligraphy – whatever you want. It can follow the prompts or just be whatever! I’d love to see everyone out on social media posting beautiful thankful posts, and fill up our feeds with that. With all that’s gone on this past week, so very much hatred and frightening news, we need something positive, and I invite you to join me in being part of the solution!

I posted a whole page of the details of the challenge over HERE – feel free to share that page, or copy the images to post yourself on your social media to invite everyone to come join in too!

heads up: 24 tags of Christmas series 2018

On November 12, it begins! My yearly series of tag videos, in which I give away all the tags! You can see past years’ tags in the full gallery HERE if you want to get started without waiting for the 2018 ideas.

heads up: December respite (crying uncle!)

It’s early to share this but if I write it, maybe I’ll stick to it? I’m already dreaming of a quasi-sabbatical in December! I’ve needed a respite, so this year, I plan to post….

  1. a weekly cardmaking video
  2. a fine art video with just music
  3. a Christmas card a day on social media

I may have a few extras to throw in, as I’m part of some online events and releases that aren’t fully nailed down yet. But…a respite will hopefully recharge my batteries and give me time to try things I don’t normally have time to work on – and come back in full swing in January with new inspiration, classes, and lots more fun.

heads up for my Bible journaling friends

  1. I’ve begun blogging weekly Bible journaling article about a variety of Bible journaling topics. Sometimes it’s general, sometimes I tell the story behind a page created in the past. Sometimes I even use a page that had a video for it and told an additional story!
  2. This past week, the Artists Network posted a Bible journaling article I wrote!
  3. My Bible Journaling Facebook Group is growing SO fast. Oh my. But what a blessing! Come join us.
  4. I have a Bible Journaling YT channel, didja know? Each Sunday I post a video over there, even if I don’t post about it here….This week’s video is below, and you can click on the Subscribe at the end if you’re not already on board.

That’s about it for today….as you can see I had a few things bouncing around in my brain that I wanted to at least write down. Whether or not anyone reads them. Ha! Thanks again for being wonderful subscribers, students, and friends!