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Coloring Fuzzy Bunnies

Sandy Allnock MFT Bunnies card


It’s that time again: a guest video over at MFT! This time I show you a tool I haven’t used before to get this sweet little texture on my bunnies!




8 thoughts on “Coloring Fuzzy Bunnies

  1. Love how you did the fur, so sweet!

  2. Another video tutorial I will be returning to as it is ‘no lines’ and I think with critters it is better so that you can get a feel of furriness rather than a solid black or different coloured line. Thank you for such a great tutorial Sandy. :O)

  3. one word….CUTE! Thank you Sandy for this gorgeous card and the “fur class”.

  4. Oh my goodness Sandy, these look fantastic ! You are so talented making bunny fur so realistic. Wow!

  5. these two are cuter than any fuzzy bunny slippers I’ve ever seen!

  6. The texture is amazing! I love learning things from you!

  7. Just so adorable. Easter cards would be awesome with this set. However, I already got lots of new Easter stamps this year.

  8. Those are the cutest bunnies! Amazing.

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