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Coloring an Underwater Scene

Woohoo it’s Friday! We made it through another week, friends! It’s been a doozy of one around here, too – but a good one! Today I do have a little throwback to my time on Plum Island in Massachusetts, though!


On my last day with Kate from Absolutely Everything, I filmed, of course – I’ve been accused recently of “always thinking” and taking advantage of available opportunities! Yes, I’m always thinking about how to share my experiences and my journey with all of my friends, and in the most creative ways I can put together. Photos, videos, whatever it is – and I get ideas every time I go places and do things, too. (I was in the car driving yesterday and filmed OWHtv – LOL. Bumpy footage, but whatever, right?!)

Without further ado: the video! If you can’t see it on your device, click HERE to watch on YouTube.


In the YT description, I promised I’d share a little #bts (behind the scenes!) here – so let’s do it!

First, I had asked a random person on the beach to take a photo of me, so you could see how I filmed it. (I knew you’d ask!) The poor lady was all kinds of confused by my iPhone, but she did capture a snapshot. Thank you, random lady on the beach! (Card supplies, chair, camera, and clamp are listed in shopping links below, or click on the image to buy that item. Beer is HERE…TGIF!)





Hope you guys enjoyed today’s card video….watching the footage totally takes me back to that beach and makes me relax! So here’s to summer vacations, relaxing on the beach…and coloring!

PS I know some of you are going to think I’m a weirdo for linking to the non-card stuff below. But you have no idea how many emails come in asking about “other” items I show…even my glasses! So I’m going to be making a regular habit of trying to link to as many items I can find, as long as I have time to go looking! 🙂 

PPS Other news! I’m now an official Ellen Hutson affiliate, and just in time – she carries this Inky Antics stamp set, so those who want to pick it up can go get it now. Yay! Stay tuned for more fun with Ellen at some point…we’re just getting to know each other, so if you go shop there, be real nice, okay?

Hugs, and happy shopping!


22 thoughts on “Coloring an Underwater Scene

  1. Sandy, I love anything beachy so this fit me~ One problem with this video. I could go to sleep just listening to the waves. 🙂 Love how you’re so personal in your videos~ A joy to watch~

  2. The sound of the ocean waves can be so relaxing! Thanks for taking us to the beach with you! I did not even have to put on sun screen!

    I used your technique to create a card for my nephew’s birthday. Perfect timing!

  3. WOW! What an amazing card!

  4. Sandy, you are so sweet to acknowledge all of our “need to knows”. LOL Have to have that camera setup – sweet.

  5. Love, love, love the card! Especially loved the background sounds of the waves. I’m heading to Cape Cod myself in September -my favorite place on earth. I have to ask – where is Plum Island? Lived in MA for six years, but never heard of it. It looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow! Not only did I love your card, I also loved having a little mini-staycation watching you color and listening to the waves on the ocean. Thanks for the beautiful surrounding and atmosphere that accompanied your talent. We have not been able to go on vacation for about 7 years and this was like getting to go to the beach for me. My husband made me a mango strawberry snow cone and I just sat back and enjoyed your video!

    Thank you for sharing this, Sandy! This has probably been one of my all time favorite videos to watch so far!

  7. I just wanted to tell you again how much I like this card. I really like this card! I was also wondering how your Mom was doing. Have a great weekend. Oh, I loved hearing the sound of the waves.

  8. Beautiful coloring, Sandy! And, of course, I’m a little partial to that cute stamp set. 😉 Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful card, along with a bit of the beach.

  9. Sandy, It amazes me how you make cards like this COME TO LIFE!!! It’s my goal someday to have just the amount of talent you possess in your “pinky finger”…….and that would be A TON of talent and mojo. I would then be a very happy camper……uh crafter.

  10. Loved your video and your card. Your card reminds me of the pics / videos that my husband takes when he is diving. Most of his are of shipwrecks of Lake Michigan, but you do see some fish. Love how the light is filtering down. TFS

  11. Very cool underwater scene and I enjoyed the beach sounds.

  12. Wow wow wow, what a great card !!! And I loved the sound of the waves, I thought I could even smell the ocean!!! Thanks for this little bit of “vacation feeling” 🙂

  13. Your work is stunning and I am so grateful to you for posting this!! Best underwater coloring I have ever seen

  14. Wow I love how you captured underwater so well. Makes me think I was snorkeling! Thanks for the camera and clamp mount link. I am considering making craft videos and wondered how to do it!

  15. Awesome video and love the card when completed. And, the sound of the surf really set the mood too!

  16. What fun! Copics on the beach! I love the fabulous scene you colored.

  17. What a relaxing way to start my day! I wasn’t expecting to have my first cup of coffee at the beach since I live in the Ozark Mountains. The card is amazing. I feel like I learn so much watching you color. Just bought my set of Copics a couple of months ago so I have a lot to learn!

  18. Wow! that looks so amazing, and watching you create it while hearing the ocean kept my glued to the computer screen. Now I just want to snatch up this stamp set and try my hand at an underwater scene (adding this set to my wish list….) 🙂

  19. Great and relaxing video. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be on the beach soon and can’t wait.

  20. The coloring is amazing! I love the ambiance too! So relaxing.

  21. Sandy, you are just amazing! The card is fabulous… and the sights and sounds of Plum Island are just heavenly. Thanks for bringing us along. It was a lovely, relaxing moment! ♡

  22. VERY cool. Sandy–love your underwater!

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