Woohoo it’s Friday! We made it through another week, friends! It’s been a doozy of one around here, too – but a good one! Today I do have a little throwback to my time on Plum Island in Massachusetts, though!


On my last day with Kate from Absolutely Everything, I filmed, of course – I’ve been accused recently of “always thinking” and taking advantage of available opportunities! Yes, I’m always thinking about how to share my experiences and my journey with all of my friends, and in the most creative ways I can put together. Photos, videos, whatever it is – and I get ideas every time I go places and do things, too. (I was in the car driving yesterday and filmed OWHtv – LOL. Bumpy footage, but whatever, right?!)

Without further ado: the video! If you can’t see it on your device, click HERE to watch on YouTube.


In the YT description, I promised I’d share a little #bts (behind the scenes!) here – so let’s do it!

First, I had asked a random person on the beach to take a photo of me, so you could see how I filmed it. (I knew you’d ask!) The poor lady was all kinds of confused by my iPhone, but she did capture a snapshot. Thank you, random lady on the beach! (Card supplies, chair, camera, and clamp are listed in shopping links below, or click on the image to buy that item. Beer is HERE…TGIF!)





Hope you guys enjoyed today’s card video….watching the footage totally takes me back to that beach and makes me relax! So here’s to summer vacations, relaxing on the beach…and coloring!

PS I know some of you are going to think I’m a weirdo for linking to the non-card stuff below. But you have no idea how many emails come in asking about “other” items I show…even my glasses! So I’m going to be making a regular habit of trying to link to as many items I can find, as long as I have time to go looking! 🙂 

PPS Other news! I’m now an official Ellen Hutson affiliate, and just in time – she carries this Inky Antics stamp set, so those who want to pick it up can go get it now. Yay! Stay tuned for more fun with Ellen at some point…we’re just getting to know each other, so if you go shop there, be real nice, okay?

Hugs, and happy shopping!