Welcome to my stop on the Create a Smile Video Hop celebrating the kit release! There’s a limited quantity of kits available, so if you want one – jump on it tomorrow when they’re available. For my card today, I’ve used some of the stamps and the stencil to make a cute scene – a rainbow jellyfish “smack”! 

Watch the video below or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube!

If you’re interested in more information on Copic Airbrush, I put together a Buyers Guide a while back so you can figure out what you need to get started!

Sandy Allnock - Rainbow Jellyfish Smack

What? A smack of rainbow jellyfish?

Yes! A group of jellyfish can be called a smack, a bloom, or a swarm…but I like smack best! The right term for the creatures is jellies, since they are not actually fish. There are jelly-like creatures that don’t sting, such as comb jellies, that are not “true” jellies….and some jellies have a sting so powerful it can kill a person; others can sting you and you’d never even know. A little more trivia:

  • A jelly’s size is determined by its food source. If it has plenty to eat it will grow. If it doesn’t have lots of food available, it won’t starve; it simply won’t get bigger.
  • Jellies only have one hole, so everything — food, poop, babies, everything — goes in and out of that hole.
  • If a jelly stings you, forget the old advice to pee on it! Scrape off any remaining pieces of tentacle with something like a credit card (not your hand!), then cover the area with vinegar, meat tenderizer, or even mustard.

Blog Candy

You have a chance to win the entire kit on the Create A Smile Blog so you can make your own rainbow jellyfish! Kits are limited…so be sure to check in right away tomorrow when they go live!


Hope you enjoyed my little rainbow jellyfish smack – check out the ones on Google!