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Coloring a Rainbow Jellyfish Smack


Welcome to my stop on the Create a Smile Video Hop celebrating the kit release! There’s a limited quantity of kits available, so if you want one – jump on it tomorrow when they’re available. For my card today, I’ve used some of the stamps and the stencil to make a cute scene – a rainbow jellyfish “smack”! 

Watch the video below or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube!

If you’re interested in more information on Copic Airbrush, I put together a Buyers Guide a while back so you can figure out what you need to get started!

Sandy Allnock - Rainbow Jellyfish Smack

What? A smack of rainbow jellyfish?

Yes! A group of jellyfish can be called a smack, a bloom, or a swarm…but I like smack best! The right term for the creatures is jellies, since they are not actually fish. There are jelly-like creatures that don’t sting, such as comb jellies, that are not “true” jellies….and some jellies have a sting so powerful it can kill a person; others can sting you and you’d never even know. A little more trivia:

  • A jelly’s size is determined by its food source. If it has plenty to eat it will grow. If it doesn’t have lots of food available, it won’t starve; it simply won’t get bigger.
  • Jellies only have one hole, so everything — food, poop, babies, everything — goes in and out of that hole.
  • If a jelly stings you, forget the old advice to pee on it! Scrape off any remaining pieces of tentacle with something like a credit card (not your hand!), then cover the area with vinegar, meat tenderizer, or even mustard.

Blog Candy

You have a chance to win the entire kit on the Create A Smile Blog so you can make your own rainbow jellyfish! Kits are limited…so be sure to check in right away tomorrow when they go live!


Hope you enjoyed my little rainbow jellyfish smack – check out the ones on Google!

44 thoughts on “Coloring a Rainbow Jellyfish Smack

  1. I just love those colors.

  2. Cute card and lovely colours.

  3. I got to your blog post by touching the “i” in the top right corner of the video while watching on my iPhone 5 – yay! Great card – love the cute jellies.

  4. Very cheerful 😀

  5. Not sure if I commented here. I love this card. The colors are super….and those jelly fish in the “smack” are so stinkin’ cute. You do such cute designs. I am still smiling about this card. TFS

  6. Great card. Thanks for showing us something from Create A Smile!

  7. your Rainbow Jellyfish are adorable, love the bright pretty colors, thanks for sharing

  8. so cute. I just love the colors

  9. A smack, eh? It’s fun even to say that word. I think most people love to smack real jellyfish, as they are nowhere near as appealing as your rainbow bunch. Great job and fun card. Love the Create A Smile products!

  10. Nice smack!

  11. Cute jelly fish!

  12. Adorable card – so fun! Love the colours you used and the beautiful airbrushed background! Great video! I like this kit! Thank you for the video blog hop!

  13. Rainbow jellyfish! So cute! Love learning a new Copic coloring technique from you as well : )

  14. Adorable colorful little jelly fish. You made their cute little faces POP! And thanks for your Nat’l Geographic message on Jelly fish. I actually learned something about them….how fun:) I want that Kit! Love the colors.

  15. I love your rainbow jellyfish! So cute.

  16. OMG I SO LOVE your CUTE JELLY FISH I am so getting this kit so I can try this technique. Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Love the way you gave the jellyfish little faces, super cute card! ☺

  18. So cute….and my 10 year old son LOVED them! 🙂

  19. Wow, your Jellies are awesome! Love that kit!

  20. I think about an airbrush but haven’t taken the plunge yet. I’ll be checking your post when I decide to buy one. The jellies are so pretty. Thanks for the tips on what to do if you get stung by one.

  21. Rainbow jellies rule…. I bet they don’t even sting, they tickle!

  22. Love that bubble stencil and your “smack” of jellyfish.

  23. Love watching you blend one color into another – also LOVE your smack of jellies! Honestly, who has more fun than Sandy?!?!?

  24. This is sooo cute, Sandy!!!!

  25. Awesome card ! I just LOVE your Smack of jellyfish ! Thanks for all the Smiles !

  26. super cute. Love that you walk us through your coloring. thanks

  27. Sandy, your coloring is beautiful! I love that you share your process throughout and how you learned which colors work better as you go rather than letting us think you are just brilliant right off the bat (even though you still are in my eyes!) I want to try blending two totally different colors now!

  28. Your Jellies are so cute! I love the colors!

  29. Omg your talent blows me away. I love your jellyfish. And love the kit. So much fun!!!!

  30. Your videos are also entertaining and full of colouring awesomness! Love these smack of jellies!j

  31. Oh so so cute card!! Love so much!!

  32. How fun is this card. Only you would make a jellyfish with so many colors. Love it.

  33. I don’t know, Sandy. Given how colorful and fun these jellies are, I think they should be a “bloom”! 🙂

  34. You always make beautiful things. Colors of inspiration.

  35. such a fun card Sandy ♥

  36. Reading your blog and seeing your creations is a joy! I live near the ocean and when my kids were little we went almost every weekend. My 3 yo son was stung by many jellies once and I was terrified. Then this nice old man came over and handed me some meat tenderizer and said put it on him. I did and no more pain! The old man lived near the beach and when there were “blooms” of jellies, he patrolled the beach taking care of strangers! What a happy life he had helping people. Thanks for that good memory.

  37. So beautiful card! I LOVE your coloring and your smack of rainbow jellyfish! Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  38. I had to giggle when I read the title of this post – a smack?? You learn something new every day. I love your rainbow jellies, they are adorable. I’ve seen my share of jellyfish on the beach and in the water, but have been lucky enough to never be stung.

  39. Fantastic use of the kit and a super fun and colourful card

  40. Cheered up this sick girl. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Love your rainbow jellyfish card.
    Hopping along

  42. Sandy,
    Love your smack of jellyfish. Colors are really bright and cheerful.

  43. as always a very different and enjoyable card………thank you

  44. ooooh I don’t know why I’m surprised, but your card is so beautiful, colorful and cheerful, I love it! thank you for sharing!

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