I’m not usually a flower-colorer….but the realistic Loving Tulips stamp from Power Poppy inspired me to also create a sketch of one of the last tulips of the season. So sad they’re going away but I’ve taken lots of pics to keep working from! There’s a card a little later in this post.

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Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

So pretty….I think I captured that tulip and all my love for it! The pencil made the colors pop more than the Copic marker did. Marker tends to die just a little on drawing paper. (This is in a Sketchbook I usually use for pencil work.)

If you’re interested in learning to color tulips yourself, there’s an advanced Copic class for that! It’s Timeless Tulips….


Such elegance in just this simple stamp. Even the text is designed beautifully! Once I get up in the morning I’ll post a 1 minute speed coloring of this over on Instagram !

The list of Polychromos colors used….

Don’t forget to add a special treat by decorating the back of a card!