Colored Pencil Jumpstart Class

It’s time! If you’ve missed the early registration, no worries – class was open for those who wanted to get a jump on ordering supplies and coloring their hex charts. Watch the trailer below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube. Then read on for more class details!


  1. About supplies:
    1. To get started: If you have some colored pencils and some paper, any brand, you have enough to get started. I use a couple different kinds of pencils and paper throughout class just to prove you don’t have to have the fancy paper that I love – but you can see what results I get on different papers and decide what you’d like.
    2. Stamps: I asked Purple Onion to partner with me in having stamps for you in class; I think we scared her with wiping out stock so fast! So please be patient. Michele ordered more and they’ll go out in the mail as soon as possible. She’s created bundles of the Recommended and the Recommended + Optional – at a discount. If you only need a couple stamps though, she can’t accomodate handling discounts by the onesies. If you buy the whole group of stamps to get the discount you might be able to trade a friend, or save them for secret santa gifts this Christmas!
    3. Using other stamps: You can totally use other stamps you have. No need to use exactly what I’ve got! And you can also draw your own pictures, especially if you’ve been in my drawing classes. Wink wink!
    4. Digital downloads: Throughout class, especially the first 5 lessons, there are a bunch of downloads for practicing. So if your stamp order will be a while, there’s plenty for you to start with in the meantime!
  2. About signups:
    1. You can sign up ANY time. There’s no live content that requires you be there on a day or time to get content. It’s all accessible as soon as you purchase.
    2. There’s a funky Paypal-returning-to-Art-Classes thing in which it shows you a spinning yellow square. While it can be mesmerizing, just click out of it and go to your account. The payment should have gone through and class will be in your account.
    3. Some of you have bought enough classes that you have a “page 2” in your classes list. You can also just navigate to the class once you’re logged in, as if you’re going to go buy that class, and access the Curriculum from there; you don’t HAVE to go through your account page.

That’s about it from me….go get out your pencils and let’s have some fun in Colored Pencil Jumpstart Class!!