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Color Me Wonderful!

Happpppppppppppppy weekend! Wheeeeee!!! I’m just in such a good mood…even writing this blog post well past midnight, I’m a happy lil camper. The weekend’s here, I have a crafty day with my stamping sisters tomorrow, and next week’s a big week….I’m on pins and neeeeedles!! Agh!

I had a plan for a different video for you guys this weekend but…due to crazy technical issues, that’s going to take a lot more work to work out. I think I had more confidence in my editing skillz than I ought to have! ha. But hopefully that means the final one will be a better video because of it at least. 🙂 But…I think you’ll like this one. Or, maybe you won’t? There’s no voiceover, since I changed plans midstream to finish this one, so…uh. Yeah. Just lots of fun pop music instead! I picked songs with lyrics that speak to where my head’s at, so listen up as you watch, and maybe the words will give you some mojomotivation too!

The image is Color Me Wonderful, a digi from Saturated Canary…lots of fun for practicing hair! She reminds me of those ads when I was a kid – they always made me want to have long flouncy hair, and instead I have super thin hair, so never quite got to that goal. 🙁



Edited to add: Here’s the video – and in just the first little while it’s been up, I’m already hearing lots prefer the voiceover. So remember, if you don’t like the music, just mute it 🙂 Someone had told me I seem “afraid” of silence, since she doesn’t talk through any of her videos – so this was  partly a test to see what my viewers like. Don’t dislike it just for being an experiment 🙂

Papers on the card are by Lawn Fawn, and the sentiment is by Our Daily Bread Designs…I know it’s not a common pairing, but the card’s for a friend who needs some encouragement, and she’s a Copic buddy. So I thought the combo might make her smile. Sandy Allnock - Color Me Wonderful 2

18 thoughts on “Color Me Wonderful!

  1. […] OWH Sketch #21. All those little rectangles create the perfect background for stamped images.  And this blog post by Sandy Allnock is my all-time favorite…watching the Saturated Canary image come to life […]

  2. She is so beautiful! I especially like the bright yellow background you chose for her. The little bit of patterned paper is so pretty. I have become a creature of habit stamping sentiments on white but I LOVE this one on the green! Great job!!!

  3. I like the voice overs and your comments explaining what you do. Some day I will get some quality markers and be able to follow along. The hair is amazing. The card is bright and beautiful.

  4. I’ll watch whatever you post! no Complaints. However, if you want feedback, i like the voiceover to hear you ruminate and explain how you make decisions on colors, or why you’re doing what you’re doing. Without the voiceover, those of us who have no idea how to color and shade don’t learn as quickly. However, you can always shake it up by doing a music video type tutorial, as you have done.
    As for the card? AWESOME as usual.
    Thank you Sandy!!! and big hugs to Ciara and Punch!

  5. I loved the video. Music was fun and I can see that you need/ should to do that once in awhile. It help me pay attention to your drawing (good music choice). I love your brain thoughts because I learn so much, you just figure out for us! You know it is always fun to see what’s going on at your blog.

  6. Oops! I forgot to say that I like to hear you talk.

  7. You are fantastic at copic coloring. I’ve never seen hair colored as well as this. You have a style all your own…love it!

  8. I love to watch you color with music or with words. I have learned so much from you, thank you for sharing with us. I do like to hear your reasons for your color choices and all the tidbits you feed us hungry crafters. You feed my addiction.

  9. I’m in awe of your coloring skills…this little chickie is awesome.

  10. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L hair coloring. I personally learn more when you talk and explain the process. 😉 Never gets old. Thanks for your hard work and your inspiration!

  11. Wow- love the coloring of the image- the hair is awesome,but luv the yellows and oranges used to highlight the image!

  12. Beautiful coloring as always. The hair is awesome and looks like your hair color. Your yammering is always welcome, one can mute it as easily as music if it annoys. A voice over might be nice as well. I do not color and have no Copics, but I feel like I should try it after watching your video.

  13. Great video! I think the music is terrific and just worked with the coloring. I found it very helpful just watching you shade in the hair and the clothes. And even 2 colors on the lips! You are awesome! I love listening to you yammer too, but this video worked too. Genius, simply genius you are.

  14. Very lovely card!I always love to hear you “jabbering”. I learn a lot that way. If the video needs to be speeded up for length, a voice over explaining why you are doing what you are doing is helpful. I have done very little coloring so every hint is listened to.

  15. The hair is perfecto!

  16. I loved the music, very upbeat and was bouncing around in my chair as I watched the video. Will have to check the music people out.

  17. WOW!Great card!Awesome coloring!!!

  18. Music was the perfect choice for the image – that’s what the girl in your drawing would listen to if she were a real peep. I do like your yammering though and learn much from it. Also, wow. Watching her hair go from line drawing to auburn wonderfulness was pretty amazing.

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