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Color a Night Cityscape: Superhero Duos


There are so many superhero duos out there. In the comics. In novels. In the movies. But only one superhero duo, from my quick research, contains…a pig.

Superhero Duos in Copic marker…at night!

I created a card about a year ago with Stamping Bella’s Parker the Pig. Sadly there was no video of that card, and Parker sat listlessly in his stamp home (one of these). Listlessly because he’s a pig…a pig who needed a friend. And now he has one!

Her name is Hayley – and she’s brand new from Stamping Bella – she’ll be available on Monday, so I hope you have your sticky-note list handy for shopping! (I’ll share my shopping list on Monday!) This release is outstanding! Huge thanks to Em for sending me a few stamps to play with to share the new creations with you. Watch the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

This superhero duos card was a blast to color! You may have gathered, if you’ve followed me a while, that I love to layer colors. Night scenes or anything with heavy coverage gives me the ability to build up color til it’s as rich as what’s in my imagination! The hex chart I referred to in the video is HERE….and the ruler that rolls is HERE.

Sandy Allnock Superhero duos

This card’s 5×7, not the normal A2 size…layered up with a couple pieces of cardstock to make it travel really well to my niece for her graduation. I hope it’ll be a fun card that’ll inspire her to go out and take over the world!

Blog Candy?

Go over to the Stamping Bella blog – good luck!


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the picture or wording to go directly to the item. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.


So tell me in a comment – who are your favorite superhero duos? And are any of them pigs? lol!

21 thoughts on “Color a Night Cityscape: Superhero Duos

  1. Holy cow! This is amazing! Can’t wait to show my 10 year old! He’s gonna flip!

    Superhero…Jesus is my superhero! And He’s coming back soon…

    1. I was right! My son LOVED it! He wants me to buy him the pig stamp… 🙂

  2. Wow! It is amazing to watch you create! My superhero is a 94 yo saint who inspires me with her zest for living and serving others.

  3. Hi Sandy, I have a question for you after watching this video. Sometimes when I layer more heavily, especially using darker colors or colors that don’t blend so easily, there comes a point when the ink seems to kind of “pool” on the paper. It no longer blends at all and no longer lays down smoothly from the tip, and it dries to a thick, kind of glossy, almost textured surface. At this point there is nothing more I can do in that area. It happens on both Neenah and XPress-it blending card, though perhaps more on the latter. Do you know why this is happening, what I might be doing wrong, and how do you avoid it when you layer so much – especially on a card like this, with so many layers of very dark color?

    1. I find that happens sometime—nothing I know to do other than layer a little less. It didn’t happen on this card, maybes because I was using broader strokes; smaller strokes using the tip seem to be a bigger problem, I think?

  4. Great video!!! Love it!! Fantastic card!!!

  5. Amazing!

  6. Oh wow Sandy. You have out done yourself with this card. I love all the depth and thise buildings are amazing as they are freehanded. Amazing work as always.

  7. I don’t have any superhero favorites, can I use yours? So stinkin’ cute. Oh yeah, Crisp P Bacon, the little pig who was born without back legs and has a little cart to get around…. Love you cards

  8. I have a new foster grandson who is all about super heroes and your wonderful video has inspired me to try a night scene. You make it look so easy and explain it so clearly and share your amazing talent so freely that even with my limited artistic talent I think I might be able to create a night scene. Thanks again for the inspiration!

  9. Sandy, I loved the super hero card. It reminded me of my own super hero….My son Michael who was born at 23weeks; he will be five next June on Father’s day. I loved your hero card and it always amaze me how your imagination flies away from a simple stamp and creates such beautiful background. Thanks for sharing and Congrats to your niece!, I am sure our environment will benefit from her future ideas!!! 🙂

  10. Thanks so much for sharing! I just love these Stamping Bella stamps! They are all so cute! Thanks also for sharing your other tips regarding Facebook and websites/blogs. Much appreciated! 🙂

  11. Hi Sandy, I am not a huge super hero fan but this is really cute! I really liked the last one you did with the hiker and the mountains behind him. You are very talented.

  12. I love the little pig! I would have never thought to put all of this together like you have! My credit card is going to try to run away from me on Monday I fear. Must have the pig and supergirl!!!

  13. Standard answer to your question is Batman & Robin. Can’t even tell you why but Robin would have to eat a whole bunch to become a pig. It’s too bad, too, because pigs are my most favoritest critters in the world. Have them all over my house in some form or another…not actually real, though. Back to your card, it really is special. Your niece is just going to love it. And that coloring knocks me out.

  14. Sandy, thank you so much for all of your tutorials, between you, Kristina, Jennifer, Heather Higgins, Alyce and so many more, my coloring (copics, pencils, distress watercoloring) has come a long way. Keep up the awesome work. Wish you could teach a class closer to my Maryland Mountains (Laurel is almost 5 hours away), one day the stars will align and I will be in that area (I grew up near there and went to Laurel Sr High for VoTech), anyway. Thanks again for all you do and will continue to do. Have great weekend.

    1. Folks come to my Md classes from Philly! Take a road trip with a girlfriend and visit 🙂

  15. Love Love LOVE! Your coloring is so impressive…it’s relaxing and peaceful to watch you color. Thanx Sandy!

  16. I agree with Diane L – you’re the hero! I love the way you take the time to “finish” a card – with a whole imagined background. I haven’t tried one yet – but I’m getting very close! I guess I’m afraid I’ll run out of ink and won’t have a refill handy… I’ll try harder to be like you and just jump in.
    Thanks for another super heroic tutorial!

  17. Sandy, I believe you are your own hero and many other people’s hero as well.

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