Just wanted to pop in to wish you a happy boxing day and bring you a quick idea for cocoa treat jars in case you forgot a few unappreciated people this year. It’s still “legal” to pass on the Christmas cheer for another week!

And who might those folks be? Maybe the mail carrier, the sanitation workers, recycle pickup folks, your hairdresser, or bank teller! This is a great time to let people know you appreciate them….and it’s easy to tuck a box of these treat jars in the car, and slip one in your purse to hand out each time you run an errand this week!

Cocoa Treat Jars

I got some really inexpensive little jars and filled them with a couple spoons of cocoa mix, hershey kisses, and mini marshmallows. (Note: it IS legal to count “One for them, one for me” as long as you have big enough bags to make them all!) I wrapped each one with ribbon and added a little tag with a quickly-colored mug stamp – so simple and cute!

Sandy Allnock - Cocoa Treat Jars2

It would be easy to adapt these tiny jars as well….check Pinterest for tons:

  • a variety of tea bags
  • coffee beans
  • candies
  • kitty or pup treats for pet owners
  • popcorn
  • caramels – and deliver it with an apple and a popsicle stick
  • two BIG marshmallows and glue googlie eyes on the outside to make them snowmen!

Make a matching tag, and if instructions are needed to use the contents, include that. Bigger jars can contain all kinds of things…let your imagination run wild!

Let’s collect ideas

Who do you think could use a little pick-me-up from you this coming week? Let’s collect a helpful list in comments of the kinds of folks you could make little cocoa treat jars for! I made more of these than I have people on my list for, so I could use a good list of suggestions. 🙂

Merry Christmas!