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Clean Color Real Brush Pens: Splashy Background

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I’ve been inundating you guys with my experiments with these new markers….are you getting tired of them yet?

Splashy Background with Clean Color Real Brush Pens

I decided that since these Zig markers love to swim so much, I’d let them. As soon as you give them a sideward glance with water in your hand, you can almost see them get giddy! It was a little challenging when I saw them get so light with water and dabbing – but I think I found a good solution to add nice rich color back in! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!

I love the star stacker dies – and I think I’m going to keep them nested together. The outline stars are so much more interesting than regular full stars, too! They really set off the sentiment from Winnie and Walter nicely too.

This card was made for Operation Write Home‘s final sketch…it’s hard to even fathom the “lasts” that are happening right now, as it’s been such a big part of my life for so many years. This is the last sketch; I scheduled the last Facebook post; I ordered the last flat rate boxes; and so many other final things. One moment I’m sad about it all, and the next I look at a giant pile of mail and all I want to do is rush to August 1st because I’m so tired! I keep telling myself, I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength…I can do this for one. more. week.

Sandy Allnock Splashy Background Clean Color Pens

I’ll still be doing a lot as the cards have to be mailed out to heroes for a long time, as we’ve gotten far in excess of what was needed – wow! All the other parts of closing the organization will commence next too. And through all of this, I am just so grateful to everyone who has participated – none of the 3million+ cards would have been sent without so many generous crafters and donors!

You can go see the Sketch post HERE – and join in one last sketch challenge with OWH!


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10 thoughts on “Clean Color Real Brush Pens: Splashy Background

  1. I love the way the large star looks like it is stepping out for a night on the town. Doubling back and adding more colour with the markers worked beautifully. I thoroughly enjoy your videos; you’re a wonderful communicator and I can learn much from your mad skills! (I tried to spell skills with a z but I couldn’t do it!)

  2. Love the way the colors “exploded”! That’s the thing that’s so much fun about watercolor, you can control it, if you’re careful and want to or you can just let it fly!
    Yes, all the “lasts” are coming fast and furious. I had a pretty bad day when I mailed off my last OWH box. But then I thought of the reason it was the last, our Heroes are coming home! As long as I keep that thought front and center it’s a joyous thing. Although I imagine that the boxes are piling up like mad at your house.
    Sandy, I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done and inspired to be done for our troops, I know that OWH has made a HUGE difference in many, many lives, mine included. The teaching, mentoring and gentle prodding that you’ve done has made all of us better card makers. Who would have ever though that Cards for Heroes would turn into OWH and all that it became? I’ll continue to watch to see where your journey takes you next. I’m the one cheering from the sidelines. If we’re needed again I’ll be there. Thanks, Congratulations and Cheers
    Wishing you joy,

  3. Such a really pretty card and thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Thanks for all you done and welcoming me on board. I look at the closing of OWH as an opportunity to take my time, talents and treasures onto another journey. It may be bittersweet as God is closing this door, but he is opening new ones for me. I never knew that there were places that took handmade cards until OWH and now I have discovered many more places. Thanks again.

  5. Wonderful card! Thanks for the tips on the markers. Also, congrats on the end of the work, but THANK YOU for all you’ve done for the troops – truly a “work of Heart”!

  6. Sandy, I never tire of you videos. They are so helpful when I am working with new media or techniques. You are the best. Love this card and it is only right that you make the last sketch. I want to thank YOU and all OWHers for all you have done for our service men and women all around the globe. You are truly a blessing and I am so glad I found you and your talent. Please keep the videos coming….I need your help. 😀

  7. Beautiful card! great technique. Zig pens on my wish list…birthday/Christmas coming up :o)

  8. Aww thanks Charlie! It’s so fun to know you and our inspiring sisters in Denmark…your group is on my list of “Wows!” about OWH! 🙂 Hugs to you—and to Fifty too!

  9. Another great tutorial and a really nice card. I enjoy the Zig pen videos, because we can always learn something from you, no matter what medium you’re working in. But after traveling with you and several other cardmakers through the last 2 years or so of learning more about watercoloring, improving the quality of my paints, brushes & papers, enjoying the range of cards I can make now, I wouldn’t invest in these pens. It just feels like a step backwards… But that’s just me – don’t stop what you’re doing, and don’t ever hesitate to introduce new techniques and tools! That’s why we keep coming back… well, that and your own sweet self!

  10. Great sketch and nice use of the pens! Thanks Sandy!

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