Hey folks – I’ve got the trailers for both new classes posted now; I always do a little one to show what’s in class, and you can also see more by looking at the video in the Pre-Class lesson too (that’s public so you can watch it before signing up).

  • Classes are open for preregistration through Christmas Day with pre-registration discount
  • Coupon code “santa” good for additional 10% off through Christmas EVE. Good on all classes.
  • Best price for the new classes is purchasing them while the “santa” code is still available! But if you get a Gift Card on Christmas Day, you can still get the pre-registration price.

Human Rainbow I – Intermediate Copic – SIGN UP HERE

Drawing 101: Form, Depth, and Volume  – SIGN UP HERE

Class Discussion NOTE!

I am frustrated (as always) with the Forum feature on Art-Classes.com that I killed off. It just wasn’t working or notifying me of any comments.

But now…you can join the new Facebook Group for AC Students! If Facebook lets me get notifications (I’ve had all kinds of Fb challenges, ugh!) then I can answer class questions there.

For the DRAWING class only, the good folks at PMP have given me permission to host a group with discussion boards there – and I *do* get notifications on those. So as you have homework to share or questions to ask, pop over there. (Link to join up over there is in Pre-class lesson. Once you join our group you just log in and go to your “Groups” tab to find us.)

Giveaways end tonight!

Winner will be announced tomorrow morning on my social media……

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