Chubby bunny! Chubby bunny! Chubby bunny! Did any of you play that game when you were kids? We’d keep putting more marshmallows in our mouths and see how long we could keep sounding coherent. Miles of silly sugar-powered laughs!

Well this card isn’t that level of silly, but it’s pretty fun anyway. I stamped almost all the bunnies (one ended up on the envelope), and gave them a little garden to enjoy, too.

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Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

When stamping and masking, have a black pen on hand that works with the medium you’re coloring with…then the masks needn’t be perfect, you can just draw in little bits that didn’t get connected.

And don’t forget the envelope! That’ll definitely tell your recipient this is HAPPY mail. No bills!