Let’s talk about choosing Copic green colors. Greens are a color that Copic doesn’t do well; I’m not particularly sure if it’s not the color’s fault – they’re a bear to mix yourself. Or maybe they’re a frog, not a bear!

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This fun new Frog set from Art Impressions just makes me laugh so hard – I really identify with that frog on the left, tongue out lookin’ for snacks!

I decided to print out one of my free charts (see below) and test out some green combos that I haven’t used much!

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If you’re in any doubt – or if you just want to try something new – testing out combinations of colors is a helpful exercise to go through! I tested out some greens on mine, and chose three combos (see below this photo for each one):

If you’re new to coloring with Copics, you might be interested in the Copic Jumpstart class – lots more colorables are in that class!


The other colors I chose began with oranges – a nice bright, light contrast to the greens, and part of a triadic combination (3 colors equidistant from each other on the color wheel). I also had to add a tiny touch of purple as the 3rd in the triad, and yellow because, well, yellow!

Check out the IGTV speed coloring too:


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