I’ve been asked a lot who *I* watch on YouTube. I don’t actually watch much of art/craft videos at all, partially to keep myself from subliminally copying anyone else’s work. And partially because I am limited in the time I can watch, and if videos have a lot of circuitousness before they get to the tutorial part, well….I just don’t have time for that.

Peter Draws is different.

He doesn’t do tutorials. He. Just. Draws.

And that’s what I’ll be doing in today’s video. Along with answering a few of the questions submitted by my Patrons. Peter-style. I’m not as funny as Peter, but hey. “That’s ok,” as he says. (He needs merch with that on it!)

View on YouTube.

If you haven’t watched Peter’s videos, I suggest trying them out. He’s sooooo mellow and relaxing. I tried to channel his slow, soft speaking style in this video, and it was hard! But he’s great to listen to when you don’t want to have lots of content to follow. His stories are simple, often hilarious, and quirky. And I find I have much in common with him.

A funny little tidbit from one of his videos I finally watched a few weeks ago – he was talking about how he should eat healthier. But he eats lots of frozen meals because, well, no dishes, no pots or pans, and it’s easy. But he should eat salads. He should try to get to like salads. He should buy lettuce. But lettuce is a commitment.

I about fell over laughing.

I am so with him on that. If you don’t eat salads much, then a whole head of lettuce is intimidating. The number of salads you’ll have to eat, as one person, from that round ball of greens is overwhelming to me. Commitment, omg. That was just perfect!


Anyhow, here are links to a few of Peter’s videos. It’s hard picking them, because, well, the art in the thumbnail has nothing to do with the fun chatter in them, so I had to listen through a bunch of them to find ones with some of my favorite stories! Any of them are pretty entertaining though.