Lots is going on in today’s video! First, Purple Onion is hosting their usual summer sale – so feel free to shop away!

Then my crazy coloring challenge: I made this one up for myself, stamping images randomly on the page then making a scene out of it. And I did it twice! (Just filmed the swimming pool though!)

Third, while doing the coloring, I chat a bit about YouTube, the thumbs down button, my thoughts on the importance of feedback (which I learn so much from in Toastmasters!), and a suggestion if you don’t like what YT tries to tell you it thinks you should see. Yeah a lot of blah blah! I figured you might like coloring to watch rather than my face blabbing atcha.

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Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Purple Onion has their summer sale on – so let this be your reminder to finally pick up that stuff you’ve been wanting!

My personal challenge has no name, so if you have an idea what to call it, let me know. I’d like to try it again because it was fun! I stamped images in random places, then tried to create a scene to tie them together into one amazing picture.

Colors used for the summer card….

I had stamped my images a second time, assuming my first attempt would need to be redone. It didn’t, so I tried a Christmas scene with the same stamps and position!