Happy Friday, one and all! Hope you’ve had a great week. Mine’s been productive – and for me, that means a good week! I have one more week now before a HUGE deadline on a massive project, so I’m glad to have a lot checked off this week so I can focus!

My card for today has been waiting a while on the whiteboard…I keep a big list of ideas to make videos, and this one’s been waiting in line for a while! In the video you’ll get to see the coloring – but I’m mostly just chatting about other subjects, so please don’t skip the video if you’re not a colorer! 🙂 If you can’t see the video below, click HERE to watch it on YouTube.

I haven’t got a clue what to call this card fold. I’ll happily accept ideas, and swap out the YT video title — I can’t come up with anything clever!Sandy Allnock - Tiddly Inks Card2

And since I asked over on YouTube, I’ll ask here too – what do you blog subscribers subscribe for? Copic? Other card ideas? Nonsense? I’m considering some revamping of stuff later this fall, and figured I’d ask for some input!