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Catitude: Cats vs dogs!

THANK YOU for all the kind words and support for the new website design! 🙂

A while back I made this dog card with MFT stamps that you guys really liked – it had the dogs inside and outside the fence:

Sandy Allnock - Inside Outside Cardpeek

Catitude: Cats vs dogs

The Catitude set of stamps came out and just screamed to me to do them in natural colors like the dogs….while they’re not a comparable set,exactly (I’d love to have cats the same size as the dog stamps. Hey, MFT…… 🙂 …..they still have catitude, and they’re out sitting by a fence! Just in watercolor pencil this time. My first attempt with my new Albrecht Durer set. Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!

And MFT just came out with a new release, which includes the adorable Sunny Skies and Stitched Cloud Edge dies. Can you just see how much we can use these in backgrounds? Fun!

Sandy Allnock Catitude cats vs dogs

Another creation with this stamp set – I was inspired to make an art journal page while I had the stamps out. I added the kitties and the center sentiment from the set, watercolored the background, drew it all with sharpie – then did watercolor pencil inside all the images I drew!


I’m off to CHA – see you guys from there soon! I’ll be on periscope and posting vlogs as I’m able.



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29 thoughts on “Catitude: Cats vs dogs!

  1. Cute card and great watercolor tips. I am a dog and a cat person.

  2. Am a dog/cat person. Loved both you cards of the animals. Am always looking forward to your videos. Thanks for always encouraging us.

  3. Cute card! I am a dog person. Loved your inside outside dog card you did and this cat card is really nice too.

  4. I m definitely a kitty person, but anything with hair (except men) is purrrfect. Love your work

  5. I love this card! I am animal person! We have e dogs, a cat, 2 ferrets, a bearded Dragon and a lot of fish!!!!

  6. Cats cats cats!!!

  7. I enjoyed this! Awesome watercolour and card! Cats rule!

  8. Thank you for the tutorial, I really enjoyed it and will try these technics sometime soon. I always thought I was a dog person, but after getting a cat 6 years ago as our house pet, I am no longer sure….I guess I love all sorts of critters.

  9. I’m definitely a dog-lover, but these kitties are pretty cute! I have some Albrecht Durer pencils, but just a small set – maybe that’s why they haven’t had much use – I should think about buying some companions…
    I wonder why MFT didn’t make the cats in the same scale as the dogs, tho – it seems an obvious thing to do, so we could mix them on a card – I can think of some pretty funny cards, if they were “together”!

  10. I’d be considered both plus a hedge hog.I love animals period, I have two cats and two dogs as well.Really love how easy the new site is Sandy.Its wonderful.I love the loads of info.The shading map is helping so much.Big thank you.

  11. Yep, it’s cats for me, so of course I ADORE your card. Thanks for answering my question yesterday about rolling ruler, I’m excited to sign up for your class soon. Yes, we had indoor cats for 30 years, now
    are “caretakers” for about 10 feral cats who live in our neighborhood.

  12. I’m a dog person, but these guys really show the “catitude”! Love the card!!

  13. Love the journal page! Also love that I can now comment without opening your blog up in a different browser first.

  14. Oh my goodness! So cute!!

    1. No more dogs or cats. We lost our dog on Nov. 30th. He was 15.

  15. Beautiful card! I’m not a cat or dog person, I’m both! I have 2 dogs and 3 cats (because I’m crazy!).

  16. Dogs will always win, but the Cats are cute – in a non dog way too. Spoken by a dog lover! Have fun at CHA. P.S. I would really like you to do a Cruise and Crop. I would be the first person to sign up!

  17. Super cute!
    have fun at the CHA!!

  18. I’ve had your original “inside-out” card on my to-do list for a while as I actually have that set. Maybe this will give me some incentive to give it a try. As always, thanks for a great video and for sharing your talents.

  19. Such an adorable cat card! I love the way you combined your painting with the background! Your new website is great too!

  20. Love the card but the journal page is a wonderful inspiration. I need to add more hand drawing to my cards. Have fun at CHA.

  21. I love both cats and dogs, lol,and I also love colouring pencils and need to get some more! Thanks for sharing Karen x

  22. I love your usw of the Dürer pencils. Personally I’m so in love with my Golden Retriever Maya, that I will always go with dog stamps. A lovely card though. Enjoy CHA- wish I could go…

  23. Definitely a cat person! Love these kitties. I’m going to have to get me some. Thanks for the tips on watercolor pencils. I have been looking for some advice on them. Great jov!

  24. Oh this cat stamp looks fabulous! Love your journal page!!

  25. Love these MFT stamps and what you did with them, both cats and dogs! I’m enjoying your new website, and also the CHA periscopes. Thanks for everything!

  26. Love it! I really like your art journal page too. You continue to amaze me with the gifts that God has given you!

  27. Wonderful card. I am a dog person. Although, we have 1 dog, cat and kitten.

  28. Love your video! Personally I’m a dog person, but after watching you create a beautiful cute card, I will state I’m both a dog and cat person. Love both of your cards. Enjoy CHA.

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