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Watercolor Flowers Series: #1, Sun Catcher


I’m beginning a watercolor flowers series as I prepare for my trip to Europe next month…soooo excited! But I seriously need to loosen up my watercolor skills. I’m also trying to play with all my different watercolor sets to figure out which to take with me…so look out for more coming up!

Watercolor flowers

I wanted to make watercoloring something that would look like a freehand painting into something anyone could try…so I’m using stencils! In the video, I’ll show you where to place pencil lines for the petals – so pick up the stencil (links below) and paint along with me. Enjoy the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

Watercolor flowers can be painted for cards – or for art on your wall! This one ended up on a card but would also have made a lovely gift if it were framed.

Sandy Allnock - Watercolor flowers No1

Next Friday I’ll share #2 in the series, and I decided to be nice and give you a heads up on the stencil I’ll be using…you can put it on the same order as this one and be ready to paint along with me. (I’m also linking to both watercolor papers used in these two videos – either one works great.)

I might continue this series if it’s popular – so leave some love here and on the video, and I’ll see if I can work up some more for you!


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more. NOTE: some items are no longer available and have been removed.

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Gold Mist Metallic Shaker Valentines


On this last day of the old year, when things might seem to be winding down in a dull way…I thought I’d add some gold mist metallic sparkle and shine with my project and nudge us into the new year on a good foot!

Gold Mist Metallic Shaker cards

A few weeks back I shared some new gold watercolor paints with you…in a couple comments, people mentioned their hope that I had saved the water that I used. Well of course I had already done so, and spent a few weeks “reducing” the water to increase the proportion of shimmer in the water. (I show how I did that in the video.) And now that it’s all been reduced and put into a mister, I’m here with a video for you! You can watch below, or click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube.

Isn’t that just THE coolest? The paint set might be a little pricey, but you get use out of not only a little paint to make something shimmer – you get to use the water too! Here are stills of all that shimmer and shine.

Sandy Allnock - Gold Spray Shaker Valentine2

It was a little challenging to adhere this second one; I carefully added more stamp runner adhesive to the back, wiping off a few spots where it peeked out of the x’s and o’s. I followed that up by sticking the insides of the o’s back into their places – all worth the effort in the long run!

Sandy Allnock - Gold Spray Shaker Valentine3

Just LOOK at all that gold mist metallic shine. Mmmmm!

Sandy Allnock - Gold Spray Shaker Valentine4

And in other huge news….guess who reposted my squirrel? I don’t think I’ve ever had thousands of likes in an hour! Wheeeeeeeeeee………

I’ll be back tomorrow, not with a video – but with my top 14 cards from the past year! It might take me all day today to figure it out and put the post together but I’m excited to crunch numbers and find out what was most popular! Be sure to pop on by. I’ll have a special treat tomorrow too!


Gold mist metallic anything has got to be on everyone’s love-to-create list!

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24 Tags of Christmas 2014: Day Three


I’m uber-excited about today’s tag video…SHIMMER! It’s been so hard to find any products that add shine to a card that are Operation-Write-Home-safe…but this appears to be just fine, at least in the ways it’s used in this video. Nothing rubs off…but OH the shine! Enjoy the video below…or click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube.

The colors in this paint set: Tibet Gold, Inka Gold, Arabic Gold, Pharaonen Gold, Luna Gold, and Schuppensilber.

The tags are each so very pretty…all with the same techniques, just applied a little differently. Shopping links, as always, at the end of the post!

Sandy Allnock 24 Tags Day Three 3

Sandy Allnock 24 Tags Day Three 2

Sandy Allnock 24 Tags Day Three 1

Sandy Allnock 24 Tags Day Three 4Things of note

  • Don’t forget all your opportunities to get in on the contest to win a tag – you can comment here on the blog, over on YT, share it on social media….there will be 24 winners, so the odds are “ever in your favor!”
  • I’ve noticed some comments about the other videos at the end of each one of these tag videos; the ones that are coming up this week aren’t available to you yet. But I’m adding links as I get them posted. Patience. LOL!
  • Every holiday season, I think I link to THIS video and THIS one too. Kind of a tradition. And I may have to add THIS happy one! And maybe THIS one too. Geesh. So much holiday goodness out there.
  • I’m excited that Punch is auditioning for the Talking Animals Holiday Video this year! So proud of my lil guy.

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Watercolor Spiderweb (Masking Fluid / Frisket Test)


It’s finally time to bring the Play Drawer to YouTube for once! I’ve been wanting to play with masking fluids (aka friskets) for a while, and have been collecting a few. I put them to the test in this video. Supplies are in the doobliedoo. Note that there are ways around some of the bloop issues shown – but I wanted to use the products as purchased before adapting – so stay tuned for an update soon on some other things I’m trying that are already meeting with more success. If you can’t see the video, click HERE to see it on YouTube.


Here’s a shot of the comparison of the four friskets, labelled. As you can see, none of the “color” of any of these transferred to the watercolor paper. (I used THIS cardstock for the test and card both.)
Sandy Allnock Masking Fluid Test

And because a number of you have been asking…it’s THIS color today. *grin*

A few other things to share….

  • I was humbled by THIS post. I get so  excited when people are inspired by what I put out there!
  • Don’t forget the 25% off sale on Copics HERE, just use the coupon code Markers. Shop by Nov 14!
  • Watercolor class next Friday (Nov 7) in WA and Nov 23 in MD will be WAY easier than this spiderweb. LOL. Class details HERE.
  • Remember the OCC Copic Class is always open – if you missed it earlier, it’s not too late to go learn a ton. Click HERE for that.


Ranger Non Stick Craft Sheet 
Tim Holtz Distress Watercolor Cardstock 
Daniel Smith Artist Masking Fluid
Incredible White Mask 2 oz. 
Incredible White Mask 4.5 oz. 
Miskit Liquid Frisket Mask 1.2 fl.oz. 
Scripture Collection 1 
Koi Watercolor Sketch Box 24 Colors w/Brush 
Archival Ink Pad Jet Black 
ATG dispenser 
Princeton Neptune Oval Wash 3/4″ brush 
Princeton Neptune brush 2 

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Watercoloring Mimi the Chick

Well hey thee and happy Friday, everyone! I hope you have some fun planned for National Scrapbook Day tomorrow….maybe some fun that involves cards! Lol.

I’ve got a little different video for you today…watercolor! Inspired by a request from a patreon supporter, I dug out my Twinkling H20s to do a little painting! Hope the video embeds here in the blog post – my iPad is not liking the copy paste function right now, and keeps madly correcting random things…so I may be stuck fixing it tomorrow!


Hope you enjoyed a little something different! And just in case you wanted to know the colors I used…the labels list all the colors, even if the colors in the little pots are wrong. Sorry ’bout that! 🙂 I did buy them as a single set way back in the day – but not knowing which set it is, I linked a few options down below for ya.

twinkling h20s