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Charity Bloghop wrapup


I feel like *I* am the winner here – from all of my amazing friends who participated in the bloghop, to all the folks joining in and leaving everyone so much LOVE! When the idea began I wasn’t sure anyone would jump in…but you all proved that all is not lost! We are a community filled with love and generosity!

The grand total – so far – is $3,765.00!!!! Holy guacamole the generosity is such a beautiful testament to your giving hearts. THANK YOU on behalf of all who will receive the help from your giving! If you missed out and want to register YOUR gift, fill out the little form on THIS post. We’ll do more fundraisers later in the year and see if we can beat last year’s giving total!

Okay okay enough of all that…you came here to see who “really” won, right? Well drumroll please…..randomly selected by are the following:

  • Kirsty Vittetoe – $30 Altenew Gift Certificate
  • Ericka Strange – $50 Lawn Fawn Gift Certificate
  • brookrhinehart – $25 Ellen Hutson Gift Certificate
  • Meghan Peterson – $30 MFT Gift Certificate

I’ve got your email addies – I’ll send you a note to hook you up with your prize! 🙂

PS – I was inspired by the hop over the weekend to create a page in my Bible – to remind myself that when we all are generous, lives can be changed.


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Puppies wrestling in the snow! (and a freebie with a purchase!)


We had a surprise snowstorm Sunday and Monday – and the puppies went wild! I could hardly get them to come back in the house…they just wanted to run and wrestle! I captured a little footage – since I know some of you have been enjoying the peeks at their little paws! Watch below or click HERE to see them play in the snow.

And…I just noticed a freebie over at Ellen Hutson…if you’re in need of a MISTI (or another MISTI)…you get a free stamp set! While supplies last, ends Feb 12th.  Click HERE for MISTIs! They were closed for the storm yesterday (might be again today) but get your order in anyhow – they’ll be doing the stamp giveaways in order of purchases. #yourewelcome


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Superbowl, BHM, and coming up…

An oops – Friday you got TWO posts – both the pencil card with the two little kids, and the rainbow rose. One was supposed to happen Monday, but….yeah. Stuff happens, right? So don’t be disappointed if you have nothing on Monday morning! I had a chat just this past week with my Patrons, and after they heard about my crazy process, I’m pretty sure they understand how the boo boo happened!

Happy Superbowl!

I saw this and thought some of my non-football-watching friends might enjoy. I’ll be watching the game, but just barely. LOL.

Black History Month

This month I’m trying something on Instagram – sharing a coloring of some kind, every day, with people of diversity. Sometimes it’ll be Copic, watercolor, pencil….sometimes a card, a painting, etc. I’m encouraging others to join in too – so if you do, use #dailydiversity all during the month of February, or at least tag me to come see!

Coming soon

For those who like lettering, the 30 Days of Bible Lettering folks are going to host another challenge in March, so stay tuned on Instagram! I’ve got a guest day, so keep your eyes peeled 🙂

A note to Instagrammers

For those who share creations on Instagram – there’s a site that I only just learned of (maybe I’ve been under a rock!) that links more easily to the product used on the card you post. In the past we’ve had to change the link in our profile for a day – big pain. This works great – here’s my page…I just started using it a few days ago.

The way it works: the site pull images from your Instagram account, and if you add a link (on their site) to the stamp or whatever that’s used, that image will show up on your LinkedInProfile page. If you provide no link, it won’t show up. You can use this to link directly to your blog post, or if it’s just a single product or something (I link to the stamp), you can link directly to a shop where folks can buy it. Sure saves a lot of questions or explanations in captions! They do have a free trial period so you can test it out. Click here to see more: LinkInProfile.

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CHA2017 schedule

Hello, friends! CHA is just days away…and a few of  you have been asking about my schedule. I’m normally all over the floor, but as I mentioned HERE, I’ll be hanging out with Daniel Smith and painting a lot instead! Very excited 🙂

Visit booth 2908 – Make and Takes can be done all day, but I’ll be there from 10-12 and 2-4 each day of the show, so I’d love it if you popped by while I’m there! Pictured are a few sneak peeks at some things you might get to paint.

Have a great weekend!

PS For those who didn’t catch the vlog the other day…there’s a new intermediate online Copic class coming up this spring. That means now is a good time to take the prerequisite class, Jumpstart, so you’re done and ready when that new one comes up! ❤️

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2016….it wasn’t so bad after all?

This year, in many respects, has been pretty brutal. Just consider all the musicians, actors and actresses, icons of science and history who we’ve lost. We’ve been through a brutal electoral year, seen the world killing each other and Mother Nature wreaking havoc. I’ve had friends undergoing major medical issues, job problems, losses, and so much more. It’s enough to make you want to bubble wrap your favorite person to keep them safe from 2016!

In a year like this, it takes a special effort to really consider our blessings. It took me a while to ponder, that’s for sure…this past month having to replace my poor car, and having a really crazy cold – it took some effort to break through and consider all the amazing things that 2016 did bring. *See link list at the end of the post if you missed any of these things.

Links to popular posts noted above…have you seen them all?

Customer Appreciation Week” giveaways happen all year long. When I have too many stamps and dies overwhelming me, I pack them into envelopes and send them out to random wonderful customers and patrons! Learn more about joining our Patreon family HERE.

So 2016, farewell.

You’ve been a pain in the drain. But you’ve had your moments of redemption, too. We’re truly ready to put you behind us, though, don’t take it personally. Bring on 2017, and let’s make it a good one. Big plans are afoot!

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Santa, I’ll be good for today!

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you’re ready for Santa!

I’ve been sick all week since returning from a week with family back east – but the puppies wanted to make a little video yesterday. I say they “wanted” to….I just wanted Christmas pictures of them, but then we had just enough energy for a tiny training session. I turned on the camera to see if they’d do anything good. And…yeah. Giallo did a whole new trick – and Vienna is learning from her brother that shaking a paw means more treats! (We worked on that the day Giallo was at the vet for his snip-n-chip and dew claw removal…she did better at learning without her brother as a distraction.) So….here’s a quick little stocking stuffer for your Christmas! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Have a Merry Christmas….see you next week!

Sale ends tonight!

PS Last day for the $ale on most of my online classes – if choosing a class as a Christmas gift, I’ll be sending your recipient an email on Christmas morning with their link and password! 🙂  And if you are asking for it for Christmas, have Santa purchase it so I can send YOU the email. *wink!*

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Yule Dogs II

Winner! The cow pun post from the other day was HILARIOUS—go read comments if you need a laugh! And selected Bea (crsftystampr) as the winner of the $50 GC! Congrats!!!!


A few years ago, I created a “Yule Dogs” video with my elderly golden, Ciara…and I decided to gather some sleeping puppy footage with the two new babies who came to live with me in September. With puppies – you can’t have Christmas trees or decorations in the background….so it’s just regular puppy footage 😉

Yule Dogs II

Watch the video below – or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!


The original Yule Dogs:

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Winners! and coloring broadcasts to replay

What a fun day it was, sharing a few live video broadcasts! I don’t do so many of them anymore, but who knows what the future holds? Anyhow- since there are three replay tutorials out there, (I broadcast a 4th on Facebook but it kinda disappeared!??) I’m including stills of each card, along with links to the re-broadcasts and stamp sets. Because, just in case, ya know? It’s getting closer to Christmas so you might want to pin some for next season if you’re done with cards for 2016! (Is anyone done!?!?)


  • a Christmas card from the puppies: Natalie (QSOgirl)
  • Arkon Kitchen Desk Table Stand + ball adaptor: Kathy Stacy

Email me your info from my contact form and I’ll get ya hooked up! 🙂