2 things and a happy rant!

2 things and a happy rant!

Quick little reminder that the auction is nearing an end – BID quick! And mark next Saturday on your calendar….World Cardmaking Day AND a “flash” charity auction to benefit the victims of Hurricane Florence this time! ūüôā

PS a peek at the 3 new classes….and I have a new haircut. lol.

Inktober is also starting on Monday – It’s so wonderful that there are “holidays” all about art -and Jake has created an October filled with ideas! Here’s some info from Jake…


Jake Parker has a page about rules but – pretty much anything goes! The whole idea is to draw every day of the 31 days this month. It’s great practice! Don’t worry if you can’t draw – just doodle! Drawing a little something every day helps us grow what skills we do have and that’s always a good thing.

What to draw?

Like Jake says sometimes the hard part is thinking of something to draw – well he’s got that all ready for you! (Don’t like a word? See a previous year’s list HERE!)

What medium?

Just a plain piece of paper and a pen works! Or markers. Or Sumi ink. Or whatever! Just fill a sketchbook with doodles!

If you join in, let’s share our Inktober pieces in the Student Facebook Group – it’s a really encouraging group of fellow travelers on this artistic road. Let’s inspire each other!


PR update: Auction continues!

PR update: Auction continues!

In case you missed it, there’s a charity auction underway! Despite the January dates listed on the items, the auction ends at 11:59pm Sept 30th. Over 70 pieces to bid on – some of them are gaining lots of fans who are in bidding wars, but many are still available at affordable bids, so check them out:


With the anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Maria one year ago today, people will be talking more about what’s going on right now in Puerto Rico. Especially in light of Hurricane Florence, too. (Stay tuned for a Florence fundraiser in October!) It’s a great time to do a little something to help PR and to share it with your friends and family – and just think, in an auction, YOU get something TOO!

GOOD NEWS: Hurricane Isaac dissipated – it was aiming for PR but is falling apart and unlikely to re-form. Hooray!

Interested in learning more about the current status of Puerto Rico recover? Check out articles listed below the videos.


Five things about you … and a PARTY!

Five things about you … and a PARTY!


Hello friends! I’m comin’ atcha with something a little different today…a PARTAY! It was five years ago this month that I left the 9 to 5 to pursue my passion as an artist. I still can’t believe it….I’ve made it past the point many small businesses fail, and I’m still here! THANK YOU for your part in making this an amazing journey!!

From those who follow along, leave comments and turn their thumbs upward…
to those who create projects inspired by my work and use my affiliate links to help support the journey…
to the hex chart lovers who use it and tell all their friends how helpful it is….
to the amazing students who take classes and learn and grow and express themselves through their art…
to the phenomenal family of patrons who donate a little or a lot to keep things afloat around here….
to the industry manufacturers and retailers and designers who are such great partners…
you are all AMAZING. Thank you!

I definitely couldn’t have succeeded this far without any of you, and I’m completely humbled by your support! I’ve made this new little intro video for my YouTube channel, as a thanks to you all and a hope to inspire more people along their journey as artists too….watch it below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.


I do have plans, you know me….I’ve always got something in the hopper! Just a little of what’s coming:

  1. Book launch on October 23, 2018! Read more about it on the website HERE.
  2. More awesome classes, including a Watercolor Jumpstart, Typography for Bible Journalers, and I think an advanced Copic Glassware class‚ÄĒall coming this fall, if I can get on it! Because, #3.
  3. A re-launch of art-classes.com in a more functional form! lol. It had some issues due to how the original site was constructed and the plugin developer’s issues, so I’ve hired an agency to overhaul it and make it work right. I’m taking a huuuuuge risk with making such a big investment, but I feel so badly about the tech issues that have developed. This should help us all! Once it’s done by the end of September or so, the classes listed in #2 will hopefully launch. Trying to juggle it all before #1 takes over, too!


Did someone say giveaway? Really? Well heck yeah, let’s do this! Since we’re celebrating five years, let’s do this in fives:

  • FIVE randomly drawn winners will get the class of their choice at art-classes.com!
  • FIVE randomly drawn winners will receive a medium flat rate box of mojo in the mail – stamps and dies and goodies all wrapped in all the mental mojo I can scoop up from my studio!
  • FIVE randomly drawn winners will receive one of my crazybackground cards!

To enter, do one or more of these…I’ll be choosing winners from all of these:

  1. Leave a REVIEW on any courses you’ve taken at art-classes.com. Somehow the review tab got removed (AGH!) and it would help me tons if you left some comments! Be sure they’re about the courses, not the site goobers; those will go away and I’d like to give encouragement to others about what you’ve learned – and that they can learn too.
  2. Leave a COMMENT on this post.
  3. Leave a COMMENT on YouTube on the video above.


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project. Compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

Artist Retreat coming in 2019:  The Gallery Inn, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Artist Retreat coming in 2019: The Gallery Inn, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Tour: The Gallery Inn, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

I promised a little report back soon after my trip – so here’s a downpayment! First, a tour of The Gallery Inn where I stayed. Below that, more info! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Retreat info

I’m only beginning to think about planning – and I’ll update this post if things change up – or firm up!

  • What: An artist retreat in Puerto Rico! The focus will be on sketching – with possibly some watercolor. The reason? It takes most of us forever to finish a watercolor painting, and by the time there’s some teaching time, too, we will get little done!
  • Where: Old San Juan, Puerto Rico! No car needed, we’ll walk to locations nearby, and if we decide to do an outing we’ll arrange group transportation.
  • When: January or February 2019, likely fly there on a Wednesday or Thursday and fly out Sunday, though you can plan to stay longer on your own to tour around more.
  • Who: Anyone who is:
    • interested in a trip where art is the focus
    • has already taken my Drawing 101 class
    • can handle stairs, walking, and a warm climate
  • Cost: Unknown at this time. Fee for class time won’t be huge – my point in this retreat is to get more people to the island, and to have us all spend money with local businesses there. (We might have to try mofongo at every restaurant in town!) Use your favorite travel sites to estimate your airfare cost, and look up The Gallery Inn on them for a ballpark on price; they did say they do an artist discount for a trip like this. (Please don’t contact them to ask about it – I haven’t booked anything yet and calls will just confuse them! Assume full price and be happily surprised with whatever discount they might provide.)
  • Miscellaneous details: I’ll add to this as other thoughts come up, too
    • Renting a car isn’t required, though a taxi or Uber from the airport will be needed. The Gallery Inn has only 6 parking spaces.
    • You needn’t speak Spanish to go on this trip, though learning a little before you go would be nice! I went knowing barely any Spanish and got along just fine; though I’ll be changing that for future trips!
    • We’ll do a little sightseeing/shopping along the way, but the focus will be on creating. If you want to see things and take a lot of pictures, you may wish to stay longer, or skip some of the art sessions and go on tours. In fact if anyone wants to go along and NOT create art with us, I’m happy to fill up the Inn and support Jan’s business.

A sale and a look ahead

Ellen Hutson’s having a big sale this weekend….so to help you save a little on your craft supplies that you can put in the piggy bank for Puerto Rico, I’ve collected a list of stamps that are coming up on my blog/YT channel in the next month or two if you want to pick them up early. Note that some have been in my queue for ages waiting to be restocked – so if they’re in the shop now, it’s time to go get ’em! I try to juggle my posts so that the items I show are available for you at the time….but if y’all buy everything up this weekend, that may not happen too succinctly in June and July. LOL. Happy shopping!

Upcoming projects will use these items….

Below are links to some of the supplies I’ll be using for upcoming projects. Compensated affiliate links are used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.


MSP Studio Bag Giveaway + other news

MSP Studio Bag Giveaway + other news

Hey everybody! I’m kinda excited…I got a box with HAPPY MAIL from My Sweet Petunia this week! Iliana sent me three Studio Bags, and of course since I can’t use three, guess what? I’m giving away two of them – the pink and turquoise! Giveaway deets below the videos.

Studio Bag: Packed for Crafting

First I packed the bag as a crafter, so I could test out and show you the pocket sizes in the bag. (All the supplies shown are listed at the end of this post. You have most of it, I think!) Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.

Studio Bag: Packed for Bible Journaling

Then I packed the bag as a Bible journaler! I already have a ton of crafty bags already packed with my stuff, and I’ve needed one for my Bible journaling, so I’m likely to use this bag for that…and I shot a 2nd video over on my Bible journaling channel!¬† Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.


I have the pink and turquoise bags to give away, so I’ll randomly choose two lucky winners, wheeee! (US only, they’ll be big packages to ship…sorry!) Leave a comment on this blog post, and tell me either 1) how having a MISTI has saved your bacon (ie the thing it helps you with!) or 2) what you would put in some of those pockets, whether you’re using it for crafting or Bible journaling! Winners will be announced Saturday March 31st.

Coupon for class? Yes please!

For those anxiously awaiting the return of your art classes….a week later, it’s fixed! Ish. The homepage is a little wonky, but use the menu bar and you can navigate around, and the “your courses” link at the top still takes you to your account. So sorry for the inconvenience – and for the plethora of emails you may have gotten today regarding the issue if you’re on all my lists!

Use coupon code thanks5 at checkout, good for $5 off; it’ll last the rest of March (one use per person) – and this doubles as my birthday gift to YOU, since my birthday is this Tuesday!

WATCH FOR CONSTRUCTION POTHOLES: On the Art-Classes site, the big orange button that says “LOG IN” doesn’t work over there but I can’t get it to go away yet. AND when purchasing a class, you may or may not get sent back to the site, even though it DID go through, just go back to the site and your class will be there. We may discover other small broken things, please be gentle with me, I’m flying solo on the web repairs this weekend.

Coming soon to Art-Classes.com: Cloud minicourses in both copic and watercolor, and an AI watercolor course.


Below are links to the supplies shown in today’s videos. Compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.


Crafty sales & Facebook Live

Crafty sales & Facebook Live

Birthday sale

Flora and Fauna will have a big birthday sale this weekend – I was one of their first guests, so I thought you might want to know! (The peek above is a card coming later this week with Mermaid Animals!) Sale starts tomorrow, Friday ‚Äď Monday (3/16-3/19), get 20% off everything using code: birthday

Ink and reinker sale

Ellen Hutson – 20% off sale on ink pads & reinkers with the code ‚Äúinky18‚ÄĚ….time to stock up for your cards! My recommendation: Avery Elle dye inks work with Copics, did you know that? They’re also the soft squishy pads, so they can sometimes ink up your stamp better. Below is a comparison between three of the colors.

Facebook Live last week

I created a copic-colored flower on Facebook last week….using Ellen Hutson


This has been a fun challenge so far – check my instagram to see my entries, and jump in anytime to start sharing yours too! Watch the hashtag to see what other creative folks are posting.

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