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*ICYMI = In case you missed it (I did!)

Last night I was putting in an order for a few things I needed, and noticed the graphite paper on deep discount, and that led to staying up way too late last night shopping! I know Ellen’s sent out emails about clearance category stuff, but I don’t usually just ‘troll around’ to see if there’s stuff I “need” for fear of the condition of my wallet. But…..just for fun, I did last night. And I thought you might want a reminder to peek in there.

There are 30 pages worth, but the last 10 are already gone, which leaves “only” (ha) 20 pages worth of ridiculous-priced deals. I tossed together a couple quick suggestions below, but there’s tons in the Clearance tab. The SCREAMING deal on graphite papers, holy cow – a buck and change!?! (I am so stingy with mine, I keep it for a decade, but I’m picking up a few packs at this price!); Colourblend and Aquablend pencil sets (more than these two pictured); some pretty coloring books (all my fave Pepin are on sale, not just this one shown below, and lots of brands are on sale but not in Clearance, just look in Coloring Books); stamps for springtime seasons, I linked a couple here, and there are some other stamps too. And I’m really stressing over getting the MFT dinosaurs that I missed out on….I have soooo many dinos, do I need this one too? Gah.  And there are some lonely die sets without matching stamp sets – check and see if any sets you already own are in there, pick up the dies on the cheap! All sizes of the Cosmotop brushes are way seriously discounted too – I nabbed one of the Round 30s, coz I’ll never find one at that price. (I still love my Silvers, but I don’t have a 30 and wanna play with one – I have some huge watercolor panels that need a BIG brush!)

And I promise not to tell anyone you went shopping. You have my permission…we’re on a new budget year, right? Ha!

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Art Classes Students + a YouTube Change + Copic challenge

Betty White’s birthday was this week….I couldn’t resist trying to paint her! I used the back of a reject painting, so don’t ever throw stuff away, you can always practice on the other side of watercolor paper!

Facebook Group

Lots of students have been sharing their homework in our Facebook group – it’s all classes mixed in together so you can see what other students are creating in other classes and decide if you think you want to try one.

I’m going to test out Facebook Live for Drawing 101 students Sunday 21st at 1pm Pacific time; we’ll be looking at how to use a grid to enlarge an image. In future live broadcasts I’ll do ones with tips for different classes on the website. While students not in class are welcome to watch, I won’t be answering questions that are already covered in class, just elaborating on a particular tip related to class.

And a note about the group: you guys know I overwhelm my plate with to-do’s on a regular basis. I’m checking in on the Facebook group each evening, so if I don’t answer there right away, know I’ll be swinging in later. I did ask Rosy this week to be a moderator, though, so she’s being super helpful and encouraging, and can help approve new members when I’m not around. (But she’s in Hawaii so you might still need to wait for time zones a little bit!)

Join Facebook Group

#CopicColors Challenge

Copic is doing something kinda fun this year – highlighting a trio of markers each month and inviting artists to participate. (Spoiler alert, I’ll get to be part of one soon!) You can see this month’s color selection HERE.

A YouTube change

YouTube announced changes to their program; to combat “spam” channels, they changed the threshold for being part of their partner program, and drastically increased both the subscriber count and watch time minimums. With only a month’s notice. My main channel is fine. But my Bible Journaling channel is new (started in September), so it hasn’t met the watch time count yet. Channels need to meet the numbers by February 20th. It’s not crucial to be part of the YT program, and channels can join later once their channel grows, but many in the YT community are frustrated by this, feeling icky about being kicked out of the program. But read on to find out how you can help. First – my own numbers:

  • Requirements — minimum 4,000 hours of watchtime in the past year + 1,000 subscribers
  • My main channel — has 200,000 hours in the past year and 78,500 subscribers
  • Bible journaling channel — has 2,400 hours since September 1 and 2355 subscribers

If you’re interested in Bible Journaling, I’d love if if you’d turn on a playlist and let some videos run (even silence them if you want, haha!). You can also SHARE the channel on your social media and see if you have friends who’d be interested in that kind of content. To find playlists, go to the channel and click on the “playlists” tab.

If you watch videos from other small-ish channels, do the same for them. Go turn on their playlists and let ’em run. Share them with others. Do a little every day for the creators you appreciate, and let’s see if we can combat the YouTube rules!


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New Years Vlog: How to stay inspired in 2018

Happy New Year!

A little advice for your creative new year – and a tidbit of news! Scroll down past the video to see some other changes coming for 2018. Watch the vlog below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

For Bible Journalers

In the video I mentioned the Bible Journaling channel – scattered throughout this year, I’ll be doing some videos based on sketches from my #nwc40days sketches.- and the notion also has me thinking of an idea for an upcoming class on how to develop visual ideas for Scriptures, so stay tuned for that if I figure out how to teach it. I might try it as a workshop at my church first to test out some ideas.

For supporters of my work

Many of you may already know about Patreon – it’s a small community of followers who have become my dear friends and advisers! They kick in a few bucks, and I give them a few rewards, but – it really means the world to me to have people who I know are supportive that I can get good feedback from. I ask them questions about business things (like the Design Team announcement in today’s video). I get their opinions and feedback on changes to make, and what I can do to do my job better. Since I work alone, and the dogs aren’t so good at performance evaluations (“Not enough TREATS”), I need humans around who follow enough of my work to give me solid input!

Recently we had a chat about why they actually support me at the levels they do. I had given them bonus videos, but that wasn’t what they chose to get involved for. (Coz yeah, I put out a lot of video already!) So rather than offering extra video at a particular level, I’m changing things up a little bit. One plan I have (ha, God laughs when I tell Him I have a plan!) is to focus this year on what my watercolor style is. My Copic style is recognizable – you scroll through Instagram or Facebook, and often you know it’s my work before even looking at the name. But so far, my watercolor style is alllll over the place. One day I’m loose and washy, other days really tight and painting every feather on a bird. To develop this will take a lot of ongoing trial and error….which I haven’t put in yet. But will be doing so. That also means I’ll have a ton of extra paintings and watercolor sketches adding to my already-abundant stash! eeep. So instead of giving extra videos, it’ll be sharing some of those paintings.

Here’s how it’ll go based on monthly contributions; note that if a credit card payment fails, rewards do cease til that’s restored.

$1+ Reward
  • Access to my patron only stream. 
  • I’ll follow you on Twitter and Instagram.
  • A chance at getting a card in the mail once a year. (Random draw of names).
$5+ Reward
  • Access to my patron only stream. 
  • I’ll follow you on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Quarterly coupon code for my site
  • One card from me in the mail per year.
$10+ Reward
  • Everything from the lower levels!
  • Two cards in the mail per year.
  • Additional stream of more of my watercolor paintings, so you’ll see some of the rejects too.
$20+ Reward
  • Everything from the lower levels!
  • A chance at a 5×7 watercolor painting…will draw random names to receive one. No frame or mat, and might be a practice piece!
$35+ Reward
  • Everything from the lower levels!
  • An 11×15 watercolor painting – no frame or mat, and might be a practice piece!
$50+ Reward
  • Everything from the lower levels!
  • An 11×15 watercolor painting – matted. Not a practice piece!

So for those who’ve been trying to buy my practice paintings – this is a way you might get one. I don’t feel like they’re worth selling at this point, so pricing them is pretty impossible for me. Giving them away to these supporters feels more appropriate. And maybe this will also cut down on the avalanche of watercolor paintings that are overwhelming my studio!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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Class trailers, and sale reminders

Hey folks – I’ve got the trailers for both new classes posted now; I always do a little one to show what’s in class, and you can also see more by looking at the video in the Pre-Class lesson too (that’s public so you can watch it before signing up).

  • Classes are open for preregistration through Christmas Day with pre-registration discount
  • Coupon code “santa” good for additional 10% off through Christmas EVE. Good on all classes.
  • Best price for the new classes is purchasing them while the “santa” code is still available! But if you get a Gift Card on Christmas Day, you can still get the pre-registration price.

Human Rainbow I – Intermediate Copic – SIGN UP HERE

Drawing 101: Form, Depth, and Volume  – SIGN UP HERE

Class Discussion NOTE!

I am frustrated (as always) with the Forum feature on that I killed off. It just wasn’t working or notifying me of any comments.

But now…you can join the new Facebook Group for AC Students! If Facebook lets me get notifications (I’ve had all kinds of Fb challenges, ugh!) then I can answer class questions there.

For the DRAWING class only, the good folks at PMP have given me permission to host a group with discussion boards there – and I *do* get notifications on those. So as you have homework to share or questions to ask, pop over there. (Link to join up over there is in Pre-class lesson. Once you join our group you just log in and go to your “Groups” tab to find us.)

Giveaways end tonight!

Winner will be announced tomorrow morning on my social media……

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Pups, New Classes, Discounts, and 2 Giveaways

So much fun in one short little vlog….Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube! Links are below.

Links to all the goodies!

  • NEW CLASSES! Preregistration pricing is open through 11:59pm PST Dec 25. (Signups continue after that at full price.)
  • Gift Cards: Choose the date of delivery by email, and write a custom message!
  • Giveaways: leave comments over on YouTube (winners will be selected from over there). Winners selected on Christmas Eve and will be posted on my social media that morning.
  • Sale on classes at – use coupon code: santa (not applicable on gift cards). Sale ends 11:50pm PST on Dec 24, 2017.


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Unboxing: The Greatest Gift

Unboxing: The Greatest Gift

I received an email last month asking me if I’d be interested in this Greatest Gift project – and I did a little poking around. They have an Indiegogo fundraiser going on right now to finance production on these kits – and I immediately thought of YOU, my cardmaking friends. We send cards because we want people to feel special – and THIS little gift is one we can give them to really amp that up! I shot an unboxing video because I could tell it would take me some time to get busy creating my first journal, and I wanted you to be in on the Indiegogo to be among the first to get these. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on  YouTube.

I’m pretty excited about getting more of these after I finish this one….it’s a matter of figuring out who to do first. Eeep! The first ones will go out to backers in February 2018 (estimated) – go get on the list by signing up at the Greatest Gift!

Greatest Gift

And just for fun….I’m curious if a non-cardmaking project like this is interesting to you guys. I often turn down special projects, because I know my audience wants to learn to color….but do you like this kind of thing? Would you get one? Who would you send it to? Let me know in the comments!

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Winners and a SALE on classes! (updated 11/26)

Today’s little vlog

And I mean little – was kinda fun to put together. I was buried in computer work and decided to make these little announcements more fun than just me yammering. And I got to show off my “staff” for a split second too! It can be seen on YouTube or right below!

Winners: Send me an email through my contact form – tell me which giveaway you won in, and include your mailing address. Thanks!

Arkon Giveaways

In the October YT giveaway the winner never replied, so I picked TWO winners in the November giveaway.  Stay tuned on YT for one more Arkon giveaway in December!

  1. Gina Jodlowsky
  2. Tina Lewis

24 Tags of Christmas  – 24 winners

  1. andrea.hastilow
  2. Billie Anderson
  3. Denise Bryant
  4. Elin Stengrímssen
  5. Erna Taylor-Stark
  6. Eve Urbino
  7. Iris Dottery
  8. Jannis
  9. Jordan Sinclair
  10. Julie (the correct Julie has already emailed, thanks!)
  11. Kathy Mooneyham
  12. Lauren Butler
  13. Lori Ritchie
  14. Marina
  15. Melissa Friedrich
  16. Milene Tiberius
  17. Rebecca Commons
  18. sandra sciotto
  19. Sharon Hendricks
  20. Stephanie W
  21. Susan Montgomery
  22. Teresa Dougan
  23. Terri Scott
  24. Valentina Deker

Re-selected 75k winners!

My 75k giveaway left me with a bunch of packs of goodies – 10 winners never replied to my winner winner chicken dinner emails, so here are some new winners:

  1. Margaret Wise
  2. Bridget Cheetham
  3. Cathy Homan
  4. Kelly Kreuer
  5. Athena Hodgert
  6. Kris Budreau
  7. Susan Staats
  8. Mimi Johnson
  9. Rhonda Dixon
  10. Karen Haralson

And believe it or not, two of the gift certifcates weren’t claimed either, so here are new winners!

  • Mary Guikema – $75 gift certificate for Dick Blick
  • Judy Vernon – $75 gift certificate for Ellen Hutson

Society6 is updated – with fundraiser

Buy an item from Society6 (NEW ART uploaded!) with any of my wildlife art and I’ll donate my little commission to World Wildlife Fund to protect elephants, big cats, and endangered species. New wildlife art includes lion, owl, and elephant. AND…today prices in my shop are 25% off!

Black-Friday sales!

I’ve started a SALE page to collect all the crafty sales I find – and I’ve started populating it with MY favorite things, from stocking stuffers to my fave stamps for colorists, and mediums, and…yeah. It’s shopping time right? Bookmark THIS SALE PAGE and check in periodically to find out where the goodies are! Here’s one I already know about, and it’s already live:

Classes are on sale at!! No coupon needed, sale prices are marked. Sale continues through Cyber Tuesday, November 28, 2017.

PS Need more tag ideas? Click HERE and revisit tags from previous years!

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Vlog: A Triple Craftastrophe! (+ winners!)

Vlog: A Triple Craftastrophe!

We crafters get a reputation for overreacting to our little problems as catastrophic….but I’ll let you judge whether 1) a desk overrun with STUFF, 2) a shortage of CARDSTOCK, or 3) a product REPLACEMENT would warrant being called a Craftastrophe! That’s my story and I’m stickin’ with it. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.


Crafty Friends bloghop, $20 to Altenew’s shop:

Arkon stand giveaway:


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project. Compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

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Copic, Watercolor, Bible Journaling? The survey says…

Giveaway updates:

  • Winners were emailed for the 75k giveaway…check your inbox!
  • I’ve heard from almost all the #wcmdwithsandy winners now. Thanks!

Survey results

A little vlog is posted for you today….with the results from the survey that so many participated in. THANK YOU for your feedback! Links from the video are below….

FYI – I didn’t post this to start a debate….I’ll delete any comments that start yelling, mmkay? Thanks!

Arkon giveaway is on YT only.

I’ll have another Arkon giveaway here on the blog next month, so stay subscribed to hear about it, and on Instagram in December! If you want to purchase the stand, you can get 20% off your Arkon order by using coupon sandyallnock – the items in the giveaway are:

Have an awesome weekend! I get to go play with my stamp group all day today….and then spend the week getting ready for the book photoshoot! I hope to be able to make more announcements about the book in the early part of 2018.

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Giveaways, Crafty sales…and a new release you were waiting for!


It’s still World Cardmaking Weekend – so you can still enter to win a card from me! Just post your creation inspired by one of  yesterday’s videos. Be sure to check out the awesome work others have been posting – especially if you’re struggling with a way to use a technique with stamps you already have. I’ve been especially delighted with some of the Splatter Coloring ideas shared! Winners will be listed in tomorrow’s post.

75K subscriber giveaway has dragged on long enough…lol! 2 months ago I announced I’d be sending out prizes after 76k, but…I had no idea it would take this long. Soooooooo the packets are getting sent out this week! They’re collecting dust here and I want to be sure they get to a craft room to get some LOVE! You can still enter HERE I’ll be picking winners probably on Tuesday Oct 10th and announcing on the 11th!

Crafty Sales + new release

I’ve been adding to the original sale list HERE…happy shopping!

A crazy number of readers emailed to ask about the stamp I shared on Ellen Hutson’s blog the other day, it’s now available – Cozy Lady and Cozy Lady Dies  (the post with video is HERE.) Note that all Kuretake is on sale at Ellen’s shop, so if you want the pens plus the stamps, rock on! Sale info is in the post HERE.

Bible Journaling Channel

Check that out HERE – subscribe if you’d like the weekly videos!