Couple quick announcements

Couple quick announcements


Free Impress Copic Demo tomorrow!

First – tomorrow morning – Thursday at 8am (aaaaack!) – I’ll be at Impress, my LSS, to do a Copic demo for an hour. Hope you can come out! It’s a big store sale April 20 – 23 (Online sale April 23 – 28, use code SALE, shop HERE.)


Altenew Card Drive and Sale

To celebrate their Celebrating Parents Card Drive and Celebrating Parents Blog Hop (4/19), they are running a special promotion from April 19th through April 22nd at 11:59 pm EDT. No coupon code needed. (Plus $7 OFF on all orders over $100 with code SHIP7OFF)

Website update

Big thanks to everyone who’s been kicking the tires on the new website! There’ve been a few log in hiccups – but yay for lots of folks getting in and enjoying classes. Let’s go make art! A few things we’re working on fixing:

  • Right now, the site’s not allowing multiple purchases…so you would need to purchase separately.
  • Avatars apparently can’t be uploaded from all smart devices. So hop over to a computer to do that and qualify to win a prize.
  • If you haven’t purchased a class before, just create a new account. (And if it says you already have one, just click ‘forgot password’ to start that process. I imported *some* user names and yours may have come along with that.)
  • Social media drawings for free classes end tonight – blog giveaway ends 4/25, winners announced 5/1.  See blog post for deets!



I. Am. So. Excited.

This is a long labor of love….and I hope my new education site will make life easier for you in taking classes!

  1. No more dealing with class emails getting lost in spam.
  2. No more struggling with separate passwords for each class.
  3. No more losing emails about how to get to your class!

My new site (a companion to this blog) will be the place for classes now  – and you’ll have ONE account, ONE password that you can change whenever you want, and your classes are available to you without having to wait for emails!

If you’ve purchased one of my classes, or signed up for the monthly newsletter list at the new site, please know you’ll get another email or two from me today. Not trying to spam you, just trying to get the word out to everyone!

What will I do without all your crafting videos on this blog?

Nothing will change here, as far as I know! I plan to continue with my Monday/Wednesday/Friday videos, and once things settle down will get back to vlogs too.

What about classes I already bought?

You’ll have access to those classes on the new site.

  1. Just log in using the same email as you used here, click “forgot password” so you can add a PW.
  2. Then once you’re logged in, go to the BLACK BAR at the top of the page and click on “Your Classes” – and your purchases should be there and immediately available.
  3. If your email doesn’t work, please try any alternate emails you may have used at the time of purchase. I used what I had as the most recent information for you.
  4. If you CHOOSE to, you can still use the email with link and password that you got for the class you bought. But – I recommend hopping over to the new site, it’s much easier to view there!

Any new classes I should check out?

The Copic Hex Art class is finally available! Last year I travelled and taught this one and it was SO popular – 42 techniques to make a beautiful hex art piece to frame in your studio. (If you were a student last year and signed up on the list, you should have an account with the new class available to you free, as we discussed in classes.) Watch the video preview below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

What should I do first when I get to the new site?

I’d recommend logging in – see instructions above (or create a new account if you’re not yet a student). Update your profile by clicking on the “your classes” link in the black bar at the top of the page….add an avatar (you may have to do so via a computer, not a smart device). Check that your expected classes are listed and that they work correctly. Email from the website if not.

Then poke around!


Visit the blog at the new site and see all the info about the grand opening – including giveaways and how to qualify to win a free class or a pack of stamping goodies!

AI roundup!

AI roundup!

Hey guys – just noticed that all the Art Impressions is finally in at Ellen Hutson….and I’d love your two cents worth. There’s a little roundup of some of my videos that already exist below – and some upcoming ideas! For a few of them I’d like your opintions on which images to use in videos…let me know whatcha think in the comments section!


Critters! Recently the skunks went crazy when you guys loved them so much (see the post here!) – and the little birdie was in a video that’s linked below. I’m also pretty stoked about those stacker dies and stamps – which critter set should I color in the video? Kinda leaning toward the dogs myself! And see the little Hoppy Easter bunnies? Oh man I want to do some Peter Cottontail watercolors like the books I remember as a kiddo!



Girlfriends & People

At CHA I shared a color chart for #thehumanrainbow – and the video is done and on the docket! (Yeah we gotta wait for paintalong week to finish first, sorry!) Here’s a peek at the card – and below that, the Girlfriends stamps to come. Let me know which ones you want to see in videos!

Sandy Allnock - Flaunt It 2



Some of you guys know how much I love Art Impressions Watercolor stamps, right? Well you can expect a few more videos to come! Here’s one that uses the gorgeous arbor – and I plan to do some videos with the new small sets in the near future – and use the new clasps to enclose behind a vellum wrapper. They’re gorgeous in my head – hopefully they’ll be as pretty in real life!


Windows to the World

I created a video with one of the AI window dies – and they came out with curtains to add! So excited. And more of the window images – they’re super easy to paint with watercolor, or to use pencil or Copic. Check out the video below.


Interactive fun

And last but never least – some darling interactive stamps and dies. Oh. My. Goodness. That mini squirrel spinner makes me TOTALLY think of my pal Scrat….and the mini tryfolds, YUM! Those are stamps and dies that “telescope” into the card, so they’re the reverse of the regular tryfolds. And there are a couple action wobble stamps too. Can you say BUNNY BUTT!! Wheeee!

Bible Journalling Class – and CHA day one

Bible Journalling Class – and CHA day one

Thanks so much to all who spent the day with me on Periscope. I know it’s a lot of scopes, but as you saw, I was trying to split them into shorter scopes on specific booths – so I’d recommend watching just the brands you like best. Don’t give in to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out!) There are a gaJILLion scopes going on and you can’t get to them all…and don’t worry, you KNOW eventually your favorite crafters will share everything anyway. You honestly aren’t missing out. 🙂

Bible Journalling Class

I had a blast in the Bible Journalling class I took with Shanna Noel from Illustrated Faith Saturday night. And those who came along with enjoyed it too, I think! There are 2 videos to see – Part 1 and Part 2. In Part 2, students were invited to share their page, and a little about how they got into Bible journalling or experiences they had, etc. And there was one gal there who talked about her own unsure perspective, and how the little devotional we received had an impact on her. I had won one of the last 2 prize Bibles – and after hearing her speak, I went over after class and gave her that Bible. I didn’t know til afterward that she had leaned over to tell her Mom she wanted to start reading it more … Yep. That whole thing, that whole class, might have been just to bless that young lady. Big puffyheartlove moment!

If you don’t have time to watch the scope – or if it’s gone before you do – quick notes here on what’s used: Pebeo paints, which do not go through the paper (similar to the PhMartin Hydrus which also do not go through.) The Pebeo was put on thin enough (with a credit card) that the Scripture is still readable – that’s a big deal in my world. The letter stickers and washi tape are by Illustrated Faith, which is now being carried by Bella Blvd…and I think it just gives so much more credibility to the Bible Journalling movement! I’ve added white signo pen to the “speak” and black sketched in shadows under the lighter text.

Sandy Allnock Bible Journalling2

I’m seeing a surprising number of faith-based products showing up….if you’re interested in items like that, tell your LSS owner to look for them! After CHA I’ll see about doing a wrapup and give you a list of all the Bible journalling things I saw.

Favorite so far

Folks have been asking my favorite things so far. Which is so hard to pick, dontcha know!! I definitely like a lot of what I saw, and you heard me drooling in some of the scopes. While I never create pieces like I saw some of the booths, (like Graphic 45) I still just LOVE seeing what they create! I visited more booths than what I scoped, as well – met up with the peeps at the MISTI booth, visited with Hero Arts and that’s always a treat, and so many more.

I got to meet some fantastic folks, some of whom are very related to my work and I’m excited to connect with after we all get home; and some who don’t do anything near to what I do –  including a Danish distributor who says there ARE craft stores across Europe….so I’m calling shenanigans on those who tell me you can’t get stuff! lol! Email me your location and I’ll ask her where your closest stores are. 🙂  (And Charlie, her name is ALSO Charlie, are you all named Charlie over there in Denmark?!!?)

In sharing my FAVE of the day, I’m gonna disappoint some of you – because you’re probably waiting for me to say there’s a product I adore. I’ve seen some interesting things, nothing that has been mindblowing as yet. Lots yet to see! But today’s highlight….

Little B.

They’re known by most of you as washi tape, detailed embellishment stickers, and/or punches. But what really made them my “best of” for the day? Two things. 1) Damian Gonzales recreating Starry Night in washi tape, which is by far the most creative use of washi tape I have ever ever ever seen, and 2) the most magical little world full of teeny wooden toys I’ve ever seen! I’ve always had a love of toys – I even have a collection of books about collector toys, so yes I’m weird – and it just made me SO happy. Gonna go back and just watch the display again this week. See the replay HERE. I [bigpuffyheart love] the little monkeys riding around!

And by the wayI will get to the distress crayons. Honestly. Crowds are too big and I’m letting retailers be the ones to gather around Tim. You can stop asking repeatedly in my scopes. Thanks. 🙂

PS There may not be a vlog summary of CHA this year – with all the scopes, it feels like a sum up might be redundant? Dunno? I’m anxious to get busy creating rather than looking back at what I saw – my little phone list is FULL of ideas I want to go home and work on!





EduDigi #8: YR – Crab and Starfish digital stamp

Sandy Allnock - EduDigi plus Hex Chart


I’m back today with another EduDigi bundle, this time with a crab and starfish digital stamp! These are my ongoing series of studies of the different Copic color families. Many of you have asked for the oranges, and I have soooo been avoiding them…there are some anomalies that puzzle me, and I was hoping it would maybe start to all make sense. But alas… 🙂

Crab and Starfish Digital Stamp Tutorial

I decided to shoot a video for you, and I only sped it up a little bit…I did chop out some repeat chunks that weren’t needed, so you won’t be here all weekend with me. But the video also takes a little look at the hexchart and how I picked some colors for this piece. Note that in today’s bundle, you’ll get FOUR stamps – the starfish facing two ways, the crab, and this compiled image that I’m coloring for you! Just a little bonus since I’m feeling so overwhelmed with gratitude for you guys and your support of the HexChart!

Enjoy the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube! I’ll apologize now for the weird snapping sound in the video. It wasn’t present in the audio I edited, so something happened in YT…and I’m too tuckered to re-upload it. (It’s almost 2am, eeep! But hooray I get to sleep in tomorrow!)

The photos of orange-colored items was quite the challenge…the video shows a little more accurate color since my photos of the crab and starfish digital stamp just kept getting electric. Wahhhh!

Sandy Allnock - Crab and Starfish Digital Stamp

I hope you might take a stab at coloring these summertime images…if you do, tag me on Instagram so I can see what you did, okeydokey?  To purchase the bundle, click on the image below!


You can find all the EduDigis in THIS section of the store.
Need a digi stamp tutorial? Click HERE!

Don’t forget the special mission requested in the video…I can’t wait to see if it gets noticed! I’m off to another Toastmasters Contest today…I’m in the evaluations competition. I’m not nearly as good as the others at this level, so I’m not expecting to come back with an amazing report, but I’m pretty excited to just get to participate!

Giveway Reminders:

Don’t forget the Ellen Hutson Spring Release and the HexChart giveaways!


I’ve included the Tonic Trimmer everyone’s been asking me about….since I forgot to link it up last week. Whoops!
Affiliate links are used, at no extra cost to you as you purchase. Read more here.


Have yourself a crabby little weekend…in the best way! Maybe coloring a crab and starfish digital stamp. Using your new Hex Chart, perhaps? *grin*

EduDigi #7: RV – Cosmos and Butterflies

Sandy Allnock RV Cosmos and butterflies

I’ve had requests for more flowers…and since it’s finally time to hit the red violets, flowers and butterflies seemed to be just perfect! I love to grow Cosmos in my garden…they come in so many colors!

Cosmos and butterflies

In this week’s digi bundle, Cosmos and butterflies take the stage! Spring has sprung across (I think??) most of the country and around the world…THIS post (with a giveaway!) lists the scenes people are seeing, and there’s lots of flowers!

The pdfs, as a reminder, now include solo pics of my card samples, as well as clickable supply lists just in case. Click on the image below to go pick up the digi bundle:


You can find all the EduDigis in THIS section of the store.
NEARLY BRAND NEW: Need a digi stamp tutorial? Click HERE!

Enjoy the Cosmos and butterflies – and come on back next Saturday for a new one!  If you can, please go leave “reviews” on the product pages – if you have tips or encouragement for other crafters, that’s a great spot to leave that kind of info too!

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