Go for the Gold Wrapup: Comparisons of gold colors


Whew! Is anyone else on gold overload!? I can’t believe what a whirlwind this week was…and how shiny it’s been! If you’re seeing this post and missed out on class, never fear…you can click on the graphic above and check out all 7 lessons anytime.

Thank you!

I have some HUGE thanks to give out. First and foremost to Ellen Hutson and her team of dedicated staff who have done an amazing job of getting all these cool gold products in the store for us all. Until this venture, I didn’t know quite the effort that something like this takes, and I have new appreciation for how hard our retail stores work to have products for us to enjoy! Not to mention all the work in picking, packing, and shipping all that wonderful stuff out to everyone. So much work….BIG hugs and kisses to all of you ladies!

And I also want to extend my deepest thanks to all of YOU, the students who made this class so much fun! I loved checking out what you created, inspired by the lessons – so many of you used other products to achieve similar effects, or tested out things you had on hand to see what would work. You colored, smooshed, painted, and glitzed up your world – and to see many of you make videos about your process too was an added BONUS! If you missed out on it all, please do go visit the participants who linked up HERE!


The big thing I wanted to do throughout this class was to figure out which golds were how shiny compared to which other golds. What a task! What I did discover is that each one has its own sweet spot and when used well, each can be totally amazing!

  • Modelier Creme, shared on Day 1: Very shiny and a bright gold color. Works as a regular paste with stencils, applied to paper to make it shine, and is soft enough to impress with a stamp. Dries with ultra shine. Uhm, sold out really fast. I think people liked it a ton!
  • Crackle Paste shared on Day 2: Viva Croco is super shiny, and works better with Haft Grund (base coat) beneath it; otherwise the paper can curl and the crackle is rougher. In comparison to Prima’s Crackle, the Croco is ubershiny and has a wider texture; Prima’s is a more delicate crackle. I have another video using the Prima HERE.
  • Gold embossing powders, shared on Day 2: Delicata with clear embossing powder comes out a warm orangey gold color, and the EP seals in the glitter that can shed from the Delicata, if that’s an issue for you. The Wow Rich Gold compares by my eye to be exactly the same in color, detail, and shine as the Stampendous Gold – and the Stampendous is just slightly less expensive per gram. Both are amazing!
  • Ferro, shared on Day 3: A gritty paste, in a variety of vintage colors. Not shiny compared to most others, but can produce a good sharp stencilled image, and can also be thinly applied to create a gold “paper.” Can also be watered down and applied with a foam pad.
  • Gold papers, shared on Day 3: POW glitter paper comes in 12×12 and is a large-grained glitter paper; on heavy cardstock it can be a challenge for tiny diecutting, and it does leak a tiny bit (ie glitter sheds a little wherever it is cut). Deco Sheets are thin and already have adhesive on the back; less shiny and a tiny grain, but only in comparison to the POW paper.
  • Mica Ink and Izink, shared on Day 4: Both can be watered down and spritzed, smooshed, etc to make a watercolored look, or painted on as-is to create a rich gold “paint.” Mica ink is a more traditional gold, and it’s ink, not watercolor, just to differentiate from the Finetec paints which are watercolor; the Mica ink appears thinner vs the Finetec paints on some colors/surfaces. The gold Izink is a cross between acrylic paint and watercolor, and is a warmer orangey-gold color.
  • Pearl Pens, shared on Day 5: There’s a perfect set of three available, great for small embellishments. Squeeze it out in as small quantities as necessary, and let them dry completely – overnight at minimum. Don’t put them in your card stash til completely dry!
  • Inka Gold, shared on Day 6: Beeswax! Very very shiny. Apply through a stencil, with a foam applicator, or simply with a finger. Comes in a variety of colors but be aware all the containers say Inka Gold even if other colors. Turn lots of things GOLDEN including wood and other surfaces too. I’ll be sharing more with this, it’s nomnomnommy.
  • Gold Brush Pens, shared on Day 7: The Wink of Luna pen and Kuretake Brush Pen are extremely close to each other. The Wink of Luna is possibly a slight bit “brighter” in color, but the shine seems to be the same, both on black and white.

During the Periscopes all week, I added a little bit of each product to two items: a wooden box and a black art journal page, so we could get a side by side look at all the colors and how they compare.

journal page

Art Journal Page


Top of wooden box

Out of stock?

I’ve got a suggestion for you if there were gold items you wanted to purchase that were out of stock quickly. And that’s to sign up for the notification list on that product by Monday night! Can’t tell you what’s up with that, but just get signed up and I’ll let you know more details when the time is ripe. 🙂

Winners List

I wasn’t able to leave comments for everyone – but I stayed up LATE last night to check out all the submissions and draw numbers for randome winners. Great work, everyone!! Be sure to send me a note via my contact link in the menu bar above with your address!

  1. Prize 1:  mamabear
  2. Prize 2: annasnasana
  3. Prize 3: Carol Didier
  4. Prize 4: Pam
  5. Prize 5 (for a commenter): Vicki Dutcher
  6. Grand prize winner, $50 gift certificate from Ellen Hutson: Brigit
  7. Bonus prize for youngest participant: Joyce’s 4 year old granddaughter!

Added to each post

In each class post I added images of the creations made during Periscope broadcasts, with any notes about what we learned about the products during those scopes. This is a peek at what you’ll see if you go back and revisit the lessons!


What’s next?

Lots of you have been asking what’s next. Oh my! I need to rest, LOL! I’ll be back to my routine of 3 videos a week, and I have some doozies coming up, so be sure you’re subscribed! I’ll be working on more classes once I get the website redesign done, so hang tight….

However, I want you all to go over to The Daily Marker and join in the 30 day challenge all month long, ok? I’ll be participating in Kathy’s challenge too, and I’d love to see you all over there!


Day 7: Go for the Gold: Golden Brush Pens

Day 7: Go for the Gold: Golden Brush Pens


Happy World Card Making Day! It’s the best day of the year for us, right!?!?! And happy last day of Go for the Gold class! Have you shared the class with your friends?

For folks who are new to my blog – my apologies for some functionality issues…I’ve hired an amazing team of designers to overhaul my site, and will relaunch all brand new and shiny in about a month, they tell me! (Though I’ll count on 2 months, because I know how these things go!) But if you want an easy way to go back and get an overview of my cards, try going through THIS Pinterest board – I pin everything from my blog in one place. You can also subscribe and get my top 7 design tips emailed to you….that’s got 21 of my most popular cards in it!

If you missed some Periscopes, there are still some left over on my Katch page for a little more time. I leave them there for an extra 24-48 hours beyond the first 24 that Periscope leaves them up. I’ll be scoping today from a special cardmaking party with some friends you might know – so stay tuned for the ringing of your phone in case they let me put them on camera!

So enjoy this Day 7 lesson, and be sure to come back tomorrow for a class wrap-up with overall comparisons of the golds, and the list of winners. If you still want to take advantage of the sale, I’ve gone through the site to find a short list for you of gold items still available. GET ON THE NOTIFICATIONS LIST if you want some of the things that are out of stock. Just saying.

Golden Brush Pens

Since this is the last day of class…which means there’s no time to order in supplies to use to enter the Inlinkz to win a prize….I figured I’d use something that lots of you already probably have – gold brush pens! In this video I compare Kuretake Brush Pens to Zig Wink of Luna pens, and of course since this has been a cardmaking class, I had to make it a shaker card. I don’t think any cardmaking class is complete without one! Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!

The two pens tested here seem to be very much alike – which does make sense since it’s the same manufacturer for both. The nibs seem to be the same, and the ink is close to the same; the Wink of Luna seems to be just a hair brighter, perhaps, but almost imperceptibly so.

Bonus card

On Periscope I shared a white version of the card in the video – also so pretty! And I compared the Brush pen, Wink of Luna, and Wink of Stella. On black, all that shows up is a wash of glitter, so you’ll want to use that just on light papers. 🙂


Your last chance!

Today’s the last chance to enter to win the drawing for prizes….don’t forget that one prize will be awarded to someone commenting on a project entered into the Inlinkz too, so go visit the other participants! Be sure to enter HERE – and the prizes are listed on that page, as well as the full list of all the lessons in class. Thanks so much for joining me for this little golden adventure!


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the wording to go directly to the item. Most are on the 15% off sale during the live class, some are not. Affiliate links are used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

Save 15% on every in-stock item in the Go for the Gold category only! Shop today through Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 (midnight Pacific Time) and save. Upon checkout please type in the following coupon code: goforthegold  – Not valid on prior purchases and cannot be combined with other coupon codes.

There are a few of the gold items from class left in stock as of Friday night: Croco, (Prima’s is HERE but is not part of the sale), Ferro is still available in a number of the more vintage colors, POW glitter paper, Stampendous Gold EP, Pearl Pen Set, Inka Gold, Wink of Luna.


Day 6: Go for the Gold: Shiny Beeswax

Day 6: Go for the Gold: Shiny Beeswax


I have to admit, I bought “Inka Gold” with NO clue what it was. And used it like any other paste – which did work. But then I discovered through some research, that a little goes a LONG way! Let’s get started on day six of Go for the Gold class!

Shiny Beeswax

The fact that beeswax comes in delicious shiny colors makes me wonder…what kind of bees are these? And can we have them make us more shiny crafty things?? In today’s lesson I’ll show you how I made a piece of Craftaboard look like metal – and how I colored a sled with Copics to look golden, too! Watch the video below, or check it out HERE in HD on YouTube!

I just love the contrast between the polished shine of the beeswax and the dull snowy look of the texture paste….things that provide that kind of contrast on a card make it interesting. Along with being a unique round shape, too!

Sandy Allnock Go for the Gold Round Shiny Beeswax

Bonus cards

On Periscope, we did a long coloring session! And in case you missed it, Kristina Werner joined in on the gold today with her lettering!


And those Layering Trees from THIS popular post? Back in stock! The card on the left: Shimmering cardstock stamped in white then Delicata then embossed with Stampendous gold. On the right: Licorice cardstock stamped in white then Delicata. Both card bases were rubbed with Inka Gold.


Your turn

We have one more day of class coming tomorrow…have you entered some student work in the Inlinkz gallery yet?


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the wording to go directly to the item. Affiliate links are used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.


Day 5: Go for the Gold: Twinkling Lights

Day 5: Go for the Gold: Twinkling Lights


I seem to be channelling Bob Ross quite a bit lately…..so let’s see if we can use his help to make a tree. And use a little sheep’s help to make it twinkle!

Twinkling Lights

I have an issue with this Lawn Fawn stamp set. Because it’s called Baah Humbug! What a sad name for such a darling little set, right? LOL! My little sheep is having lots of fun decorating for Christmas – and making it shiny gold and silver! (Cue the Burle Ives song!) To see how I drew the tree, watch the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube!

And Don’t you just love how the set of 3 Pearl Pens makes the lights look dimensional? Squee!!

Sandy Allnock Go for the Gold Twinkling Lights 2Bonus card

On Periscope today I did a little session on coloring with zigs – and the audience helped with deciding on the background!


Your turn!

I hope some of you try out the tree on a card…I’d love to see us grow a forest of pines in the Inlinkz gallery for class!


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the wording to go directly to the item.  Affiliate links are used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

Day 4: Go for the Gold: Liquid gold!

Day 4: Go for the Gold: Liquid gold!

Liquid. Gold. Oh baby! Today I’m comparing two products that are just lovely gold in a jar…let’s get going on day four of the Go for the Gold class!

Liquid Gold Watercoloring

There are a number of gold watercolors out there, but I picked two to try out. The Kuretake Gold Mica is a large (60ml) jar, and the Izink Gold is a smaller bottle (15ml) with a dropper. Both are high shine – so let’s put them to the test on a card! Watch the video below – or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!

The Kuretake Gold Mica is a fairly traditional gold color – lots of shine, and works well on both colored and white cardstock.

Sandy Allnock Go for the Gold Mica Liquid Gold

The Izink, which is a pigment ink – a cross of some sort between acrylic and watercolor properties – also has great shine, and comes in a more orangey gold color. Izink stays fully put after it dries – so makes for lovely layering of colors overtop it. I made a post with a video all about Izink HERE.Sandy Allnock Go for the Gold Izink Liquid Gold

The Zig Clean Color pens used in this video are one of the most recent “crazes” out there – and if you’d like more on them, I have a playlist HERE where you can watch lots more Clean Color videos!


On Periscope today, I shared in one video how I made the watercolored background by first painting the Mica then adding Brusho and spritzing with water. In a later broadcast, the testing of a few gold paints: Finetec watercolors, Kuretake watercolors (the set of 36 containst 2 golds), and Kuretake Mica Watercolor. Then some of the Dina Wakely birds were embossed in Stampendous gold, then sprinkled with Brusho too. If you need more info on Brusho, check out this Brusho post, and the Brusho bear post too!



Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the wording to go directly to the item. Affiliate links are used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.



Day 3: Go for the Gold: Make Gold Papers

Sandy Allnock Go for the Gold Make Gold Papers

We’re on Day Three of Go for the Gold class.…are you having fun yet? By the looks of the student work so far, the answer is yes! It’s time to get just a little bit messier today….for those who love mixed media, this one’s going to make your little palette knife sing!

And by the way – have you shared this free class with your friends yet? They’ll thank you!

Make Gold Papers

While Ferro has a lot of applications and possibilities – I discovered it could solve my desire to have glittery papers on hand any time without having to have paper stacked up waiting to use – I can make just what I need with what’s in a little jar! Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Ferro comes in a variety of colors – I chose two of the most vintage colors, Old Gold for the reindeer, and Amber Gold for the sentiment – which is a little more orangey. I just love how they look together, and in combination with the pretty reindeer and sentiment dies from Impression Obsession, I liked how this one worked out!

Sandy Allnock Go for the Gold Make Gold Papers Ferro

The Deco Sheets by Tim Holtz are a nice quick solution to the desire for glitter paper. They’re thin, adhesive-backed, and come in a mixed pack of colors. I found them pretty easy to work with, and was glad to find 4 gold and 4 silver sheets in the pack.

Sandy Allnock Go for the Gold Deco Sheets

The American Crafts POW Glitter Cardstock comes in two-packs of 12×12 sheets. The cardstock itself is pretty thick; I wish I’d known how tough it was going to be to diecut such a delicate die, oops! But you can learn from my mistake, and just use a simpler die. One like this would be much better. And know that this paper “leaks” – just a little bit. Not bad, but if you don’t like ANY glitter to come out, stay away from this one.Sandy Allnock Go for the Gold AC Glitter CS


I’ll be at a watercolor class with the amazing Anna Mason today – we’ll be painting THIS ..is it really a beginner class like they say?? –  so I’m not sure what the scope schedule might be. But listen for that little sound!


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the wording to go directly to the item.  Affiliate links are used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.


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