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AI roundup!


Hey guys – just noticed that all the Art Impressions is finally in at Ellen Hutson….and I’d love your two cents worth. There’s a little roundup of some of my videos that already exist below – and some upcoming ideas! For a few of them I’d like your opintions on which images to use in videos…let me know whatcha think in the comments section!


Critters! Recently the skunks went crazy when you guys loved them so much (see the post here!) – and the little birdie was in a video that’s linked below. I’m also pretty stoked about those stacker dies and stamps – which critter set should I color in the video? Kinda leaning toward the dogs myself! And see the little Hoppy Easter bunnies? Oh man I want to do some Peter Cottontail watercolors like the books I remember as a kiddo!



Girlfriends & People

At CHA I shared a color chart for #thehumanrainbow – and the video is done and on the docket! (Yeah we gotta wait for paintalong week to finish first, sorry!) Here’s a peek at the card – and below that, the Girlfriends stamps to come. Let me know which ones you want to see in videos!

Sandy Allnock - Flaunt It 2



Some of you guys know how much I love Art Impressions Watercolor stamps, right? Well you can expect a few more videos to come! Here’s one that uses the gorgeous arbor – and I plan to do some videos with the new small sets in the near future – and use the new clasps to enclose behind a vellum wrapper. They’re gorgeous in my head – hopefully they’ll be as pretty in real life!


Windows to the World

I created a video with one of the AI window dies – and they came out with curtains to add! So excited. And more of the window images – they’re super easy to paint with watercolor, or to use pencil or Copic. Check out the video below.


Interactive fun

And last but never least – some darling interactive stamps and dies. Oh. My. Goodness. That mini squirrel spinner makes me TOTALLY think of my pal Scrat….and the mini tryfolds, YUM! Those are stamps and dies that “telescope” into the card, so they’re the reverse of the regular tryfolds. And there are a couple action wobble stamps too. Can you say BUNNY BUTT!! Wheeee!

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Watercolor Flowers Series #11: Paint a Brusho Garden

Sandy Allnock - Watercolor Brusho Garden

Have you struggled like I have with getting loose with watercolor? See if trying something like today’s project will shake things up a little!

Paint a Brusho Flower Garden

Watercolor powders are, by nature, something that makes an artist loosen up. The powders move across the paper in unexpected ways, they have such opportunities for deep, intense color that can quickly drop off to a soft faded edge. Learning to paint images with them is a definite challenge, but has taught me how to use other watercolors in new ways too – I’m learning to love the painted edges, the splatters, the imperfections, so I think my hand is slowly being trained to “Let it go.” [Cue the music. #earworm!] See how I created a sweet little garden of flowers using powders – and maybe give it a try yourself! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

You can do something similar with other watercolors; you can drop color into the puddles of water and move it, but the effect will be different than this due to the ways different kinds of paint move. But I encourage you to give it a try!

Sandy Allnock Watercolor a Brusho Garden

And FYI hasn’t the Online Card Classes Intermediate Watercolor class been AMAZING this week? Wowsers! I’ve been totally inspired! I found plenty of great info, and I’d suggest it’s a good start even for beginner cardmaking watercolorists. If you didn’t take it “live,” you can join in anytime and see the content, read the forums, and browse the gallery. Everything is open til next Friday, then it’s archived for viewing only – but you can rewatch videos anytime!


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the listed items to go directly to it. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

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Brusho and Science!

Sandy Allnock Brusho and science

I’m back over on the MFT blog again today – this time with a couple Brusho projects! 
Any science fans out there?? I’m Sandy Allnock and it’s time for a little confession. When I was in school, I loved the idea of science. I loved all the pretty beakers, and all the things to mix in them, watch them bubble and broil. But I couldn’t get past the way the science lab smelled! Okay okay, for you scientists, that might be your love, or I might have just had fellow students who liked to mix up stinky things! But today I bring you science that makes the artist in me happy. Are you ready?

Brusho…and science!

I’ve made two cards today, one using leftover parts from the other – don’t waste those bits! And in the video, I’ll show you a couple different ways to apply your watercolor powders to your work. 1) Dropping powder into pools of water; 2) Picking up brusho from a palette or work surface; and 3) Spritzing with water! Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!

There are a couple different brands of watercolor powders – after playing with different ones, my favorite is Brusho. I love my little caps I made for them too – you can see more on that HERE, as well as some differences between different ones.diebackground

The first card came out so cute using just the dies – before cutting anything apart! Lots of times the dies are set up so that verticals are vertical, or there are interesting patterns they can create. When you get a new set, think about it before getting out your snipping tools! And if one part of the die set looks odd – like the “insides” of the beakers in the lower left here – just put your sentiment panel there. Easy peasy!beakers

The little Pure Innocence stamps are so much fun to color – and I used similar techniques for her as for the background above. Just dropping watercolor powder into wet areas, and drying them in between.


For the background for card two, a spritz of water and sprinkle of powder made that fun cloud of bubbling beakers! And to color those little “contents” for the beakers was easy too – spritz and sprinkle!

heartyou The watercolor powders work on other watercolor papers, but I love how nicely they move on the Arches Rough Cold Press – it’s got a texture that pushes color in fun ways! On my blog today I’ve got a playlist of more Brusho videos if the product intrigues you. WARNING: It’s highly addictive!

More on Brusho

I thought today I’d provide a few Brusho resources for you guys too….



Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the listed items to go directly to it. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.


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Wrapping up #cha2016


Hi there! If you followed along on the journey through CHA on Periscope – thank you! As of yesterday, you tapped another MILLION hearts, so I’m guessing you loved what you saw! If you weren’t able to watch, or worried you missed something – here’s a little (or not so little) wrapup that walks through what was actually IN those Periscopes! (One of the improvements I’d like to see is the ability to edit a broadcast title to reflect what actually happened!) I shot FIFTY live scopes during the show – OMG I apologize if that made some of you crazy! I was just so excited to bring the show to you!


NOTE! Many of the products I discuss here are NOT linked at all. Because they were just revealed to my eyeballs at the show! Most all will be in stores near you soon, and as I have links to share at my favorite crafty places, you know I will. Please don’t stress out – even though we all want these “right now,” there will be plenty of them as they begin to ship out.

First – I know for lots of you, the selfie-fest on Instagram was a bit overwhelming! Let me apologize on behalf of us all, because honestly, while there are lots of photos taken, that’s truly not all that most of us do at CHA. As I’ve said many times, it’s a business tradeshow. The purpose of the show is to get manufacturer products into the stores that retailers are running – and eventually to YOU. It may look like a party, and you may hear about some folks coming home with swag – but it’s not about that. It’s a ton of work for those taking it seriously. And a labor of love!

For me, the show is a chance for facetime with partners I already know and love, and an opportunity to make new contacts–and to that end, I made bright and cheerful business cards to hand out! Mine were ordered at Vistaprint with my own design (I was glad to find that their matte Ultrathick paper option accepts watercolor), and the backs were printed with just the black text – so I could use Gamboge Hydrus to paint fun swashes of color on them. I was able to hand my card to people and say “I handpainted the back just for you!”

business card alteration

The craft universe is a wonderful industry full of beautiful people – but there are LOTS of business sessions that you rarely see photos of! Bookkeeping, Social Media, Marketing, blah blah blah! But one of the most interesting talks I went to was the keynote speech on trends – I snapped this one pic below because socks for a table seemed a little silly – but also because….yellow. LOL! I took some boring notes, but you’ll be glad to know that “coloring books” were a surprise to a bunch of folks on a panel of experts – they said it was the fastest growing one they’d seen, even if it had a long slow burn before it shot to the forefront!


Another trend I saw all over was Bible journalling. That couldn’t make my heart happier! Not just because I’m getting started in it, but because it is a trickling out of the love of God, seeping into crafting everywhere. Sometimes it was outright Gospel-related products, sometimes “blessings” messages that are less in-your-face. I do have a little concern that some companies are only riding a wave and not honestly feeling it, but I’ll be shopping most boldly from the companies I love who walk the walk. But needless to say, my wallet was weeping in anticipation! I took a Bible Journalling class from Shanna Noel at Illustrated Faith (See part 1 and part 2 on Periscope) – their products are being promoted now by Bella Blvd, yay! Shown here are stickers with some white pen doodling on top of Pebeo acrylics – transparent enough to see the Scriptures through!  In their booth they showed me a glitter watercolor – that will also work on bible paper. Yay! More on Pebeo coming up in this post.

Distress crayons? Do we need them? They are a VERY different product from others I’ve seen, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some and play. I’ll be sure to let you know, so hang tight! I know there are sites pre-selling, and if you seriously can’t wait, go for it, but they aren’t going to stop selling them anytime soon. So if you want to wait and see what I come up with, I got your back 🙂 See Tim’s demo HERE. And I think I’m gonna archive the parts where he tells me I can color. #endorsedbyTim LOL!


Lawn Fawn always has such a fun booth – and my favorite new thing (in addition to darling stamps of course) from them this time is the stamp shammy! I’ve used a similar thing in the past, but it was a garish pink color – bleh! Lookee how cute this little teal one is?! And of course watch the rest of the booth tour HERE.


I went to Ken Oliver’s booth to ask what’s new, since I know some of you guys will be interested…and I saw him doing 12×12 paintings on matboard. In the scope, he shows the new colors, more on the board, and his technique to “spray like you mean it” which I’ll see about trying. I had asked him about doing a piece like this without the color splooging under, and his did splooge – but I’ll work on my spritzing technique! I do want to remind you as I have each time I talk about watercolor powders: the price point is still the same, the Color Burst are twice as expensive as Brusho when you assess the number of grams in both bottles. But the advantages of the brighter colors may well outweigh that for many folks, so feel free to enjoy the new colors in the scope HERE. (This painting was a giveaway on my Instagram, congrats to LadyBryson!)

I saw a coloring book make n take at Marvy, so popped in to check it out! Marvy had new watercolor pencils, and they somewhat worked on the paper in these books; it’s 110lb (I think?) and is NOT watercolor. So the pencil went on light, waxy, and doesn’t get rich when you add water, but does move. But – crazy me pulled out her own pad of Fabriano, popped that puppy on the table to try – and the pencils worked MUCh better. So remember, a medium may just need to find the “right” paper to make it sing. The coloring book does seem to work well with Copics though, so you might enjoy Cynthia’s coloring books for yourself.  To see the Periscope in which I tested the pencils and flip through the book, click HERE.coloringbkMarvy

I was excited to see Daniel Smith at the show! This was their first in the craft industry, and I hope they’ll be back. They had these gorgeous rocks and paint samples to show their Primetek paints that I’ll be getting my hands on – and don’t worry, I’ll be sure you can too. 🙂 Ha!!But you have GOT to see Kathy’s marathon rapid-fire Periscope – and applaud her! To get a serious watercolor education, click HERE and scroll to about 9minutes where Kathy gets started (the rest is just me and a friend vamping while we waited!).dansmithprimatek

I was lucky enough to be standing at the Copic booth when they mentioned having nobody to demo for a couple hours – so I offered to jump in. (And rest my tired feet! ha! Selfish offer!) I sat down to color, and as the Periscope broadcast went on, the wonderfully talented Marianne jumped in to give us all LOTS of info about what’s new at Copic. Including new hard-side cases, books (see the first sneak peeks ever!), the Gasenfude pen, and a look at Marianne’s Copic portfolio! Watch it all on the replay HERE.

Scrapbook Expo shoots LOTS of videos for their channel – quick-looks at all kinds of products. Sometimes when I have ZERO idea how something works, I search their channel for the company’s take on what they made it to do! (Not every product is on their channel, but hundreds are….they have so few views, not many people know about them!) I shot THIS scope showing you a video along with all the equipment, etc -so you can see how a fancy video is made! kateAI

My favorite booth by far was LittleB….even though I don’t use washi, and have no need of their sweet little wooden toys, walking in their booth felt like being in a magical wonderland! The photo below is Starry Night “painted” in washi tape – holy guacamole! Brilliant! In the scope, watch a few pieces go on, and see the wooden figurines they sell.littlebtape

Another class I took was from Pebeo…I had heard of their paints for years, but since I don’t “do” acrylics (ha) and mixed medium (ha ha), I didn’t pay them any attention. When I saw a class with “fantasy” paints, I thought why not, right? Give it a try, learn something. I scoped a bit from the class, so you can see part 1 and part 2 shot during class.  (The finished piece is in THIS scope in their booth, and you get to hear about lots of their products and see more samples.) Shown below is the wet piece before it dried overnight.pebeo

I got to spend a little while with Avery Elle, and demo’d with a couple different mediums – both coloring balloons and sharks! There’s a walk-through of the booth with Jamie HERE, and the demos are HERE. I didn’t capture the bubbles in inktense on camera – so stay tuned for a video on the technique coming up at some point on YouTube. PS loved their new black dye ink for Copics.sharkAE In Bazzill’s booth, I was just blown away by their wall art, made by rolling papers and tucking them into chickenwire…how amazing would that be on a wall in our studios!?!?


My friend May launched her own line of buttons with Buttons Galore at CHA called 28 Lilac Lane – so very proud of her! We all have no idea what it takes to choose colors, textures, etc and then get everything ready for us crafters…I’m in awe of all she put into it! A little birdie told me they’ll be available for us all very soon…and I have a bottle of sunshine in my suitcase already!  See the booth tour HERE. And a SILLY video including Cathy Zielske HERE. We might have ripped a hole in the universe!

I didn’t scope in lots of booths – there are just too many! Quick recap of others I did shoot:

Here’s one of many selfies taken during the show…most are just hiding happily in my phone, I won’t bombard you with them! This little group represents so many more hugs, and I love filling my heart up with them as I see old friends and get to know new ones. This particular meetup in a hallway meant so much to me in ways these ladies will never know….and won’t forget the love.


And finally….the stamp manufacturers and designers got together for a big happy farewell photo – not everyone could make it, I hope they were busy writing huge orders! Watch the photo magic happening on scope.


The final scope from the floor shows the aftermath of a tradeshow! No one knows just what it takes to put on a show like this. Thousands of dollars to rent a booth. To pay for union dudes to move your boxes across the floor to your space (by the pound!). Rental of tables, carpet, and trashcans. Not to mention the product preparation, signage, catalog printing, samples, make-and-take prep. If you ever tried to contact your favorite companies during December or early January and didn’t get an immediate reply – that’s why! This show is work – and a labor of love. So to all the wonderful people who make this happen, and keep us busy with lots of wonderful products all year long: Thank you!

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Catitude: Cats vs dogs!

Sandy Allnock Catitude

THANK YOU for all the kind words and support for the new website design! 🙂

A while back I made this dog card with MFT stamps that you guys really liked – it had the dogs inside and outside the fence:

Sandy Allnock - Inside Outside Cardpeek

Catitude: Cats vs dogs

The Catitude set of stamps came out and just screamed to me to do them in natural colors like the dogs….while they’re not a comparable set,exactly (I’d love to have cats the same size as the dog stamps. Hey, MFT…… 🙂 …..they still have catitude, and they’re out sitting by a fence! Just in watercolor pencil this time. My first attempt with my new Albrecht Durer set. Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!

And MFT just came out with a new release, which includes the adorable Sunny Skies and Stitched Cloud Edge dies. Can you just see how much we can use these in backgrounds? Fun!

Sandy Allnock Catitude cats vs dogs

Another creation with this stamp set – I was inspired to make an art journal page while I had the stamps out. I added the kitties and the center sentiment from the set, watercolored the background, drew it all with sharpie – then did watercolor pencil inside all the images I drew!


I’m off to CHA – see you guys from there soon! I’ll be on periscope and posting vlogs as I’m able.



Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the listed items to go directly to it. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

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Gummy-fying stamps – candied hogs!?

Sandy Allnock Gummyfying Stamps

What on earth am I talking about, you ask? Well, let’s take those yummy gummy candies – and apply the idea to other stamps, ok? Just because we can. Because we’re crafters! 🙂

Gummy-fying stamps

I was inspired by the Beary Sweet Wishes stamp set from Avery Elle – I started out coloring them with Tombow markers, knowing I wanted to do them without black outlines so they’d really look like gummy bears. Then I thought – could I pull off the look with other stamps? The Hogs and Kisses was on my desk too (thank you Avery Elle for sending me this release! What a treat!) so I figured I’d give it a shot with a few images in that set! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!

Wasn’t that fun? Lots of stamps could be turned into gummy candies too….which ones will you try?

Sandy Allnock Gummyfying bears

I was able to match the cardstock I had on hand with the markers – bonus!Sandy Allnock Gummyfying Cow
Sandy Allnock Gummyfying LambSupplies

Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the listed items to go directly to it. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

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Ok folks…it’s getting real. The new site will be here anytime now. So I wanted to get a warning out there now – hold your breath. Don’t anyone move a muscle.

I’m working on store integration, and I may have totally messed up this existing site while trying to connect the new one. Uhm yep! So if you’re not getting receipts or links, hang tight. I’m doing all I can for you, and may have to manually process orders this weekend. (I debated closing the store for the weekend but that’d require even more explanation!)

If you have wanted to make a purchase and haven’t – do me a solid and wait til the new site is live. I need some tire-kickers to try it out!

My *hope* is that all your customer data & accounts with your order history are going to transfer just fine. (I receive none of your financial data, so please don’t get scared! It’s all held securely by Paypal.) But honestly after hours with tech support last night? I’m not so sure! lol. I’m downloading a spreadsheet with your orders in it at least so I can look up history if it goes bye bye. But let’s all hold our breath, cross fingers and toes, say a little prayer….and wait.

The new site is nearly here. #squeeeeeeeeee!

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Customized Planner Extravaganza – with freebie download!

Sandy Allnock Customized Planner

Let’s start 2016 off right – customized planner, inspiration cards – and a freebie!Sandy Allnock Customized Planner

Some of you know…I’m not in the least a planner girl. I’ve even raved on about my digital organization tools, and chuckled at my girlfriends who spend hours making their paper planners pretty. I don’t have time to make ’em pretty! Or at least not weekly. But what I figured I COULD do is make some planner gifts, which I did for Christmas, and then added a few touches to my own new (GASP!) planner – and we’ll see if I make it past February with it in use!?!? lol! Mighta just wasted a bunch of money on it! ha 🙂

Customized Planner Extravaganza: Let’s get busy!

The video today is a wee bit epic….it’s got a few sections so feel free to use the annotations at the beginning to jump to parts you care about.

  • Print bookmarks/inspiration cards: How to print and trim the free PDF download Inspiration Coloring Cards.
  • Coloring tutorials with a few mediums.
  • Customizing a planner using coloring pages to create cover panels, and add them to any planner with any configuration of holes.
  • Make bookmarks with the Fuse tool
  • Check out the planners I decorated!

Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!

How’s that for epic? At least epic for someone like me who isn’t a planner girl!  🙂 Here are stills of everything made in the video..first the cards. Use them for bookmarks – or just as inspiration cards to tack in your craft room, stick in your wallet, or give to friends. I think I need to print a bunch of the Suck it up Buttercup cards after my recent rant! ha!


Check out your office supply store for planners if you don’t have one – they don’t need to be expensive. The ones from Blue Sky are really nice, and one type has a pocket cover (below, left) to just slip in a trimmed-down coloring page! These two are from the Pepin coloring books I love so much, colored with LePlume markers.


These are also Blue Sky planners; on the left is one with a plastic cover over top of a coloring page panel prepared just for the planner – if you use watercolor, consider covering it with some Distress Glaze to protect it from moisture. I also glued mine to a piece of heavyweight Neenah using StickIt to make it good and sturdy, before punching holes to get it into the book. The panel on the bookmark on the right, by the way, was created while I was making THESE. And then assembled with the Fuse. See more of the products in the supply list at the end of this post. (I did say it was epic, right? Keep a-scrollin!)planner3

I stamped the roses from THIS set and colored them with Copics – you can use anything feminine on this card and it’ll work great! I used airbrush on the ‘start doing’ card – check THIS post for more on getting started with Copic airbrush. Both floral panels here were painted with Brusho…they were warmup experiments, but were perfect for colorful panels for the bookmarks. All the beads and sequins I used are from Pretty Pink Posh.planner4

I hope this was helpful – even if just the cards made you feel a little inspired to get ‘er done!


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the listed items to go directly to it. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

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Goodbye, 2015!!


It’s that time….farewell to the old year, let’s bring on the new one! I received the traditional email from Jetpack with my stats – but it had a bunch of weird things listed as “most popular pages.” Like….your shopping cart. LOL. So I dug deeper and pulled out what the stats say you guys liked most.

Note: Later in the post are the new toys I tried out in 2015 that I had the most fun with!


This blog was viewed over 1,380,130 times in 2015. No wonder it feels like things are hopping. How wild is this graph of views?


Most popular blog posts….did you see them?

  1. The busiest day of the year was April 30th with 25,263 views. What was posted that day? uh……the Hex Chart launch video hop!. (I guess you all liked it just a little!?)
  2. Go for the Gold class, Day 1 (free public class)
  3. Getting started with watercolor
  4. Copic watercolor (Crazy birds I)
  5. The Human Rainbow
  6. Hippos, Birds and Blossoms
  7. White poinsettia
  8. No line coloring, copic and watercolor
  9. Getting started with watercolor powders
  10. Comic strip card (Crazy birds II)

My most popular videos on YT posted in 2015

  1. Clean Color pen hibiscus
  2. Getting started with watercolor: basic techniques
  3. How to change Copic nibs
  4. Copic watercolor (Crazy birds I)
  5. Artist and adult coloring books (and it’s only been up for a month and is at #5. Whoa!)
  6. Getting started with watercolor: brushes
  7. Crazy birds go to a crop (Crazy birds III)
  8. No line watercolor and copic
  9. Watercolor flowers series #1: Sun catcher
  10. Gumball shaker card

My personal favorite things I made this year that aren’t listed above.

  1. Brusho bear
  2. Inside Outside card
  3. Lost and found watercolor
  4. Tissue paper book cover
  5. Beaker
  6. Pulled spinner card
  7. Bokeh flowers and its companion Patterned flowers
  8. Harlow Sage and Indiana
  9. Painting perfect trees
  10. Lion and chickadees

Most active commenters…..each of whom will be getting a little treat in the mail soon:

  1. 2015-12-18 18.53.35dmc4042* —>made me the gift in the picture. WOW!
  2. Diane L
  3. Randee S
  4. Donna Miller Dacy
  5. Sue

Most commented posts

  1. Hippos Birds and Blossoms
  2. Paint a white poinsettia
  3. Penny slider card – Waffle Flower Shark
  4. Starry night – Van Gogh
  5. Peekaboo window card

Most popular on Instagram

Makes me wish I had picked a better cover image for the chickadee painting in the middle! ha.

2015-12-29 09.15.14

Top artsy things that spun my spurs in 2015

These aren’t all items that came out only in 2015, but I bought them/started using them this year. *affiliate links used. Read more here.

  1. Silver brushes. They make everything watercolor SING. Love me a good 2, 4, 6, 8 and a flat 1″.
  2. Holbein watercolors. In my attempts to see the difference between student grade and ‘spensive supplies, I discovered that Holbeins go on….like buttah. Kind of the same way I discovered years ago that Copics go on like buttah compared to my little waterbased pens.
  3. Brusho. Egads where was I before I knew about these? Thank you Lydia for enabling me.
  4. Inktense pencils. Oh MAN. Love these. So much that I started with a small set, bought a larger one, then bought cases, then accidentally bought another full set in a sweet wooden box. #firstworldcrafterproblems
  5. Dr Ph Martins Hydrus watercolors. The beautiful colors combined with the fact that they dry permanent? Oh yeah. And my storage for them is in a rainbow on a shelf above my desk, which makes me happy just to look at them. Uh huh.
  6. The hex chart. It makes everything Copic better, doesn’t it?
  7. Pepin coloring books. So relaxing, so beautiful….on drawing paper and printed in halftones. Hope they come out with more in 2016!
  8. Prismacolor pencils. Full set syndrome happened this year, so I’m adding them to the list. and Quietsharp Sharpener. #pencilbestie
  9. Papers! Arches Rough paper. We fell in love. And Yupo, we’ll keep getting to know each other!
  10. Gold! Pastes, paints, sprays, pens. I can finally use shiny things, and I am loving it!

A few other things that rocked my world in 2015

  1. Europe. That trip changed me forever!
  2. Periscope. Yeah baby! First crafter over 2.5 mil hearts. And an article in CHA’s magazine too!
  3. Bible journalling. Just a few baby steps in that direction, but enjoying it. Also my faithbooking posts here on the blog and YT!
  4. Toastmasters – in the fall contest, I made it to the finals! And stepped out to be in the church drama too.
  5. Classes around the country – exhausting but such fun to meet so many wonderful crafters!
  6. New logo! It pays to hire a pro. The full reveal will come soon.
  7. Society 6 – new store for selling prints, y’all have been asking!
  8. The end of OWH. Not the best kind of rocking, but it’s changing my life to end as much as it did to start!
  9. Getting posted HERE by Tim. I still get tons of people coming from that link! Crazy!
  10. Last but definitely not least: God’s blessings. I simply can’t believe He loves me so much.
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Adapting Stamps – Drawing Chickadees (Inspired By #4)

This is part 2 of this card – click HERE to see part 1!
Sandy Allnock Adapting Stamps to Chickadees

Denise’s sweet card featured birds, as I had requested for November’s cards…..and though I have a bunch of bird stamps I got excited about transforming non-chickadees into chickadees. Just to see if I could! Note that Denise doesn’t have a blog, nor shares her cards on Facebook or Instagram….so leave her some love here on this post. Maybe we can talk her into sharing more! [EDITED TO ADD: Denise said the bird stamps she used are cling stamps by Inkadinkado….I wasn’t able to find them online but maybe one of you guys will have better luck!]


Adapting Stamps – Drawing Chickadees

With many bird stamps – you can change them up to make them into other bird species than they were drawn to be. As we learned in the first part of this card – dye inks “move” with Copic markers; stamping second-generation birds (stamping once on scrap paper so it stamps more lightly) allows you to change up the details to match the kind of bird you want to make. The strong markings of chickadees really lend themselves to this technique well – and even though these Scribbly Birds probably aren’t chickadees, it’s pretty easy to turn them into that species.  Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

After creating and fussycutting my birds, all I had left was figuring out layouts and adding branches to the cards. I kept the Copic work very soft and loose so the birds would really pop against the sketchy lines.

Sandy Allnock Chickadee cards 4

The birds were also lined on the back with StickIt before cutting them out, so they were easy to peel off and add to the cards – or to add to dimensional adhesive.Sandy Allnock Chickadee cards 3

The more intense the Copic color on the background, the more intense the branch and leaves need to be, so amp up the color. The same idea probably applies to printed patterned paper – lighter papers with similar colors will be easier to see coloring on. Stronger contrast will make detail colored on top – as well as stamping – difficult to see. So try working with tone-on-tone for best results.

Sandy Allnock Chickadee cards 2 Sandy Allnock Chickadee cards 1

I hope you’ll get your bird stamps out and have a fresh look at them…see if they are chickadees in hiding!


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  1. Stamps: Scribbly Birds by Dina Wakley, sentiments by Wplus9
  2. Paper: Neenah
  3. Copic markers:  C3, N8, E44,  W5,  C2C00, 0 Colorless Blender YG61,  G94E59,
  4. Adhesive: Stick It Adhesive Handy Sheets, 5pk