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Cocoa Treat Jars – easy thank you gifts

Just wanted to pop in to wish you a happy boxing day and bring you a quick idea for cocoa treat jars in case you forgot a few unappreciated people this year. It’s still “legal” to pass on the Christmas cheer for another week!Sandy Allnock - Cocoa Treat Jars

And who might those folks be? Maybe the mail carrier, the sanitation workers, recycle pickup folks, your hairdresser, or bank teller! This is a great time to let people know you appreciate them….and it’s easy to tuck a box of these treat jars in the car, and slip one in your purse to hand out each time you run an errand this week!

Cocoa Treat Jars

I got some really inexpensive little jars and filled them with a couple spoons of cocoa mix, hershey kisses, and mini marshmallows. (Note: it IS legal to count “One for them, one for me” as long as you have big enough bags to make them all!) I wrapped each one with ribbon and added a little tag with a quickly-colored mug stamp – so simple and cute!

Sandy Allnock - Cocoa Treat Jars2

It would be easy to adapt these tiny jars as well….check Pinterest for tons:

  • a variety of tea bags
  • coffee beans
  • candies
  • kitty or pup treats for pet owners
  • popcorn
  • caramels – and deliver it with an apple and a popsicle stick
  • two BIG marshmallows and glue googlie eyes on the outside to make them snowmen!

Make a matching tag, and if instructions are needed to use the contents, include that. Bigger jars can contain all kinds of things…let your imagination run wild!

Let’s collect ideas

Who do you think could use a little pick-me-up from you this coming week? Let’s collect a helpful list in comments of the kinds of folks you could make little cocoa treat jars for! I made more of these than I have people on my list for, so I could use a good list of suggestions. :)

Merry Christmas!

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‘The Fatherless’ Christmas play – watch online

I’d like to invite you to visit my church today – virtually! I took part in our Christmas drama – there’s the Christmas story and some carols, followed by a 3-act play. We’ve been working hard on it, and this recording is the third time we did it today at the 7pm service. (Note there are a few audio difficulties, and it seems kind of quiet overall.

Watch below or click HERE to see it on the church website.

It was such a blessing to participate in this drama ministry….a very different creative challenge for me, but a good one!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

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Christmas…and tribes

Hello friends! Just wanted to share a few thoughts bouncing around in my head :) Watch below or click HERE to see it on my 2nd channel on YT.

I had quite the day yesterday – tis the season to paint the sets for the Christmas play! Aiyeeee! I had a nearly 12-hour day and these two are the parts I’m most proud of….the painting of the flowers (which goes in a different spot on the set) is hydrus on 24×36 untreated canvas – something I just crossed my fingers and tried. And it worked! You can check it out on Periscope, I did it in a few parts as we waited for layers to dry.  The other section is the bookshelf, which I stayed late to finish…grateful that Dave stayed and worked on other parts so I wasn’t there solo! But I have a lot to do today so it was very worth it to stay late and get done….I’m just a wee bit pooped :)2015-12-22 19.57.52

Hoping to be back tomorrow with a little treat – but just in case….have a Blessed Christmas! :)

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Your feedback

Hello friends! I’ve got a couple quick questions for you.

  1. What you would look for in a “Frequently Asked Questions” section on my new website? Mine’s going to be robust, from the looks of it! I’m going through emails, as well as questions I get on social media a lot. If you have input, now’s a good time to list a question in the comments!
  2. I’m adding to my Favorite Products list, too – is there stuff I’m missing from that list that you’ve wondered about? That section is more monstrous and my plan is to go visual with it (ie pics, and links to tutorials use of them) – so it may not go live with the new site as more than a text list. But I’d love to know if there are areas I’m missing. And yes, I know the stamp list is way too short. LOL. #gimmeallthestamps
  3. Who is YOUR favorite blogger [that is NOT me]? Let me know in the comments….am I missing someone I should be following?? You can go nominate them for “Blogger of the Year” until the 21st – that’s Monday – at THIS link. Voting will start on the 23rd once they have all the nominations in. Winner will be announced at CHA!

Classes on the coming new site

As the new site launch is getting closer, I wanted to let you know the two classes currently in the store (Spin the Color Wheel and Copic Backgrounds) will not be available on the new site – these two were test classes for me to see how the store would work, and I eventually want to expand on those topics and make a “real” class with way more content. Eventually. But I thought I’d put both on sale in case any of you were considering it and just weren’t sure if you wanted to try them out. The class content will continue to be available to anyone who purchases, they just won’t be available for signups.

There’s a new class coming with the launch – just need to finish up details – I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting to do a drawing class, and this is my first try! :)

Coloring book page – live broadcast

I’ve said before I won’t be doing coloring book videos on YouTube – but this one is still available this morning on Periscope HERE…and will stay up for a couple more days HERE.



Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the listed items to go directly to them. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.



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Grinch Star Wars Mashup: The grinch who stole the death star

Sandy Allnock Grinch Star Wars Mashup

Grinch. Star Wars. Mashup. What could be better to celebrate the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens!! And….. I HAVE A TICKET FOR TODAY! W00t!!!

Grinch Star Wars Mashup

Okay a little more to say – I painted this with Ph Martins Hydrus watercolors – then switched to Brusho for the sky! :) It was 2-1/2 hours worth of filming, and didn’t include some breaks to let things dry; once the Hydrus dry, they’re permanent, which is especially great for layering colors, which I love to do. The brusho was a special touch to add that Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube – and go get your tickets!

And for Star Wars fans — I also created this little piece on Periscope yesterday….a Peanuts Star Wars mashup! :)


One last thing to make your Friday…..a vlog came out this week! oh my, two weeks in a row, whatsoever shall we do?


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the listed items to go directly to it. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

  1. Dr. Ph. Martin’s Hydrus Fine Art Liquid Watercolors, Set 1 , Set 2 , Set 3
  2. Colourcraft Brusho Crystal Colour Watercolors – Black
  3. Black Velvet Watercolor Brushes, Short Round 4 , Short Round 2 , Short Round 6 
  4. Ranger Distress Sprayer
  5. Fabriano Artistico paper
  6. Copic markers (for Peanuts piece) on Neenah 110
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Faux Leather Book Cover: Tissue Paper Technique

Sandy Allnock Faux Leather Book Cover

I had been looking for just the right Bible to begin art journalling in….I wanted an NRSV (long story as to why!), and wanted wide margins with lines for writing notes and drawing. (Because I can’t write straight to save my life!) I could only find a “used” one for less than a gajillion dollars since it’s no longer being made – fortunately the only thing that made it “used” was a broken spine. Which I’m repairing in today’s video!

Faux Leather Book Cover: Tissue Paper Technique

I started watching a bunch of YouTube videos first, and had searched for book repair, to see if there were ideas on how to fix the broken spine shown in the video. I came upon an artist, Laura Carson, who made some absolutely amazing books! (This dragon book is phenomenal!) Though I swapped out a bunch of supplies, the basic technique is the same; I asked a lot of my mixed media friends about adhesive, and they all said be sure to replace the adhesive with PPA. And I agree – it’s pretty phenomenal stuff! Watch the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

Isn’t this texture just delicious!?! It would be perfect for whatever book you want to cover – an art journal, a sketch book…..I might be making a bunch of these for Christmas gifts!

Faux Leather Book Cover texture

I cut a hole in my Bible cover to insert my life verse, printed from my computer and distressed with inks. In the video I showed my Olfa blade – I once purchased a big pack of these for OWH, and love them; I had originally found one in a craft store and ordered a big case of them, but now the only place I found them is HERE. In reality any heavy duty knife will cut a book cover.

Faux Leather Book Cover texture insertA few words about the pages inside the book….I’ve had people frantically asking me what kind of Bible to get, what kind has paper you can paint on, what doesn’t go through the back. And I have a similar message as I had for the coloring book post: If you are terribly upset about anything going through to the back of the page, or stress out over wrinkling paper, Bible journalling is not for you. Books are made of paper. Paper and water generally do not get along perfectly. Paper wrinkles. It bleeds. You will never find a book paper that does not do so at all. This is art, and is messy – and if you get upset easily by potentially ruining a page in a Bible, do not get started on journalling this way, or you’ll be very unhappy at some point along the way.

I did discover that, for this particular Bible, which is printed on very standard paper – pages DO wrinkle though can be ironed; and Ph Martin paints do not bleed through.

I have absolutely NO idea what will happen in your Bible, or what kind of Bible you should go get. Please please please don’t ask me that. Just get a Bible you feel comfortable making art in. And test it out. Try the index pages first, to see what mediums you like. Go to YouTube and do searches. I don’t plan to be making a ton of videos on Bible journalling – my blog and YT channel are about cardmaking, and Bible journalling is a VERY personal thing, so I will not be


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the listed items to go directly to it. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

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You’ve got a reason to sing!

Happy Monday! I know Mondays can be a downer sometimes, especially when not enough of the holiday prep got finished over the weekend. So today? I’m bringing you some CHEER!

I’ve created a new trailer video for my YouTube channel...this is what non-subscribers will see when they first click to my channel page, so I wanted to give them an overview of what I do. I picked out lots of my favorite videos and put lots of snippets in – and I also did some silly lip syncing! ha! More ‘BTS’ info if you read on in this post…but you can watch it below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.


Coloring book winners!

On Saturday I posted some coloring books that I had to give away….and Periscope followers got to see these scanned/printed pages colored…and had a chance to win one! (They’re both printed on Desert Storm.) I’ve emailed the winners, so if you think this is you, check your email!

  • Judaic books: Gavi and Wilma
  • Christian books: Natalie (QSOgirl) and Theresa
  • Drawings from the Periscope giveaway: Rosalie  (star of David) and Amy (city)

Behind the scenes

This isn’t a true BTS since it’s not a video, but I know some of you might be interested in what went into creating this kind of craziness!

My first step was choosing music. I’m inspired by music as I create, and I wanted something that would set the right “mood.” Upbeat, female vocals (most of the time I look for instrumentals, so having words was a treat!), and with an interesting chorus/verse/bridge combo. I get my music from Megatrax – I have a year-to-year license with them (it’s way crazy expensive for a license, but you can get a single piece at a semi-reasonable price). So the song in the video is NOT publicly available. You’ll just have to re-watch the video if you want to hear it again! ha :)

Next step was pulling together all the snippets I wanted. I keep a 30 second “snip” of each video I make (I wish I had started that sooner!) so it was pretty easy to import each one I wanted into the software I use, Final Cut Pro.

I wanted to do a little bit of lip syncing to interject, so people could see who I am – and how silly I am! – so I turned on the music and sang through the whole song a few times til I had a couple spots that weren’t horribly embarrassing. And also did the chatty section. I downloaded all of that to my computer and imported it as well.

In Final Cut Pro, there are multi tracks – so I set up a new video and began placing my “resources” into the timeline. I aligned my lipsync versions with the music file – that took a bit to get my lips to move at the right moment! ha! And when I successfully had it aligned, I deleted the bad parts and turned off volume on my singing, so all you hear is the music. (You’ll be glad you didn’t hear that!)

Then it was a matter of placing snips of each of the videos I wanted to show; I placed the 30 second snips and chopped them down to the section I wanted, and began to put everything in order. I added text that would show on each video so viewers would have an idea what the video is about. And added my end screen, and transitions in just a few spots.

Once it was all uploaded, the annotations had to be added – that took more time than expected! ha! As I did that, I figured since I had them all open, I’d add them to a big playlist while I was working – that way one of the “cards” can just link to the playlist, since there are only five cards allowed – cards are those little “i” icons that appear during videos, and you can click on them for more. But in case you missed it while watching the video – the playlist is HERE.

So that’s a quick process description…I put a lot of work in this because this will be the introduction on my channel for a while. Well, til next year I have a ton more amazing videos I want to link to! ha! We’ll see how long til I get antsy to change it up again. :)

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When to purge the Christmas Card list

A quick Saturday hello, everyone! And a reminder to go over to The CLASSroom today to catch my video and project over there with my friend Dawn Wolslagle from Wplus9 – tags that double as ornaments!

Yesterday I posted a quick vlog on my 2nd channel – yes, I know, it’s been a while! I have plans for that channel, no worries. It’s comin’! Watch the short vlog below or click HERE to watch on YouTube. And let me know when YOU start to remove folks from your list. Eeeeeep!

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Happy stuff – and a coloring book giveaway!

Hello friends! No video today….but how about some happy things to share?

  1. Tomorrow I’ll have a video for you over in TheCLASSroom – brusho, color burst, and yupo!
  2. I finished writing out 90% of my Christmas cards last night! BIG WOOHOO! And it’s also customer appreciation week around here, so….let’s just say I’ll have a lot to haul to the post office next week once everything’s ready!
  3. I’m kinda excited about this. Way cool, eh?
  4. Finally I am getting a grasp on my lines for the play I’m in – oh man. It’s been brutal, but a friend helped give me some tips. An actress who came to observe and critique us even actually said I did well yesterday! Shock – we CAN learn new tricks, even when we’re old dogs! Yay!
  5. Tonight is bizchat night – hooray! 5pm Pacific on Periscope, an hour early because I have a show to go to…see you there!
  6. Huge thanks to everyone for your support of my Society6 page – I’m so glad I could make prints available for you finally!
  7. And what’s more happy than bad jokes? Watch below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube! (This is last year’s video!)

Coloring book giveaway

I’m apparently on a coloring book mailing list now! I received two of each of these coloring books pictured in yesterday’s mail…and though they’re cool, I just don’t need more coloring books. (The drawer I keep them in can’t fit any more!) So I’m going to share them with YOU! Read below how to enter to win. Or even if you don’t want to win, I hope you’ll still answer!

2015-12-11 00.36.21

The poll + giveaway

I’m curious how many of you read my blog here on the interwebs, or through feed readers, or email…….my Google Analytics tells me some things. I know this won’t be scientific results, but I’d love it if you’d tell me:

  1. Where do you access my blog posts most of the time?

A. Using a bookmark in my web browser
B. I subscribe by email and usually just read it in email only
C. In the email, I click on a link that takes me to your blog
D. I use a feed reader (feedly, bloglovin, etc)
E. I wait for you to post something I can’t pass up on Instagram.
E. I don’t read your blog, are you crazy?

2. Which of the 2 book themes would you be interested in winning: the Judaic or Christian book?  I’d love for them to go to folks who will specifically appreciate them!

If you’d like to see the insides of the book, I’ll do a periscope on them sometime this morning. And I’ll pick four winners and announce them on Monday. Good luck!