Puerto Rico Charity Auction – and planning for 2019 art retreat!

Puerto Rico Charity Auction – and planning for 2019 art retreat!

I know, I know – it’s about time for this auction, right? Well, the 1 year anniversary of Hurricane Maria is coming up in a week, so I decided to host the auction while the anniversary is in the news. Do me a favor (or do Puerto Ricans a favor) when you see your friends and family see the reporting about the poor response to the need on the island, share the auction link with them. People will want to help!

Bid Now!

If you are wondering what you bid on and what your high price was that you set, click HERE and go to the “my auctions” link!

Here’s a little happy preview…dance along! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.

Did you see anything that’s a “must bid” out of the 70+ pieces??? Note that the thumbnails don’t show the whole painting. And there are a bunch (over 40!) that are postcards – so those who don’t have a lot to donate can still participate and help out. Auction closes September 30th at the end of the day – I think if you bid, you’ll get an email at the end reminding you that its closing. I hope!

NOTE: If you bid OVER the listed amount by more than a buck, I think it puts the overage in ‘reserve’ – so for instance if on a $22 item you want to bid $25, it will mark it as $23 until someone else bids $24 then add you back in at $25.

ALSO: For the large paintings, I’ll make a few of them available on Society 6 and those monies will go to the charities too – but it’ll only be the ones with the most individual bids on them. So even if you’re just nudging up someone else you might be helping to get a painting made available for prints, mugs, etc!

Bid Now!

Puerto Rico Artists Retreat

I finally got in touch with the hotel to ask about setting up dates – and I know doing so this late may be too late for some. But…I’m going to try anyway, even if it’s a small group!

First, know that I’m an artist not a trip planner. (LOL) So I’m making it up as I go, and am hoping everyone will have some grace!

DATES: I haven’t set a date yet – because I need your feedback on date preference. I prefer going to a warm island while it’s rainy here, but in April prices drop a little. (See their website to know what prices are for a room you would want – they’ll give us a 10% discount.). Let me know in a comment if you prefer February or April. I’ll have your email addresses from comments and will email that list of people with updates. And let me know if you’re a for-sure or a maybe.

ART: This is NOT a cardmaking or Copic retreat – it’s sketching. Why? Because I don’t want to go to such a lovely place and sit inside stamping and coloring! lol. We’ll go out and sketch – and if anyone wants to watercolor their sketches, that’s fine. Whatever medium is dandy. But I don’t want to do any finished works, because we could be out there for 4 or 5 hours trying to do one painting, but could do 4 or 5 sketches in that same time period. If you haven’t done plein air sketching as yet, no biggie – we’ll talk about what to get/bring before then. I strongly recommend taking Drawing 101 before the trip so you get the basics of perspective and light/shadow – we’ll be looking at things through the lens of that class. Do NOT worry if you aren’t great at drawing – that’s what we’ll be working on during the trip!

ACCOMMODATIONS: We’ll be staying at The Gallery Inn. It’s a gorgeous place, and we’ll be doing some sketching/teaching sessions in the hotel, the rest on the streets of Old San Juan.

LOCALS: PR residents will be able to come – and you can stay at the hotel or just meet up with us for sessions. If you haven’t seen the hotel, though, check it out – because it’s worth a weekend away! Let me know in your comment if you plan to stay at the hotel or not so I can chat with Jan about what we expect.

More info will come as time marches on, but….there’s at least a little form coming together now. I’m excited to go back – I really enjoyed my trip there in May and can’t wait to return! Here’s a little video of the Gallery Inn:


Dogvlog – everyone is a WINNER!

Dogvlog – everyone is a WINNER!

The dogs bring you the list of winners….Prize box and card winners: send me your mailing address!Class winners: send me with the class you’d like!

If you’re not on the winners list, you’re STILL a winner because:

  1. You get to enjoy a walk in the park with the pups!
  2. Tomorrow starts SEVEN fall flower videos in a row! Don’t unsubscribe, I’ll only spam you for a week. LOL!

Feeling like a winner yet?

On winning and losing (Aretha, Kofi Annan, and more)

On winning and losing (Aretha, Kofi Annan, and more)

On winning…

I forgot to post a date to end The Giveaway! So I’m going to give it one more week and announce winners tomorrow, since more people are stilll entering. Pass the word! Here’s the video with the reason for the party…

And Losing….

This week we lost two people I have such respect for. Aretha Franklin, the Queen (long before B!) – went to join her dad’s choir in heaven. Aretha’s influence will be with us for generations to come! It’s hard to pick a representative performance of hers to share as a tribute – but the Women of Soul performance of Amazing Grace might just cause you to go get a tissue….and then get up and dance. (Full video is HERE just scroll down to the past performances section and scroll with the arrow to Women of Soul. It’s a 58 minute extravaganza with talents like Melissa Etheridge, Arianna Grande, and more.)

I know that just got you started. Try the 10 minute version. Lawdy. She’ll take you to church. Really.

We also said goodbye to Kofi Annan just yesterday…..an honorable and dedicated man from Ghana who spent his life as a service to the world. He was at the World Health Organization, then worked his way up through the UN until he became General Secretary in 1997, staying in that position til 2006.

When I see a life that’s had an amazing impact on our world, part of my grieving process lately seems to be portraits. Just little watercolor sketches, but…there’s something healing in the heart when we honor their memory this way.

This Kofi Annan portrait is partly on Facebook as a live-recording:

And lest we end with losing, let’s go back to winning.

A peek at what’s coming: Watercolor Jumpstart class! See the Facebook Live video HERE. Class will be coming once the site work is complete, sometime in September maybe? October at the least.

One last thing, since I’m posting on a Sunday….some of you saw my VBS adventure on social media, others mighta missed it: here you go!


Heads up: summer sales

A little birdie told me about some sales! Just passing it on…

  • Purple Onion is having their 15th Anniversary Sale – 25% off almost everything through July 22nd! No coupon needed, discount reflected once the items in your cart. *Stamps for the Colored Pencil Jumpstart sets (THIS one and THIS one) aren’t included as they’re already discounted. If you only need one or two of the class stamps, this is a great time to fill out your collection.
  • Art Classes sale for World Watercolor Month ends Sunday night so get busy signing up! All Watercolor Classes and Copic Underwater Class are discounted. Even if you need to wait til vacation is over, don’t miss out! No coupon needed.

I created this little Christmas card – my first of the year, woohoo! – and used a technique from Colored Pencil Jumpstart for the spray of snow.

And I gave this little mouse some swim goggles so he could go snorkeling! Because I can’t get enough of coloring underwater scenes. LOL!

Note that my #wwcm2018 challenge is over 100 entries for this month so guess what? I’ll be adding a 3rd prize! (One class giveaway class per 50 entries!) You can join in anytime so see this post for details!

World Watercolor Month: All you need to know! *plus prizes, winners, a sale, a new class….

World Watercolor Month: All you need to know! *plus prizes, winners, a sale, a new class….

This is possibly the most random post ever. I’m going to blame it on having taken a little spill this week – fortunately I’m okay…just banged up! I have bandages on the “heels” of both hands and the thumb of one, both knees…and my head is fortunately hard enough to have avoided a concussion…but the randomness of this post might attempt to convince you otherwise. LOL! But on a good note…there’s probably something here for everyone, right? Let’s get to it!

World Watercolor month is HERE! All kinds of watercolor fun!! I’ve been working on LOTS of special things for you guys throughout July. I have 13 videos scheduled – they’re either watercolor, coloring water (in other mediums), and 2 are water in its other “forms”! Be sure to follow along, it’s going to be a blast! PLUS I’m going to hopefully have 1 minute speed painting videos on Instagram and Facebook all month…if you know people who just love to be mesmerized by water and pigment moving, please feel free to share my accounts with your friends. It’s a lot of work to do, and I’d love to inspire lots of folks with them!

World Watercolor Month is housed over at Doodle Wash….please do join in with them and use #worldwatercolormonth for tagging your work and seeing what others paint. While following daily prompts is NOT required, nor is it necessary to keep up daily…prompts are provided because sometimes they’re just helpful!  Here are Doodle Wash’s prompts for daily painting:

My alternate prompts: Some of these above may not lend themselves well to Bible journaling and cardmaking; some lend themselves to full paintings and maybe not what we might do in our little watercolor world. So I came up with another list that I’m using, with words that can be interpreted lots of ways…think of them as nouns, verbs, and alternate meanings in different contexts. I’ll be adding a second hashtag to DoodleWash’s #worldwatercolormonth by using #wwcm2018 – read on about prizes below!

World Watercolor Month Prizes

For every 50 World Watercolor Month uploads using my #wwcm2018 hashtag on Instagram and Facebook, I’ll be giving away a class of the randomly dran winner’s choice…winners will be announced early in August!

World Watercolor Month Sale

To celebrate World Watercolor Month, all my watercolor classes are on sale HERE for 2 weeks- PLUS there’s a brand new intermediate Copic class called Underwater Scenes (coloring water in stead of watercoloring!) that is open today!


  1. The site is only allowing one class at a time in your cart, so you need to do multiple transactions for multiple classes. Sorry! I can’t get that fixed yet.
  2. If you get gibberish html when logging in, that’s the website’s poor way of saying, “I’m sorry, that was the wrong password or user name.” You can try again, reset your pw, and if the email gets lost in your spam, email me and I can change it for you.
  3. For some reason the latest webstore update from last night is requiring me to manually approve the processing of payments to make the classes accessible. I’ll be checking in often, but please be patient. Not at all sure why it’s doing that all of a sudden. Wahhh!

Stamping for Families Winners!

In the Stamping for Families bloghop last weekend, I offered up two prizes of a free class – one to a commenter, one to a participant…email me with which class you want!

  1. Commenter Amelialesley!
  2. Participant Kirsty!

Bible Journaling Video

And, lest there not be enough random content in this post….this week’s Bible journaling video…of course in watercolor! If you aren’t subscribed to my Bible journaling channel and would like to receive those videos each week, be sure to click on the YT logo in the corner to head over and subscribe! Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Okay. I think I’m done. LOL! Happy July!


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