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Magical Monday: Cliff climbing!

I’m not very adventurous in “real life” – but I’m willing to do a little cliff climbing (or make a fox do it for me) with my Copic markers!

Cliff Climbing

I tried a bunch of different things with this darling little stamp set from Mama Elephant – the three little critters hold signs, and there’s a huge variety of sentiments that can be stamped onto their papers. But what I thought about here was – if one of the critters was feeling congratulatory, where might he go to show his appreciation for an accomplishment? To shout from the top of a cliff, of course! Watch the video below or click HERE to view in HD on YouTube:

To make the reddish-brown layer behind the colored cliff climbing panel, I took a piece of white cardstock and colored it with two of the colors in my little fox – a soft blend from top to bottom. It’s a great way to “create” matching papers when you don’t have any of the right shade in your stash!

Sandy Allnock - Magical Monday Cliff Climbing2


I’m glad this chicken-hearted non-climbing human can rely on a little fox to do the cliff-climbing for her!

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Magical Monday: I Wheelie Like You Card


Sometimes a stamp says just what you need it to say…sometimes you need an I wheelie like you card!

I Wheelie Like You Card

When I saw this little mini stamp set, I was thinking about how to make him his own little aquarium to live in – and exercise in! A friend of mine gave me a cloth a few weeks ago – she said it’s a fabric piece that they use in Japan as face cloths, and it makes a really cool texture! Check it out in the video below or watch it out HERE on YouTube in HD!

I of course added my signature white pen to my I Wheelie Like You Card….I often do that to add the final details to my coloring. And I was hoping by now I’d have an answer for all of us on what causes some folks to love the Uniball pen and others to love the Gellyroll. I checked the comments on THIS video after asking about elevations and locations, and….well, I don’t see anything consistent! I’m going to be trying to connect with the manufacturers to ask what’s goin’ on. Can’t hurt, right?

Sandy Allnock Magical Monday I Wheelie Like You card

The final step on the card was creating the card base background. I wanted something simple but playful, and got out my Yellow and Blue daubers – super easy and super cute!

WINNER from THIS giveaway...congrats! Email me your addy and I’ll put your stamps in the mail!



Next time you need an I wheelie like you card – go pick up this set from Lawn Fawn. It’s soooo cute!

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Shading Fabric Folds with Copics

Happy Friday, everyone! If you’re off to a fancy party this weekend, I hope you look as amazing as this Prima doll! If you’re at home in pjs like me…enjoy a little lesson on shading fabric!

Shading Fabric with Copics

Fabric folds give lots of people fits – it billows in and out of the light so much that it can be hard to figure out where to put the darks. This is a quick overview of a way to think through the lighting – watch the video below or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube!

If you pick up this stamp – you can use the sketches below to try this yourself! Or pick another stamp you have and make yourself a stamped cheat-sheet on scratch paper, and store it in your stamp pocket (I use these and LOVE them) for use later on! This one shows the lighting from the upper right as shown in the video.

Sandy Allnock - right light

And this is the opposite direction, lighting from the upper left. Shading fabric doesn’t have to be difficult, it just takes some practice!

Sandy Allnock - left light

NOTE: I get asked over and over and over (and over) about why I have washi tape on my markers. Honestly, it is only to mark them as my own when I go to crops or classes. I’m about to remove the tape just to stop the questions, even though I’ll lose markers because of it….it’ll be pricey, but anything to keep the questions to a dull roar. LOL. If you have other questions about stuff, try the FAQ page before asking – it’s likely I’ve already got it answered! 🙂

PS Don’t forget the giveaway HERE!


If there are stamps that you think would make a good lesson on shading fabric, leave me a link in the comments – if I get the stamp I’d be happy to include it in my long list of oh-I-can’t-wait-to-make-a-video-with-this!

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Drawing Pattened Paper Flowers


Today we’re making our own Patterned Paper Flowers – talk about fun! All you need is the ability to do a little doodling. Well, and a stamp set to start with…the Bokeh Dots set makes this easy. Okay, you need something to color with. But that’s all, right? Watch the video below or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

I just love the funky loose style of this bouquet of paper flowers!

Sandy Allnock Drawing Designer Paper Flowers 2

Art Journal: Patterned Paper Flowers

In the video I promised a look at the art journal page that came before the card. It’s done in Copics in THIS art journal – and yes the marker does bleed through. I just use every other spread.
Sandy Allnock - Art Journal Patterned Paper Flowers


And a crazy question: is it patterned paper or designer paper flowers? I tend to use patterned more….but what do you call it?

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Magical Monday: Chaton Artiste (Kitty Artist)


Goooood Monday to you all! It’s back to the regular schedule around here, which means today is Magical Monday – and I bring you a very special guest today: a kitty artist! This little meowster, who’s colored like my Punch, has painted the Eiffel Tower for you today. Hope you enjoy the video below – or click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube!

Kitty Artist: Fact or fiction?

I spent some time looking online to see if I could find any cats who actually created art; usually the search term just leads to people named Kitty, or the inevitable paintings and drawings OF cats. If anyone knows of cats who create, link me up! I’d love to see! Otherwise this little kitten on my card will be the only chaton artiste out there…which is not a bad status for him to have!
Sandy Allnock Magical Monday - Kitty Artist2

This card got an added little treat inside – a peeking kitty artist with a merci message…I gave this to my housesitters who took care of my babies and my house while I was gone. So grateful to have such awesome friends!

Sandy Allnock Magical Monday - Kitty Artist3

Now I just need a REAL kitty artist. lol. But Punch’s lack of opposable thumbs might preclude that from happening anywhere but on a card, eh?

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Make white POP – Compare white pens (+ winners!)


We all want our whites to look white…not just our socks, either! There are a lot of different ways to color something to make the white pop, so today we’ll compare white pens and other mediums to see how they all look on desert storm cardstock.

The stamp set is a brand new one from Avery Elle – it comes with a couple of the cloud sentiments, so it works great for a variety of types of cards. Enjoy the video – and be sure to stay tuned to the end for the list of winners of my 10,000 subscriber giveaway a few weeks ago! Watch the video below, or click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube.

Compare white pens and more

It was fun to play around with all of these white mediums – I had always wondered how they’d do in a head-to-head test. Each one has its place though; even though I don’t use the Sakura very often, and the comparison made it look like it lost – the pen makes a thin enough line that sometimes I pull it out to make a super-thin white line. One pen I didn’t include is Ranger’s Inkssentials…I have a dozen in my drawer that don’t work consistently, so I don’t tend to even think to pull it out to try. But I’m glad I did finally compare white pens and other mediums that are in my little pen cup!Sandy Allnock - White CloudsPop

I enjoyed trying different Copic Marker colors to create a variety of planes as well…and each of the winners in the giveaway will receive one of them! Woohoo!



So tell me….do you do side-by-side tests like this and compare white pens or other products? I don’t usually, I just use what works…but I learned a lot myself by trying this!

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Bruce is back (with stamp masking tips)!


Bruce is back! You might remember him from my last-minute-addition to my tag collection…and many of you asked for him to be back with Copics. So here we go with a Stamp Masking Technique Refresh this week!

Stamp Masking isn’t all that hard!

Bruce has a huge pile of mail he’s been sorting through, looking for one special heart. Is it yours? In the video I show you some quick ways to mask by just placing sticky notes – no need for fussy cutting or fancy tools! Enjoy the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

Despite this looking like a lot of work – I was done, start to finish, stamp masking and coloring, in well under an hour. It’s not so tough if you plan it out right!

Sandy Allnock - Bruce with stamp masking tips

PS – I’m in CHA-recovery mode. I posted a few of my photos and a few little tidbits HERE!


Below are the products featured in today’s project. Affiliate and product disclosure can be found HERE.

Stamp masking doesn’t have to be daunting – did this post help you to think about trying it?

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Boy and Girl First Birthday Card – Copic Watercolor

First Birthday Cards

In the video, I show you the girl first birthday cards step-by-step, (super easy template, it’s so simple it doesn’t even need a pdf!) and give you some ideas for altering it for a little boy. This would be great for newborns…or any little kiddo of a young age who wears a bib! The bib is made combining two non-bib dies…it made Paulina squeal when she saw what I did! (I love surprising designers with a twist on what they were thinking of when designing a die!) Watch it below or check it out in HD on YouTube by clicking HERE.

These little bunnies from Mama Elephant are just so cute – the perfect companion to the first birthday cards for little children.

Sandy Allnock - PPP First Birthday Girl2

For the little boy card, just snip a triangle to separate his pants, change up the colors, and voilá! Sandy Allnock - Pretty Pink Posh First Birthday Cards

In his hand, this little bunny holds the bubble wand – and is blowing sequin bubbles!

Sandy Allnock - PPP First Birthday Boy2


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project. Compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

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Magical Monday: Laugh

TGIM! I know lots of you are starting to look forward to Mondays…just like me! For those wondering what’s behind the Magical Mondays – and why I don’t chatter on this one video a week – check out my growing FAQ page HERE.

Anyway…today I’m coloring a sweet little image by Tiddly Inks. Students in my Skin and Hair classes always want to see this hairdo demo’d, so I figured I’d put it out here for you, too. Watch below, or click HERE to check it out in HD on YouTube.


The image was colored after already being diecut – I didn’t have a clear idea what I’d do for the card, but it came together pretty easily. The polkadotted dress inspired me to get out my go-to pad of BoBunny…I still just love the whole line of doubledots! The patterned paper and oval are both popped – but the patterned paper is on a thinner dimensional (Power Tabs) and the image is on thicker (the Precious). Putting some of the bling down in between the popped layers means it’ll be less hassle for the post office since they don’t like stuff with bumps.

Sandy Allnock - Laugh


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24 Tags of Christmas 2014: Day Six

We’re finally at the end of this series! It’s been so much fun – and WOW I can hardly believe how gracious you all have been with sharing your love! I really appreciate it…for a project this big and crazy, it’s an extra bit of work, so knowing that it’s been a blessing to you is extraspecial!

Today’s is likely my favorite technique…I’ve been playing with it for a while now, and the Hero Arts stamp set I’m using today as well as the Penny Black die (products all linked below) just screamed out to be used for it! And the Craftaboard is definitely the best surface to achieve the look – it’s worth picking up some to try it out. But before I show you the video, I really really really want you to read this next bit.

Very Important:

I thought I’d address here in text what I probably didn’t emphasize strongly enough in the video: do NOT use your Copic markers on top of embossing! There’s one EP I’ve used before with success, but that was back in the days when I had a mix of EPs in one container (I thought everyone’s was the same, but no!) – so it apparently had made a mixture that worked..and I haven’t found others that do work. Today’s project uses an aqua brush – the nib of that brush didn’t get damaged, I think it’s the volume of colorless blender pouring through it that keeps the embossing powder from damaging it, perhaps. I did say in the video not to use your colorless blender marker to do this – again, it’ll ruin it – but it also won’t even work since it doesn’t pour out the fluid fast enough in volume to give it a watercolor look. (Well, unless you overfill it. LOL. Ask me how I know.)

Okay now that you’ve read that, you’re safe to watch the video. If you want to see it in HD on YouTube, click HERE.

Here are stills of the tags close up…aren’t the colors just pretty? The photos were a little hard to take, they came out looking slightly pinker than they are in real life. But – if you WIN one, you’ll get to see it in real life!

Sandy Allnock 24 Tags Day Six 2

Sandy Allnock 24 Tags Day Six 1

And how might you win one? Leave comments here on the blog posts, or over on YouTube, and you can get bonus entries by sharing the videos or blog post on your social media (either tag me or leave a comment with the url in the comments section of the blog post). It’s not too late to go back and visit the week’s worth of posts and be sure you’ve got your commenting up to speed!

A bonus for my Patreon supporters – the extra tags (my practice tags, the whole tag set that got bumped for the monsters, as well as the two I shared over in The CLASSroom) are up for a drawing among patrons only! If you’re a patron, go get busy chatting on the wall!

Thanks again so much for following along my tag journey this week! Many of you have already expressed concern that you’ll go through withdrawal….don’t worry. I’ll be back with Magical Monday in two days, so be sure to come back. 🙂

Things of note

  • Need more tag ideas? Don’t forget to check out THESE – and leave comments to qualify to win!
  • Excited to have turned another person on to the wonders of Frisket. See what she made HERE.