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Pretty Peonies

Today’s video is a floral….comparing some RV and R colors on peonies. And the card was made for a sweet friend – very happy she liked it. And now you get the lonnnnnng version video. I kept it mostly at normal speed….enjoy! If you can’t see it below, click HERE to watch it directly on YouTube.

This is version #2…less blending, more veins in the petals.

Sandy Allnock Pretty Peonies2


My classes page has been updated, so check out what’s coming:

  1. Seattle area – just a couple spots are available in my skin/hair class next Thursday – go sign up asap!
  2. Severn MD – three classes coming up Thanksgiving weekend, 2 Copic and a watercolor!
  3. Southern CA – January classes are nearly full in just days! Gasp! Go fast to sign up at Scrampers!

Have a lovely weekend!

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Color a dimensional poinsettia

Hello, and happy Saturday, friends! My little switcheroo is complete today….now you get the video that might have gone up yesterday if it hadn’t been for tech issues! 🙂 But that’s now resolved, or at least mostly…I have a new camera (hallelujah!) and am learning new software to edit with as well. Eventually – gonna have some pretty swanky videos to show for all the work.

But for today….I’m responding to multiple requests for a tutorial on this poinsettia card…colored with Copics to look like it’s about to pop right off the page! (Click HERE to watch the video on YT if you can’t see it below.)

I’m off for a superhugeawesome day of crafting…first, meeting with my stamp group for a day together at one LSS, then I’m going to a different LSS for their Stamp Night – 6 to midnight! We’ll see if I have a meltdown by midnight or not. LOL!


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Gimme some skin! #copicskin colormatching

Skintone video, YES! This one is the completing the coloring of Hope, the Prima Bloom Girl…it’s in parts, spread months apart.


In the past month, I asked people to post pics on Instagram for me to do color-matching with skintones. I then looked for images that looked at least a little like the person, and created these fun comparisons below. Go to Instagram and search the #copicskin hashtag – as well as following me – and pick up a few options for colors. There seems to be an infinite variety of color combos, so get creative with your selections!

Mypinkmexico’s kiddos are lit very differently, but I gave it a shot: girl – YR000 E93 V20 boy – E00 E21 BV00
Chitra01 – R0000 R000 E70
2014-08-12 08.01.59
chelacreates – YR000 YR31 E31 E25


queenpreneur – E93 E53 YR27, then edded some R85 and R83 to add the pinkishness back in


2014-08-12 07.53.12
i2bz2w8 YR30 E21 E23


lorispedofox - R00 RV000 V12 V93 - though the lighting is very harsh, this could be wrong!
lorispedofox – R00 RV000 V12 V93 – though the lighting is very harsh, this could be wrong!
lia_lt's nephew: E01 E00 R11 E93 BV000
lia_lt’s nephew: E01 E00 R11 E93 BV000
scheeenny - YR000 E01 V20
scheeenny – YR000 E01 V20
mzdanajoy - E51 E53 E55
mzdanajoy – E51 E53 E55
jennshurkus - E000 E11 RV01 RV93 + Freckles RV93
jennshurkus – E000 E11 RV01 RV93 + Freckles RV93
1busyb - E00 E33 V93 R11 R000
1busyb – E00 E33 V93 R11 R000

To everyone who is pictured as a colormatch here: send me your address and I’ll send you the stamped image as promised! (Contact me link is in the menu bar on the blog.) I’ll be posting the colormatch lists onto these Instagram photos, so they’ll be there for future reference (search #copicskin); if more people post photos, I may (or may not) choose to do a colormatch…and only the ones in this post that were sent in time are included in the giveaway of these colored images. Others would just be for fun!


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Copic + Stencils = Chalking Technique

I’m excited to be bringing you a fun and easy technique today…a technique for Copic + stencils, and paper to look like chalk!

 Copic + stencils = FUN new technique

I chose a Penny Black stencil called Sun Catcher – a huge flower without detail on the inside. I show you in the video how to create that second petal in front. I love how each flower comes out looking entirely different every time! I made a bunch of these and mailed them to my patrons recently.

Check out the video below to see how I created it….it’s sooooo easy! If you have trouble viewing the video below, click HERE to watch it on YouTube.

The sentiment set is called The Big, The Bold, and You….Winnie and Walter is really BIG on sentiments!

And you can also try this technique with other markers and inks as well; for fluid, use whatever you would normally use to clean the medium off the stencil. Just be light with it – heavy fluid will make some cool effects too, but won’t come out like chalk.

Sandy Allnock - Copic + stencils = chalking


Thanks for visiting – I’m off on vacation, but my blog’s scheduled like mad…so keep on visiting! 🙂 I’ll have some #BTS pics of the trip over on my Instagram, so keep an eye out over there too!


Copics + stencils…I wonder what else can be done with them next!? Wheeee!

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Copic Coloring Up and Away

I’m excited to finally meet the special request for a coloring video showing you how I created my OhEmGee card HERE….but I switched it up a little and used the monkey stamp from the Mama Elephant set instead! Check out the video:

I love how the balloons have the little highlights on the left….looks pretty realistic, doesn’t it?

Sandy Allnock - Mama Elephant Up and Away Video 2

The inside of the card with the sentiment…Sandy Allnock - Mama Elephant Up and Away Video 3

I think I’ll be back a little later today with another bit of news…need to confirm it before linking you up…Stay tuned!



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Pearl Pen Tutorial


A long-awaited topic! Lots of you have asked me to do a pearl pen tutorial showing you how to keep a card with pearl pen from sticking together or smashing in an Operation Write Home box, as well as how to keep them from getting that hershey kiss shape when lifting the pen off the surface. When requests come in so strongly, I just can’t resist – love your feedback! Plus, my awesome supporters over on Patreon voted up the pearl pen idea….so here we go! Watch the video below, or check it out on YouTube in HD by clicking HERE.

Below are stills of each of the cards shown in the video, along with the Copic colors used in the images. All the supply links are at the end of this post.

Sandy Allnock - BB w Pearl Pen

Birdie Brown’s Rockin’ Doggie – Copic colors: B26 FB2 B21 YG03 G07 C10 C8 C5 YR15 Y06

Sandy Allnock - MIC w Pearl Pen

Make It Crafty – Socks the elf – Copic colors: YG95 YG99 B000 RV55 RV63 V15 RV00 E79 E37 E34 E11 E51 BV000 BV00

Sandy Allnock - PB w Pearl Pen

Penny Black, Tom and Tilly – Copic colors: E29 E37 E35 YR23 E25 B95 B99 C3 C1 C00 R27 YG03 G03 Y06 Y17 E51 E11

I hope this was a helpful tutorial on how to properly apply Pearl Pen to a card – let me know if you have more requests! Thanks and have a great day!


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Don’t sweat the small stuff.

I know, I know. It’s me, talking to myself. I sweat the small stuff all the time. Though I guess it depends on the definition of “small.” The little things are often the easiest to check off my list and make myself feel accomplished, but are they really the things I should be doing? The small things can often be the ones I love the best – like a little extra detail in my coloring. But do those make a difference?

The small things that I have figured out how to leave behind: excess emails. People are just going to have to wait for answers on nonurgent things, and I’m discovering that, unless they’re out there seething at me – they aren’t expecting me to answer right away like I often do. I think most people get it that I’m swamped now (well except for the one lady who keeps emailing me the same question. I’m not answering yet on principle now. LOL.)… I seem to have a little grace to get back to people when I have time. At least I’m finally learning the world won’t end if I don’t clean out the inbox!

Today’s card and video introduces you to Helga. My new little alter ego. LOL. She looks a little like me in a bikini. Though I have a little more fluff that poofs out! Check out the video below….hope you enjoy it! I sure loved coloring her 🙂

Sandy Allnock - Helga 2

I put the sentiment inside the card, since I didn’t want to disturb the simple outer panel with it.
Sandy Allnock - Helga inside

Happy weekend!



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Beanie Whoot returns

I hope you got a chance to enjoy the bloghop this weekend!

My card this morning uses my first test-colored image that I showed on the bloghop; I usually color one before shooting the video, and I figured since we kept our posts simple (and that meant not embedding the video!), I’d make another card with my lil whoot…and share the video for those who missed it!

I used the same papers, same colors…but this time he’s simply against a circular moon – and I made it a Christmas card this time.


Sandy Allnock - Beanie Whoot 4

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How to color white with Copics


I don’t always dress the part for a video…but this time…why not? Lots of you wanted me to show you how to color white with Copics, so here you go – using both blues and greys:

Here are the pics of the sweet little polar bears from the Some Odd Girl set called Winter Friends. Stay tuned in the next week or so, I have some of the penguins to put on cards and they are stinkin sweet too!

Sandy Allnock how to Color white with Copics

The patterned papers used here are ancient, I believe; I hardly own any Christmas paper right now except one pad that I’ve been using – and nothing worked for these polar bears. So I went to the garage sale “stash” that I’ve been saving up and collecting from friends – and I shopped for something that’d work! These happy pinks and blues went really well with the little bears.


It’s really not as hard as you might think to learn how to color white with Copics – it just takes a light touch. Keep your colorless blender marker handy too, in case you need to feather something out that doesn’t bleed well into the white paper.Sandy Allnock Color white with CopicsI hope you liked the tutorial…and now you know how to color white with Copics! If so give a lil shout out in the comments to my awesome patrons! They’re inspiring me to do some fun stuff 🙂 And they’re also lucky enough to have gotten my color study on some Copics to use on those Winter Friends penguins. You could join them and get some inside scoop too!

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Sparkle Creations

I’m so excited to be part of the Sparkle Creations Bloghop today! I can’t even believe it’s been three years…it seems like Sparkle just opened! She’s one of my stamping friends, and was at my house this past weekend….we had planned to film part of the video while she was there and spaced it – so we had to handle that from iphone to iphone. What did we ever do before all this technology!

My card has a very special destination…watch the video to find out more.


Sandy Allnock - Sparkle Anniversary Hop2