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Copic Marker Storage Ideas

*Copic Jumpstart class update is at the end of this post! ūüôā

I have tons of people to thank for this post Рall of my Facebook followers who shared pics with me, my friend Sheila for letting me borrow the insert I share in the video, Copic for providing the new case so I could show it to you Рand TJ&Things for providing an ink insert and bin to review. (The Copic case and Various Ink insert and bin are the only items provided to me. This video is not sponsored, nor was it requested by anyone Рexcept my followers!)

Copic Storage

I’m no storage expert – but I am a little of a hub for Copic colorists, so I asked on Facebook for YOUR ideas to store your markers. You came through in spades, thank you all! In the video below, I show you the cases and inserts I have here in the studio, then walk you through some categories of storage, and end with the most unique ideas I saw. I didn’t have the ability to use EVERY photo – but I sure appreciated them all! Scroll down for lots more info, and enjoy the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Links mentioned in the video….No affiliate links are used in this post.

Still photos of your storage solutions

Below are all the photos so you can get more of a peek. If you want more information on where the person got their storage shelves, cups, bins, or inserts, please feel free to find them on THIS THREAD on Facebook. Please¬†do not friend them without asking first – it will be most helpful to all of us if you ask your question publicly in a comment under their photo….then we can all read the responses. Pin away…..

storage1 storage2 storage3 storage4

Copic Jumpstart Class Update

Class finally¬†starts this Friday May 27! There’s a few things I want to remind students about:

  1. Friday at 7am Pacific time, I’ll send out the first lesson link via email. Note that if you click and it’s slow, or not very responsive, it might just be everyone rushing in at once – try coming back later, but please don’t refresh over and over and over – the host site might think you’re a hacker and block you. Just be patient.
  2. NOTHING is “live” at 7am in the “live broadcast” sense. You can watch it anytime you want – the word “live” means I’ll spend as much time as I humanly can getting questions answered. That’ll last throughout the “live” class – til a few days after the final lesson is delivered.
  3. Lessons will be delivered every OTHER day by email. Ten in all. So much learning!
  4. If you’re viewing on a smart device, you MAY need to click the TEXT link for the videos. Some of you have had issues with videos appearing as black boxes or getting some kind of privacy message; the text link should bypass whatever’s going on.
  5. IF traffic slows or crashes my site, then the next lessons will be sent at 7am YOUR local time. That’ll spread the load a bit so not everyone is joining in at once.
  6. If you do not yet have all/most of the class markers yet: DO NOT PANIC. Please don’t stress. You’ll be able to use the markers you do have to work on the lessons – you’ll perhaps even clarify for yourself what colors you may and may not want. You can also come back and re-visit any of the lessons later, so please just enjoy what you can and let’s color with what’s available, okeydokey? ūüôā

Signups after the pre-registration period

For anyone signing up after midnight this THURSDAY (the night before class), the full price ($34.99) will be in effect.

ALSO Рfolks signing up past midnight on May 26 will receive their pre-class email along with links to any of the lessons that have gone public by the time they sign up. That means they can watch several lessons in a row and still be part of the Q&A in comments.

Once the “live” portion of class is finished, all lessons in the self-paced class will be emailed to students every other day, and the hour of the day will be the same time of day they signed up. That means…if you’ve signed up at 8pm your time, you’ll get all your lessons at 8pm your local time every other day. Hopefully that’s a good time of day for you to be on your computer. ūüôā

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Non-Directional Shading – Purple Onion Designs release

It’s new-release time at Purple Onion, and I’m so blessed that the owner offers me up a couple Stacy Yacula stamps to play with to help get the word out. I just love her style! ūüôā Garden Blooms is the name of the new release and you can find it all here.

Non-Directional Shading

While I like to do my shading using a light source – directional light – lots of folks do an awesome job without worrying one whit about where the lights are coming from. If you struggle with it (even after the Copic Jumpstart class), you can always just make your shading around the outside edges of the object. It can look fab even if not realistic! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

There are some other topiaries too….they’re so simple they make a gorgeous CAS card.

Sandy Allnock NonDirectional Shading topiary


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission (not at Purple Onion)at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

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Color all the stamps! #thehumanrainbow

I was tickled to see these little Onesies – little people – in the Clearly Besotted release for this month, sent to me graciously by Stephanie. I’ve been wanting to do another Human Rainbow video – so here we go!

Color all the stamps! #thehumanrainbow

TheHumanRainbow is a little one-woman campaign to bring some diversity to our coloring. In our little cardmaking world, it’s just one way I can contribute to our national efforts to unify our country and celebrate the many colors we all come in! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Sometimes I’m a little shocked at how many markers end up out when I get done. LOL.¬†I used 37 (GASP!) markers to color this card…don’t be intimidated, you wouldn’t need nearly that many. Maybe 33. ūüôā¬†Sandy Allnock 37 markers

These little kiddos are cute to color one at a time – or a bunch at a time. Whatever works for you!Sandy Allnock thehumanrainbow


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

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Copic Marker Shortage….WHY?!!?

For some time you’ve likely been noticing there are not many Copic markers available, either in brick-and-mortar stores or online. Don’t blame your retailer…the demand has just grown so fast that it’s exceeding production! Please know that I wasn’t asked to create today’s video – nor am I compensated by Copic for this. I reached out to them for information to pass along to you about why there are so few markers for us to get our hot little hands on!

Copic Marker Shortage…why!??!

I knew that our retailers have been having trouble getting markers for us. And with my Copic Jumpstart class coming up, the shortage has become more urgent! And doing some research – I found that it’s not a shortage, they’re making more markers than ever. It’s just not enough.

I contacted my friend Marianne at Copic to ask what the reasons are. She wrote me a hilarious explanation back, which I adapted to turn into this explanation. She mentioned squirrels – which then led me to this absolutely silly drawing of a rodent in love! He really wants you to be in love with Copics, not his tail. ūüôā Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Annnnnd the finished silly squirrel in love…LOL.

Sandy Allnock - Copic Marker Shortage Squirrel

I hope the explanation helped give you a little peace of mind. More markers ARE coming. It just takes time.

You can help!

  1. When visiting your favorite online retailers, if you sign up for notifications on out-of-stock markers, please know that many of them base orders on how many people are on the wait list. If you sign up for a color, go back there to buy it when it’s in stock. If you don’t do this, there are two consequences for all of us:
    1. The retailer has invested a lot of cash on those colors – and can’t bring in other cool products for us.
    2. Those markers are now out of the “pool.” So if another store is dying to get their hands on a Y17 and they’re all in a different store – the other store can’t get them. Gah.
  2. When visiting your brick and mortar retailers, if you request a special order of a pen, buy it there. Same reasons as #1!
  3. Gather with your community colorists! Get a Copic coloring group together monthly…you can share colors with each other, reink each other’s pens…plus it’s lots of FUN! Get together at a local scrap or stamp store if you can, and support them by shopping there.
  4. Share this video or blog post with your friends. Let them know too!
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Stinking Cute Valentines (It’s a hot mess…until it’s not.)

Stinking Cute Valentines

When I saw this darling little Art Impressions stamp set (In the Air) at CHA, I wanted to color it asap! So cute to have sweet little skunks representing some of the relationships we have in life, isn’t it?¬†ūüôā The subtitle for this video is “It’s a hot mess…until it’s not!” which is pretty much also a good relationship descriptor, right!? Just keep working on your relationships, be committed to them – and they’ll come around. Just like coloring! Watch the video below to see what I mean about the coloring side…you can also click HERE to see it directly on YouTube.

With each card, I made a similar design – and *gasp* I made four of each! I’m getting things together to do a fundraiser for a ministry at church, since valentines seem to be something people will drop more than a buck or two on. Especially the guys, and the women buying for their kids and grandkids!

stinking cute three valentines

I used my Avery Elle Pierced Rectangles to add a little interest to both the white and black panels.
Sandy Allnock Valentines 1

And the pretty red ribbon is by May Arts – there’s only a little of this left in stock HERE – if you want a few yards, snag it quick!

Sandy Allnock Valentines 2

And I’m extra excited to tell you that this stamp set is the first (of many more to come) from Art Impressions that’s available at Ellen Hutson! More are coming, so hang onto your hats. Those great stamps AI makes¬†will be able to be purchased on the same order as all your other crafty needs – I for one love combining my shipping costs and get everything I need in one place. Yay!¬† Sandy Allnock Valentines 3

And if you’re a skunk collector – there’s a cute little stamp in this set from Inky Antics too. Nearly ended up in my cart but I don’t need that many skunks: Valentine Riddles 3


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the listed items to go directly to it. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

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Shading Maps: Clearly Besotted January 2016

Hello there – and welcome to a new feature here on my blog…shading maps! (And be sure to come kick the tires on the new site!)

Shading Maps: Clearly Besotted January 2016 release

In some of the shading classes I taught last year, I create shading map handouts for my students – basically loosely sketching in the location of shadows on the stamps the students would be using for their class work. The handouts were crazy popular – and I thought it might be a fun feature to have here on the blog from time to time!

How often? It won’t be every release for every company, of course. As I’ve said before, I turn down offers to receive freebies on a regular basis, as 1) I just can’t use that many stamps (lol), and 2) buying my own stamps keeps me sharing what I love, not what I’m given! But sometimes I’ll say yes, and when I thought about using them as an opportunity to teach shading….I figured it’d be ok.¬†You can click on the pdf¬†and print it, then save it to cut into strips and slip into your stamp storage so you have it for reference.

I won’t be creating videos for all of these Shading Maps – but I did post one today, just to let my YT-only followers know about it. In the future I may just do a blog post like this one – showing you the shading maps plus a colored image from each set. Just coz I can’t stand to not color them up when they’re cute, right?

Okay okay. Now I’ll shaddup and you can check out the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube! Scroll down to get the link to the Shading Map pdf!

Some birdie loves you

The little birds and toucans in this set are very sweet lil tweeters. Check out photos of birds in the Amazonian jungle for ideas on colors!

Sandy Allnock CB birds

You’re Purrfect

The You’re Purrfect set has lots of kitties to color – so tiny, so darling!


Sandy Allnock CB purrfect


What could be cuter than puppy and kitty robots? SQUEEE!

Sandy Allnock CB minibots

Jump for joy

The little froggies in Jump for Joy will be cute for valentines, or for most any other theme. Add on a party hat or balloon from another set and dress them up!
Sandy Allnock CB jump for joy

Still a Hoot

Owls are back too, and dressed up for the new year – scarves, ties, and bows galore!

Sandy Allnock CB still a hoot

Love You Tons

And if anyone was afraid the elephant craze was over – fear not! You haven’t missed the boat. This one will be great for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards. And the shading maps? They work in watercolor, or any medium!
Sandy Allnock CB love you tons

Miniature Florals II

This flower set has some super tiny yet very detailed flowers – I thought they’d be perfect in colored pencil. I think I was right!

Sandy Allnock CB flowers

Free Shading Map Download

Click on the button to download your shading map – cut the sections apart and tuck them into your stamp storage for future reference! ūüôā


I don’t know how regularly I’ll be doing these – but periodically at least, as I get permission and stamps to create these with. I don’t want to upset any stamp companies so I’ll need to get their ok to do it. Let me know in comments if there’s a line¬†in particular you’d like to see a Map for!


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the listed items to go directly to it. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

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Cocoa Treat Jars – easy thank you gifts

Just wanted to pop in to wish you a happy boxing day and bring you a quick idea for¬†cocoa treat jars¬†in case you forgot a few unappreciated people this year.¬†It’s still “legal” to pass on the Christmas cheer for another week!

And who might those folks be? Maybe the mail carrier, the sanitation workers, recycle pickup folks, your hairdresser, or bank teller! This is a great time to let people¬†know you appreciate them….and it’s easy to tuck a box of these treat jars in the car, and slip one in your purse to hand out each time¬†you run an errand this week!

Cocoa Treat Jars

I got some really inexpensive little jars and filled them with a couple spoons of cocoa mix, hershey kisses, and mini marshmallows. (Note: it IS legal to count “One for them, one for me” as long as you have big enough bags to make them all!) I wrapped each one with ribbon and added a little tag with a quickly-colored mug stamp – so simple and cute!

Sandy Allnock - Cocoa Treat Jars2

It would be easy to adapt these tiny jars as well….check Pinterest for tons:

  • a variety of tea bags
  • coffee beans
  • candies
  • kitty or pup treats for pet owners
  • popcorn
  • caramels – and deliver it with an apple and a popsicle stick
  • two BIG marshmallows and glue¬†googlie eyes on the outside to make them snowmen!

Make a matching tag, and if instructions are needed to use the contents, include that. Bigger jars can contain all kinds of things…let your imagination run wild!

Let’s collect ideas

Who do you think could use a little pick-me-up from you this coming week? Let’s collect a helpful list in comments of the kinds of folks you could make little cocoa treat jars for! I made more of these than I have people on my list for, so I could use a good list of suggestions. ūüôā

Merry Christmas!

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Hybrid Cardmaking with GraphicStock


Many of you, I know, are into hybrid card making. And when GraphicStock approached me, I thought of you guys – and even though this is very different for me, it’s something I wanted to share with you! See the end of this post for a FREE offer as well as a chance to win a GIVEAWAY!

Hybrid Cardmaking

This type of crafting is using digital elements together with your stamps, markers, and other crafty goodies. Many scrapbookers do this all the time, and lots of cardmakers do too – I saw lots when OWH was underway! With 250,000 images to choose from, picking just a few to play with was daunting, but I went thematically with seasons for a start. In the video I show you how the site works as well as how you can arrange images onto a page in a Word doc, since some folks might not know the basics. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!

Each card has some special “traditional” cardmaking touches added, and the supplies used are listed below in each caption.

Sandy Allnock Hybrid Cardmaking leaf
Leaf image at Graphic Stock / Sentiment Stamp by Wplus9 / Red Royal Ink by Hero Arts / Copic W7 W3 W00
Sandy Allnock Hybrid Cardmaking Fangtastic
Haunted House image at Graphic Stock / Versamark pen / Clear embossing powder / Heat gun / Sentiment by Avery Elle
Sandy Allnock Hybrid Cardmaking cookies
Cookies image at Graphic Stock / Double Pierced Rectangle dies by Avery Elle / Sentiment by Hero Arts / Stickles by Ranger
Sandy Allnock Hybrid Cardmaking fox
Fox and friends image at Graphic Stock / Sentiment by Wplus9 / Glossy Accents by Ranger / Double Pierced Circle die by Avery Elle
Sandy Allnock Hybrid Cardmaking moose
Moose image at Graphic Stock / Leaf background at Graphic Stock / Double Pierced Circle die by Avery Elle / Sentiment by Mama Elephant / Copics E29 E27 E97 E33 YR23 Y21 G99 YG95 YG93


I’m always excited to give away goodies – so this time it’s not only giving ALL OF YOU a 7 day free trial, but one of those using my link for a free trial is entered to win 6months membership for free too! In about 2 weeks the company will be in touch with the winner’s name and info, and I’ll announce it then as well as emailing the winner. Good luck!


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Graphic Stock. I do these posts *very* rarely, but the offer for you to get free goodies was awesome enough that I wanted to share! ūüôā¬†

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CAS Sympathy Cards: Agapanthus, Technique Tuesday

Sympathy cards are SO hard to make. They just hurt the heart, even though you know they’re going to ease someone’s pain just a little.

But…¬†I think this stamp¬†I used has taught me my new favorite word. “Agapanthus.” Just say it out loud. “Agapanthus.” Isn’t it wonderful?

On the 1st of each month Technique Tuesday releases a new Greenhouse Society stamp set.¬†They’re sooooo pretty! I’ve started a little¬†collection…and you can check them all out HERE! Or go to the Technique Tuesday website to sign up for a monthly subscription and get them at a discount.

Technique Tuesday¬†sent me Agapanthus, July’s stamp, since they just loved my card with their¬†Hibiscus¬†stamp….and I couldn’t resist. Because they sent me two, one for me and one for you! Read about the giveaway below.

CAS (Clean and Simple) Sympathy Cards: Agapanthus

I decided to stamp the image on Desert Storm; I thought it might be an interesting exploration to try doing flowers on a darker paper – I’ve colored other images on it, but not florals. I also show it on white, so you can see the color comparison between doing so on darker and lighter paper. Very interesting, at least to me – the coloring nerd! Watch the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube..

I do like it on the white, but there’s something very unique and quite relazing about the desert storm color!

Sandy Allnock Sympathy Cards

Which do you prefer – the Desert Storm or the White? Maybe it depends on who it’s for….not really sure! ūüôā



Yes, I have a stamp set to give away! The lovely folks at Technique Tuesday sent me two…one for me and one for you! Use the Raffelcopter below to enter…good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the picture or wording to go directly to the item. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.