Clean and Simple Lilies plus “Glassy” text

Clean and Simple Lilies plus “Glassy” text

The Darling Lily stamp by Altenew is so pretty, and so ready for Easter – and yet has no Easter sentiments. But it makes for a lovely thank you card or any theme throughout the year – pretty flowers are always in season.

Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Note: Supplies are linked in the supply list at the end of this post. Compensated affiliate links may be used  – that means if you make a purchase using my links, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support of my work on this blog!  Read more.

Just a few colors to use on this pretty lily….

I kept the deisng super simple – just a layer of white paper, and a Desert Storm card base to match the coloring panel.

I love how white pencil shows up, yet remains soft!

The Bible journaling page was created first by making a cross from 2 strips of washi tape; I stamped the flowers and leaves on the right half with the tape in place. I removed it, then stamped the upper left flower while masking off the horizontal bar only with a sticky note. The rest were stamped on top, though I wished after that I had masked the tail end of the stem of the flower!

The demo of the text was created in one of my books – the workbook, printed on Bible paper. It’s a great place to practice art and techniques before putting them in your Bible. Or, like me, a way to go backward and teach something I did in my Bible, but since that page is taken – I can still create it on Bible paper in the workbook!

The only place you can get signed books and workbooks is at Ellen Hutson (links below) – be sure to order one for your Mom for an Easter gift!

Gift Guide to surprise and delight an artist

Gift Guide to surprise and delight an artist


Rather than give my followers things to shop for….this Gift Guide to surprise and delight an artist is aimed at those who love to support the artist in their life with treats to surprise and delight them on Christmas morning! The video is a little longer than I hoped, and I didn’t include everything in it – but there’s plenty of info in this post.

Artists: if you desire to give Santa a hint, share this post – and select the image for the category you’re hoping to fill your stocking!

Each section below contains an infographic in case you need to know what some of the items look like; and a link list of the items to make shopping as easy as possible! Stocking stuffers for each type of artist are called out in that list…and I do hope this makes the gift season go smoothly for everyone! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project. Compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

Copic Markers

These are high-quality alcohol markers, with a scheduled price increase in 2019 of about $1 per marker. They’ll make a great gift! Don’t be tempted to try the cheaper knockoff markers; they’re nothing like this brand and don’t perform well. Really. Believe me.

Bible Journaling

I’m a recent author – so Bible journaling is something I’m passionate about! There’s a whole website about the book HERE – be sure to let your artist know about it, as there are many free resources they can access there!

  • Bible Journaling Made Simple book and workbook:
  • Bibles are a personal choice; if you know your artist well – you may be able to choose one for them. But see the Bible Buyer’s Guide and see if one looks perfect for them! (Those shown in the guide are ones I personally have and can vouch for; look for favorite translations, cover designs, etc.)
  • Art Supplies:
    • Pencils – all three brands work great; Prismacolor is most affordable:
    • Watercolor Pencils: Inktense are reasonably priced and great pencils (don’t forget to get a brush too)
    • Silver Brush #8 Round at Ellen Hutson | Blick
    • See the Watercolor section later in this post for more detail on the sets shown in the video. Recommended for Bible journalers might be the Floral set or Ultimate Mixing set.
    • Stocking Stuffers:
    • Bible Journaling Classes available at art-classes – if you want to give a class and not have them get the notification yet, order on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. Or order as if sending to YOUR email address, then send them the gift card code later.


Colored Pencils

  • Colored Pencil Classes available at art-classes – if you want to give a class and not have them get the notification yet, order on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. Or order as if sending to YOUR email address, then send them the gift card code later.

Miscellaneous treats for artists

  • Glass Mat for crafters is a great gift! Available at Ellen Hutson.
  • Gemini Junior is a diecutting and embossing machine I’ve used a ton in 2018 and can recommend! Available at Ellen Hutson.
  • Give the gift of EDUCATION! Give a gift certificate to the artist to choose the class they desire; if you order on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, then they’ll get their code by email right away. (Black Friday sale prices will also happen on Christmas Eve and Day, so they can sign up for classes at a discount and your gift will go further!)
  • For artists who make videos:
    • Arkon Stand – The Table Desk Stand is the one pictured; search the site for the right connectors and extenders based on the type of work the artist will be doing. (I attach THIS to the bottom of my camera.) There’s also a stand that clamps to a desk rather than having the flat stand; look around for the parts your artist will need. Use coupon code sandyallnock for automatic 20% off the entire purchase!
    • New phone or camera – for the generous Santa to give.
    • A new SD card compatible with the artist’s camera.



  • Watercolor Classes available at art-classes – if you want to give a class and not have them get the notification yet, order on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. Or order as if sending to YOUR email address, then send them the gift card code later.

Daniel Smith Half Pan Sets

Each of the sets is pictured below (pin them if desired, of course!) – and the colors are listed and linked below each one. Know that not all have every option that you may want to consider – but I tried to pick some interesting colors, and more than needed to fill in the palette. So pick out a few for a special treat for your artist!

DANIEL SMITH Floral Half Pan Set, Ellen Hutson | Blick

Floral set includes: Hansa Yellow Medium (EH DB) Quinacridone Gold (EH DB) Phthalo Blue Green Shade (EH DB) Cascade Green (EH DB) Green Apatite Genuine (EH DB). My suggestions: Cobalt Teal Blue (EH DB) Lavender (EH DB) Wisteria (EH DB) Rose of Ultramarine (EH DB) Quinacridone Lilac (EH DB) Mayan Violet (EH DB) Pyrrol Orange (EH DB) Cadmium Red Medium (EH DB) New Gamboge (EH DB) Rich Green Gold (EH DB) Sap Green (EH DB) Spring Green (EH DB)

DANIEL SMITH Earth Half Pan Set, Ellen Hutson | Blick

Earth set includes: Buff Titanium (EH DB) Raw Sienna Light (EH DB) Bronzite Genuine (EH DB) Venetian Red (EH DB) Burnt Sienna Light (EH DB) Lunar Black (EH DB). My suggestions: Raw Sienna (EH DB) Quinacridone Deep Gold (EH DB) Bloodstone Genuine (EH DB) Neutral Tint (EH DB) Payne’s Blue Gray (EH DB)  Azurite Genuine (only available at DS in-store) Amazonite Genuine (EH DB) Jadeite Genuine (EH DB) Undersea Green (EH DB) Amethyst Genuine (EH DB) Purpurite Genuines (EH DB) Rhodonite Genuine (EH DB)

DANIEL SMITH Colors of Inspiration Half Pan Set, Ellen Hutson | Blick

Colors of Inspiration set includes: Lavender (EH DB) Wisteria (EH DB) Rose of Ultramarine (EH DB) Moonglow (EH DB) Shadow Violet (EH DB) Serpentine Genuine (EH DB). My suggestions: Indian Yellow (EH DB) Aussie Red Gold (EH DB) Phthalo Yellow Green (EH DB) Cobalt Teal Blue (EH DB) Iridescent Electric Blue (EH DB) Kyanite Genuine (EH DB) Blue Apatite Genuine (EH DB) Carbazole Violet (EH DB) Imperial Purple (EH DB) Anthraquinoid Scarlet (EH DB) Rose Madder Genuine (EH DB) Opera Pink (EH DB) **NOTE: extra purples added to this list because if you’re a fan of the 6 colors included, you likely are a fan of purple!

DANIEL SMITH Sketcher Half Pan Set, Ellen Hutson | Blick

Sketcher sets Includes: Hansa Yellow Medium (EH DB) Quinacridone Rose (EH DB) Ultramarine Blue (EH DB) Cerulean Blue Chromium (EH DB) Monte Amiata Natural Sienna (EH DB) Transparent Red Oxide (EH DB). My suggestions: Nickel Azo (EH DB) Serpentine Genuine (EH DB) Undersea Green (EH DB) Cobalt Teal Blue (EH DB) Sedona Genuine (EH DB) Bloodstone Genuine (EH DB) Moonglow (EH DB) Paynes Blue Gray (EH DB) Payne’s Gray (EH DB) Neutral Tint (EH DB) Lamp Black (EH DB) Lunar Black (EH DB)


DANIEL SMITH Blues Half Pan Set, Ellen Hutson | Blick

Blues set includes: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine (EH DB) Cerulean Blue (EH DB) Lunar Blue (EH DB) Indigo (EH DB) Sodalite Genuine (EH DB) Payne’s Blue Gray (EH DB). My suggestions: Buff Titanium (EH DB)  Bronzite Genuine (EH DB)  Raw Sienna (EH DB) Lunar Earth (EH DB) Perylene Maroon (EH DB) Nickel Azo (EH DB) Serpentine Genuine (EH DB) Green Gold (EH DB) Green Apatite (EH DB) Hookers Green (EH DB) Deep Sap (EH DB) Perylene Green (EH DB) .

DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Mixing Half Pan Set, Ellen Hutson | Blick

Included: Buff Titanium  (EH DB) Hansa Yellow Medium(EH DB)  Quinacridone Gold (EH DB)  Pyrrol Scarlet  (EH DB) Permanent Alizarin Crimson  (EH DB) Quinacridone Rose (EH DB) Ultramarine Blue (EH DB) Cerulean Blue Chromium  (EH DB) Phthalo Blue Green Shade  (EH DB) Phthalo Green Blue Shade  (EH DB) Goethite Brown Ochre  (EH DB) Burnt Sienna  (EH DB) Indian Red  (EH DB) Raw Umber  (EH DB) Jane’s Gray (not able to be purchased.)

If you’ve read this far, a little treat will be coming: I’m redoing my dot card! I have to pick which kids stay and which will replace exiting colors. Yikes!


Last but not least: art books! I have a growing collection of book recommendations that would make great gifts.

WHEW! That might be THE single longest blog post ever written. Thanks for visiting!


Book Release Day!

Book Release Day!



I’m pleased as punch that today is The. Big. Day. My books should be in-store! The only ones I am guessing have it instantly are Hobby Lobby and Barnes and Noble…I’ll be heading out to my local stores to see. If you find them in YOUR local shops, pleeeeeeease send me pics! Even if you don’t buy it I would love to see them out there….it will make this less like a dream! Here’s a sneak peek of the book from over on my Bible Journaling channel:

NOTE: The covers, titles, and descriptions changed as time passed – not all the websites have updated photos and book titles. But what I showed in today’s video are the printed books, so that’s what you’ll get when ordering!

  1. Bigger Books :: Book | WorkBook
  2. Christian Book Distributors :: Book | WorkBook
  3. Barnes & Noble :: Book | WorkBook
  4. Books a Million :: Book | WorkBook
  5. Amazon :: Book | WorkBook
  6. Powells :: Book | (WorkBook not yet there)
  7. Indiebound :: Book | Book
  8. ThriftBooks :: Book | WorkBook
Bird Wreath, New Classes…and my BOOK!

Bird Wreath, New Classes…and my BOOK!

Guess what? It might be Monday, but I’m over on the MFT blog. They’re changing up things so I might be on Mondays from here on instead of Thursdays. Go see how to paint this “tweet” little wreath!


Blue Skies

Those on my Art-Classes email list got a heads-up on signing up….but you get to hear about it today! I have TWO classes launched on painting and coloring skies and clouds – one in Copic, one in Watercolor. A discount for everyone on these classes, lasting through April 22nd!


I am excited to let you know there was a little Easter miracle…my book finally showed up on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!! I waited all through March, and on the last last last evening…it was there. With the wrong photo and title – ha! It’s partially changed in some places, but…I’m celebrating anyway while they figure it out and get it all fixed! Book website is HERE!

While I know the non-Bible-journalers may be disappointed in the book topic…please know I’m going to be keeping up my regular blogging and cardmaking and art stuff! You’ll have to put up with an occasional “squee” from me about the book, but you’ll get the regular content you come here for. Don’t abandon me, okay? Love you guys!!


Easter weekend + Winners

Hello friends! It’s Easter weekend and I’m trying to stay off line….but I scheduled my Sunday video for Saturday in hopes you’ll be able to stay off the web, too! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.


Misti bag giveaway….email me with your address and I’ll pack it up to ship next week!

  1. Mary Nieb
  2. Laura King

Bookmark giveaway from a few weeks ago (I put off posting winners til the website stabilized!)…I have addresses for these since they were picked from students of Seeing the Scriptures:

  1. Sibylle Herbe
  2. Debra Holdbrooks
  3. Laura Emmett
  4. Wilma Millecam
  5. Janis Gonzales
  6. Diane Meddaugh
  7. Gail Loyola
  8. Virginia Palmer
  9. Karen Claypool
  10. Theresa Calderini
  11. Donna Sheneberger
  12. Donna LaBree


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