It’s been a whirlwind of a week, my friends! Is it just me or is spring roaring like a lion? A happy lion, but it’s been busy! I have a couple things to share with you today…

  • I’ve been following Alex G for a number of years (and am a patron too)…she posted a video that just might inspire you: Watch on YT
  • On Friday I filled in for my friend Julie who’s not feeling well, and I shared a post and card video with Daniel Smith watercolor grounds and luminescent watercolors.
  • Today’s quick tip on watercolor over in The CLASSroom is about salt lifting! I hope you’re enjoying the series every Sunday.
  • WordPress users – is the new way of adding links driving you mad, too? Agh. If anyone knows how to change it back, let me know.
  • #Craftchella2016  – don’t leave me hanging out there myself. Get crafting!
  • Two new-to-me musicians I’ll be looking into more as I’ve found them at CoachellaBob Moses (if you like ‘chill’ you’ll enjoy his music) and Gary Clark Jr. out of Austin (blues, guitar, rock). One of the guys in Gary’s band, in addition to being incredibly talented, had this guitar below. You know I had to screenshot it.


Classes filling up

I’m hearing back from stores that you guys are doing an amazing job of signing up for classes, WOW! If you’re waiting for some reason, I’d call right away. There are some classes way out in August that are already starting waiting lists! Buffalo, Indianapolis, Oakhurst, Orange, Norcross, and Knoxville – coming your way….

Here’s a peek at all the kits underway. Each teaching season, assembled job bags keep me organized with samples and class-specific tools and stamps, and lists inside of supplies needed to take with me each time I teach it. They’re invaluable when I sort things in hotel rooms via a checklist! And that stack on the right? 110 kits of 6 stamped images each. Thank you MISTI for making it a much faster job than it otherwise would have been!


Some of my kits are 200+ in quantity for the season; since I’m getting the kitting done now for all of it, I’m trusting the current trend of filling classes to continue. Wheeeeeee!!!