As soon as I saw the Stamped Just For You stamp set from Hero Arts, I had two thoughts: 1) It’s genius; and 2) of COURSE it’s by Hero. They’re such a great promoter of stamping and drawing new people into the craft – and this is an idea right up their alley!

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It’s a huge stamp set – and is a little more expensive than their usual price because of it. But it’s so worth it – I made a dozen cards for this post to show you a whole bunch of the sentiments – and they work on fronts or backs or envelopes. There’s not a lot of stamp sets that I think this highly of, but when it comes to great sentiments, let’s just say…this stamp set ain’t goin in the prize boxes any time soon, I like it that much.

I don’t have tutorials for these – but lemme tell you a little of what I did. I played with the “life changing” brushes. I bought the small set first thinking more brushes = more value. Uhm. nope. I do not like the tiny ones at all. I know some folks love them but I found them incredibly difficult. The BIG brush in one set though is relatively awesome. It still leaves a blob, and I need lots of practice to figure out how not to blob – thus all the cards today!

Before the comments about alternate cheap versions of these brushes: I will be deleting any such comments. Cheapie Amazon-land is not part of my lexicon here, you might have noticed; I only link to reputable craft retailers, only those who do business with integrity, and only to Amazon if I cannot find the item at an arts or crafts shop. I ask your cooperation in letting my blog remain as craft-supportive as possible. Thanks!

The square black metal “plate” is the surface I use when doing messy inky things – it’s called a Craft Assistant, and since it’s metal it won’t crinkle, and it’s also 12×12 so it’s not totally huge and taking over my space. Cleans up great!

These cards are all going out in the prize boxes from the Playjournal giveaway. Only a few of these stencils used are still available…I haven’t bought many stencils of late, so only a couple are recent and linked in the supplies at the end.

Sentiments: Just Inking of You, Stamped with love and a little sweat and tears; You impress me
Sentiments: Grateful for you (and my stamps) ; Stampers make the best friends; eat sleep stamp repeat.
Sentiments: So blessed we are inky friends; Life is better with crafty friends; Inked with love
Sentiments: Grateful for you (and my stamps); Sending iniky hugs your way; We’ll always be stamping buddies, you have so much great stuff